Pros and Cons of Selling a Fully Furnished Condo

When selling a condo, you may be wondering whether to leave the furniture for the buyer. Use this advice about selling furnished or unfurnished spaces.

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Pros and Cons of Selling a Fully Furnished Condo

Posted by Gary Ashton on Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 at 9:36am.

How to Decide Whether or Not to Sell a Condo Furnished or UnfurnishedThinking about selling a condo? A wide range of buyers are being attracted to condo living in metropolitan regions across the country, and for condo owners willing to sell, it can be potentially profitable, as people of all ages and walks of life can find the low-maintenance, urban lifestyle of condo living to suit them perfectly. They may be looking to downsize both their available space and the hassles of performing maintenance on a home.

With all these buyers interested in your condo, you can get the best price for your place as you can, then move on to a different residence. Yet one of the issues you have to decide on is whether you want to sell the condo furnished or unfurnished. Will the condo sell better if it is furnished? Should you move everything to make it easier for the buyer and their interior design ideas?

When Might Home Buyers Want to Buy a Furnished Condo?

There are many reasons why a buyer could be looking for a furnished condo. However, most of them boil down to one simple, overreaching purpose — they want less stress. A buyer who is being transferred for work, for instance, may wish to just bring the essentials. Thus, moving into a condo that already furnishings is quite appealing. Anyone doing a long-distance move may also prefer to have furniture provided rather than moving across the country, and any new homeowners may appreciate having a pre-furnished apartment so they can save money and not buy new furniture so soon after buying a home.

Selling a Furnished Condo

Wondering how to sell a condo fully furnished? There are a number of buyers who are looking for turnkey condos. They want to move into a fully furnished space without worrying about buying and/or moving furniture into the place. Fully furnished condos usually appeal to people who are relocating from another state or another country. They don't mind paying a higher asking price to have all the furniture they need in a fully functional home. All the buyer needs to do from there is buy those extra items suitable for their specific lifestyle. The furniture and decor can make the home feel more comforting and welcoming to the new owner, and it's key to help a buyer envision themselves in the home.

Selling a fully furnished condo can also be helpful to the owner. There are a number of reasons condo owners may wish to leave their furniture behind, particularly in the event of a long-distance move. The condo owner is able to sell their fully furnished condo and leave their interior furnishings behind in exchange for an easier transition to a new location. Then, they can simply look for new furniture later when the time comes to settle down again.

Another aspect to consider is that a condo owner may find buyers who don't want a completely furnished space but would like certain specific pieces of condominium furniture and appliances left in the residence. So you may be in the position where the buyer doesn't want any of the couches or tables, but they would like the bedroom dressers and washer/dryer combo to stay.

Selling an Unfurnished Condo

Selling Nashville condos unfurnished is also an option. Some furniture may have a sentimental value to you, or it may be more practical to keep furniture when selling a condo because of the cost involved in buying all new furniture for a home. Selling an unfurnished condo may be your best bet during circumstances where you just don't want to part with furniture that you have had for long periods of time. Keeping the furniture also cuts down on your costs if your money is too tight to purchase new items.

Another issue is that some home buyers simply may not be in love with your particular design tastes. In this case, leaving the furniture can cause undue hassles for the buyer. They will have to get rid of the furniture themselves or sell it off, along with having to pay for a higher price for the condo due to the furniture that they do not want.

However, if the owner is planning to sell a condo, don't assume that leaving your furniture there will increase the value of the condo. Old furniture can be a detriment as it makes the entire place feel outdated, or, if a buyer already has their own furniture, they would just be given the burden to get rid of the furniture before they can bring in their own. Buyers may actually be turned off from the condo due to the hassle or state of the furniture.

Make the Best Decision For Your Circumstances

There are many pros and cons to both selling a furnished condo and selling an unfurnished condo, and you will have to make the best decision for you. The best way to determine how to proceed is to look up current real estate market trends in the area. With the helpful analysis from a real estate agent, you can gain a deeper understanding about buyers' preferences in a condo. Then you can make the right situation based on your circumstances.

In the end, there is no right or wrong decision. If a condo owner would prefer to keep the furnishings of their condo, they are able to do so. They may also sell their condo fully furnished, if they prefer. Buyers may also request for a Nashville, Tennessee condo to be sold fully furnished, though sellers are under no obligation to do so. However, they may agree regardless if they worry the condo won't sell otherwise.

If a homeowner is in the mood to further negotiate which items stay and which items leave with you, ensure that any agreements are made in writing and included in the closing agreement. Then you can avoid any disagreements that could complicate the closing transaction on the condo.


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