Modern Lighting Ideas For Each Room Of The House

It's important to have different lighting options in each room of the house. This article will discuss the various lighting options available to modern homeowners.

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Modern Lighting Ideas For Each Room Of The House

Posted by Gary Ashton on Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 at 10:26am.

Modern Lighting Ideas For Each Room Of The House

Lighting is an important factor to consider in any home remodel. Modern lighting trends lean toward more options so that homeowners can have exactly the right amount of light in ever scenario. If you're a homeowner who is considering a home remodel, knowing the various lighting options, and their potential energy efficiency benefits, is important for ensuring comfort.

Living Room

The living room is a place of relaxation and pleasure, where homeowners can spend time with friends, family and other loved ones. A well-lit living room helps keep the mood upbeat, warm and friendly. Layers of light ensure that homeowners have a variety of lighting options. Popular trends among lighting sources for the living room include chandeliers, sconces, overhead lighting, lamps, sky lights, fireplaces and natural lighting. Many homeowners choose to use at least three or more different electrical lights in their living room, so the space can be as bright and cheerful or dim and cozy as desired.

Having proper controls for these various options is important. Ideally, each light fixture will have its own switch. In living rooms where there are too many lights for each to have its own switch, grouping lights together can ensure that homeowners have all the options they need.


The bathroom may be small, but as a room made up of many nooks and crannies, it's important to have a variety of different sources. Adequate lighting in the bathroom is crucial for safety as well as comfort. Many modern bathrooms are creatively lit with recessed lighting over the shower, sconces around the toilet and back lighting behind the mirror. Working with a contractor to ensure that the bathroom lighting is soft and flattering will make doing hair and getting dressed a more pleasant experience in the morning.


Task lighting is one of the most important lighting options because it ensures that people have the light they need to safely cut vegetables and prepare food. Task lighting, under cabinet lighting and recessed lighting are all common in kitchens, just like those in Goodlettsville.

In recent years, many homeowners have also opted to paint and decorate their kitchen in white. This makes a reflective surface that can help illuminate the kitchen without actually requiring more lighting to be installed. White decor also makes it possible to properly light a space without installing bright bulbs. Keeping a low wattage on bulbs helps homeowners save energy an also makes the room seem more relaxed and cozy.

Dining Room

Pendant lighting and chandelier lighting are popular options in dining rooms. Over the table lighting helps dinner guests see each other while conversing and eating. While chandeliers are actually a very traditional form of lighting, modern chandeliers are often artful and unusual. Unique designs, non-traditional formations and unusual bulb shapes make modern chandeliers a topic of conversation as well as a source of light. In addition, many homeowners turn to wall sconces and table lamps for low, warm dining room light.


Table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lights and wall sconces all keep the bedroom feeling intimate and personal, as bedrooms should be. Many homeowners keep bedroom lighting low by using lower wattage light bulbs. Having several different lighting options in low-wattage light bulbs ensures adequate amounts of light while also keeping the atmosphere in the room pleasant.

How Different Bulb Types Can Affect The Lighting In A Room

Light bulb type matters as much as the fixtures themselves. CFLs are efficient and last longer than incandescents, but aren't great in rooms with moisture. LEDs are super efficient and can last up to 20 years, but aren't always as bright as one might like. Halogen bulbs are a more-efficient incandescent used when durability matters.

Another important consideration when choosing modern bulbs is the color range. You can choose between cool, bright light and warm, glowing light by selecting a bulb in the right range: the lower the number the warmer the light. For example, 2700 Kelvin is a soft, yellow, relaxing light where over 5000 Kelvin is a bluish-white light compared to bright daylight.

Use halogen or LEDs in the bathroom and kitchen, and choose a high color rating for effective task lighting. LEDs are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms and a soft, low color rating will keep your spaces bright, but cozy. Avoid CFLs in children's areas as they contain mercury; instead, choose LEDs with a medium-bright rating.

As you choose different light sources for each room of the house, remember that lighting affects your home's value as well as your own day to day comfort. When looking for lighting, consider the appearance of each fixture and how each fixture will impact the beauty and functionality of each room.


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