Home Security Is Often Our Main Focus, but What About the Workplace?

When we think about safety and security, most often home security is our primary focus. But what about security in the workplace?

Home Security Is Often Our Main Focus, but What About the Workplace? Close
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Home Security Is Often Our Main Focus, but What About the Workplace?

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX on Thursday, August 9th, 2018 at 8:29am.

The Importance of Security and Safety in the WorkplaceWhen we think about safety and security, most often home security is our primary focus. Alarm companies like ADT Security, CRS Notify and SimpliSafe offer several products to help keep our home secure and safe from intruders, but what about the workplace? With workplace violence and active shooter situations happening more frequently, businesses and employees need ways to help address the problem. The average person spends 40 plus hours in the workplace each week. Unfortunately, safety and security measures are not always a priority.

Many businesses operate on a tight budget. Therefore, the cost of adding a safety plan or installing a panic button drops in importance due to funding. As a business owner, it would be a smart idea to expect the unexpected where violence is concerned but let’s be honest business owners and managers have a lot on their plate. However, that should not stop business owners and managers from taking proactive measures to reduce threats. Perhaps it is much better to have safety and security options available when you desperately need them rather than being unprotected during an emergency situation. After all, every industry has some level of threat present.

A panic button system should be seriously considered when researching safety options for your business. There are a lot of excellent alarm-connected, USB panic button and wireless panic button options in the market. When purchasing a panic button, choose a system that will not cut into a large chunk of your time and is affordable. Look at a program that fits your specific safety needs. Also, make sure the system fills any communication gaps that your company may be facing such as alerting key staff members in addition to alerting authorities.

Steps to Ensure Workplace Safety and Security

Create a policy that prevents harassment

Be sure to involve each level of the facility, such as the managers, employees, and executives and keep them informed about the new policy. Distribute the policy as full as possible and be sure to know that every employee understands it. Complaints can be handled well with a set of procedures that take care of them quickly and privately.

Create an active line of communication in the workplace

Communication is a crucial factor in preventing workplace violence. Violent intruders thrive on silence from the victims and any witnesses. Encourage your team members to communicate by having regular team meetings. These meetings will help defuse tensions and misunderstandings while ultimately defusing any possibility of violence. Add tools such as a panic button that has chat features to help employees notify others when they feel uncomfortable or are in danger.

Training sessions and awareness are a crucial factor in helping to prevent violence

Take the time to have training sessions and provide awareness of a violent intruder. Emergency Response Plans should be drawn up, and Emergency Response and Preparedness Training should be provided as well. Emergency Management Training will help to prevent workplace violence in the higher levels of your facility.

Establish a "Zero-tolerance" code of conduct

Be sure to check that all employees are aware of your facility’s code of conduct. The “Zero-tolerance” code of conduct, see example, helps to show your company’s commitment to preventing a violent intruder.

Encourage your employees to accept individual differences

Help your teams to understand that the differences between each member are a vital factor in team strength. Activities can help the teams get to know each other and recognize an individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

Prevent conflicts from turning into harassment or violence

Monitor your teams and how they work together. Some team situations can cause tensions, and if these tensions are not relieved, they can fester and grow into a negative workplace causing violence and harassment. Resolve these conflicts quickly as soon as they begin.

Show that the quality of the relationships between each member of a team is important to you and everyone else on the team

Be sure to encourage each person to be open-minded to team members and give each of them an important role showing that their work is meaningful. Be fair and respectful to every member, explaining that when they treat you and everyone else with respect, they in return will be shown respect.

Communicate with each level of your facility the unacceptable behavior and the consequences of threatening any other employee or committing any violent acts

Define these intolerable behaviors clearly and precisely and give clear examples. State your facility’s view of workplace violence and its commitment to a safe workplace.

Encourage everyone to report any and all violent incidents

Ensure your employees of the confidentiality in which they can report incidents and assure each that no retaliation will be made against those that report acts of violence.

Reduce the risk involved in handling the assets of your company

Robbery is a significant factor in workplace violence, read more here. You can reduce the risk of workplace violence by keeping the amounts of the assets to a minimum. Also, the use of electronic payment systems and a locked drop safe can help reduce assets that are available. Tools such as a wireless panic button can be used to alert others that you need assistance to resolve issues.

Hopefully this will help you with some ideas to help your Murfreesboro home and workplace to have a safer environment and stop violent incidents from happening.


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