5 Security Solutions For Multi Family Buildings

Increase rental profits and protect your investment by upgrading your multi-family building security.

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5 Security Solutions For Multi Family Buildings

Posted by Gary Ashton on Friday, July 15th, 2022 at 11:21am.

Security Solutions For Multi-Tenant BuildingsIn an era of seemingly non-stop technology advancements, landlords can struggle to keep up with the best property upgrades. However, building security should always be a top priority. Investing in top-of-the-line security systems for multi-family properties will increase profitability and help avoid costly property damage.

Perform a Security Risk Assessment

To protect your building most effectively, you need to understand its primary vulnerabilities. Performing a security risk assessment on your building will help you to drill down and tailor a security plan that best protects your asset.

To optimize the security of a commercial building, it's essential to run an analysis of potential threats. This should include considering all entry points to arrive at the systems required to adequately cover all bases.

Additionally, potential security threats can change over time, so you must regularly reevaluate your security systems to ensure they remain effective. Additionally, security systems can become ineffective over time as technologies evolve, so it's important to regularly audit your chosen technologies to be sure that they keep up with the times. Regularly check for system updates and keep your knowledge up regarding advancements in security tech.

Invest In an Access Control System

Access control systems protect buildings and occupants by only allowing those with authorized credentials to access the property or specific areas. These systems can operate with key fobs, encrypted id cards, or mobile-based apps.

With access control systems integrated with cloud-based technologies, property managers can instantly review, control and manage access control permissions in real-time from remote locations. This gives landlords of multi-tenant properties unprecedented access and control over who can and cannot enter their premises, giving residents the peace of mind that access to the complex is carefully managed for ultimate security. High-tech access control systems in Nashville are increasingly being adopted by multi-tenant properties.

Property managers are also continuing to make security changes that take into account safety at a hygiene level. Modern access control systems operate on contactless entry and further reduce the risk of common safety hazards.

Install Sufficient Lighting

Good lighting goes a long way. Sufficient exterior lights help your tenants feel safer and ensure that your video camera security system can accurately capture any security breaches.

Take a walk around your building at night and make note of any dark areas that could create a danger zone. Install lighting that can be controlled remotely, set to a timer, or integrated with a motion sensor so that any activity within proximity to the light will cause it to switch on. Areas such as walkways, doorways, and parking lots must be adequately lit for best results.

Invest In a Smart Alarm System

No security system is complete without an alarm. Ideally, opt for a smart alarm system that can be integrated into your existing smart home technologies to allow for remote access and real-time alerts in the event of an emergency or other security threat.

Monitored alarm systems are commonly used for commercial buildings, with round-the-clock monitoring ensuring heightened safety. With cloud-based technologies that integrate with video security systems, AI (Artificial Intelligence) tech can allow for a system that identifies and notifies you of potential security breaches without requiring security personnel to monitor the property manually.

Depending on the scope of your budget, these systems can be programmed to notify you if a window is damaged or a certain door is opened, and even contact the police directly and provide footage to first responders.

Stay on Top of Security Maintenance

Once you have your security systems in place, it's imperative that you regularly monitor them to ensure that they remain effective. Regularly test your systems, run drills, test the alarms and always stay on top of any required system updates. Ensure that any repairs to doors, locks, windows, and other entryways are carried out immediately to maintain optimal building security.

A Safe Building Is a Profitable Building

Security technologies are advancing at a tremendous rate. While the latest systems can represent a significant up-front investment, the increased security of your multi-tenant building will attract and retain quality residents. Choosing the most modern solutions will keep your building secure and profitable for years to come


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