Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets see a lot of use on a daily basis, making them a good element to tackle when it comes to home improvement. See how to get the look you want.

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Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Gary Ashton on Monday, September 10th, 2018 at 8:48am.

Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet RenovationsCabinets are a major component of a homeowner's kitchen, which can make them a smart home project for owners who want to improve the value of their Brentwood TN property. Renovating or replacing the kitchen cabinets can also be a good way to increase the convenience and aesthetics for residents too. However, before heading to the hardware store, homeowners may want to keep the following tips and suggestions in mind to maximize their efforts. The more the homeowner knows, the more likely it is they'll stay within their budget.

Assessing the Flaws

Homeowners may want to radically change their kitchen, but they should first ask if they absolutely need to do so first. If the cabinets are solid and stable, homeowners may only need to paint them rather than replace or fully restore them. Painting may actually be a better choice if sellers want to showcase the integrity of the home. If the home still has its original cabinets and fixtures, it says a lot about the quality of its architecture.

Choosing the Colors

Most homebuyers prefer white or neutral pastel colors all around the home. Light yellow and pale gray have been the trendy colors in kitchens as of late, but homeowners may want to choose neutral colors based on what they like rather than the fads. Consider painting upper and lower cabinets complementary colors to add more dimension and character to the room. Experts recommend semi-gloss enamel paint for the best results.

Think Outside the Box

There are a variety of ways to spruce up cabinets without ripping them out completely:

  • Uplighting and under-cabinet lighting: Both approaches add lights to the cabinets to give the room an all-over glow. Incandescent or halogen lighting can also provide more visibility when cooking or prepping. LED lights may be an option, but homeowners should test LED lights to ensure they don't cast potentially dangerous shadows on the counters or floors.
  • Take Out the Doors: Ripping out the doors on the cabinets rather than the cabinets themselves can make the kitchen look larger and more inviting. Keep the cabinets stuffed with items that are used on a regular basis, and homeowners may find they save themselves time when making meals in the kitchen too.
  • Add a New Face: Refacing a cabinet can cost as little as a fifth of what it would cost to replace them. A glass surface or a sturdy, light-colored wood can be exactly what the kitchen needs to update its look. Or add kitchen chicken wire for a little extra kitsch.

Consider the Practical

Cabinets are most appealing to home buyers when they both look good and feature innovative designs that make residents' lives easier. Cabinets with shelves that conveniently turn or roll out can give busy cooks an easy way to select the pots and pans they need to prepare their gourmet meal. A potential home buyer will instantly picture their own cookware inside the shelves when they first tour the home. Add a spice rack to the inside of a larger cabinet door to save space, or add racks on the outside of the cabinet to hold those hard-to-find lids. You can easily design your new kitchen online and get a 3d view of what it will look like using tools such as this 3d Kitchen Designer

Replacing the cabinets is always an option if they're too outdated to work with, but homeowners may be surprised at just how much wiggle room they have in their current kitchen. A decorator or handyman may be able to answer more questions about your particular layout if you still have concerns.


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