6 Best Places to Live in Williamson County, TN

There are many great places to live in Williamson County, TN. Here are some of the best towns and cities to live in Williamson County, TN.

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6 Best Places to Live in Williamson County, TN

Posted by Gary Ashton on Thursday, August 19th, 2021 at 9:46am.

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Williamson County is in central Tennessee and is part of the Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro-Franklin statistical area. The population is about 250,000 people. The county derives its name from a North Carolina politician, Hugh Williamson, who signed the U.S. Constitution. Farming and timber operations sustained the economy during the early years. Completion of the interstate highway system contributed to substantial population growth in the mid-20th century. Today, the homes in Williamson County are in high demand, thanks to the robust economy and peaceful rural scenery. Keep reading to learn about the best places to live in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Sections of Williamson County, TN

Williamson County has a total area of about 584 square miles. Only about 1 square mile is water. The Harpeth River and the Little Harpeth River are the county's primary bodies of water. Williamson County, Tennessee, is divided into several sections. Each section has a unique appeal. For example, Franklin is the largest city in Williamson County, and it offers amenities on par with those found in Nashville. Other areas present a more laid-back rural setting.

The Town of Franklin in Williamson County, TN

Franklin Amenities

  • Factory at Franklin
  • Historic downtown
  • Carter House
  • 17 parks

The city of Franklin is the county seat and has a population of about 70,000 residents. It is about 21 miles from Nashville and frequently appears on lists as one of the Best Places to Live in America. The history of Franklin lives on today for many reasons. The first is that the Civil War Battle of Franklin was fought in the city, and several sites commemorate the soldiers from that time.

Franklin is also historic because one of the first factories in Williamson County was located in Franklin. That factory was restored in the late 1990s and adapted for use as an office, retail, and restaurant space called the Factory at Franklin.

The city has several key attractions. The first is the 16-block historical area downtown, which is in the National Register of Historic Places as an all-American Main Street. Carter House tells the story of the Battle of Franklin. The quaint village of Leiper's Fork, originally settled in the 1800s, is also an attraction.

Franklin also has several amenities, including 17 lush public parks. Some of these are recreational parks, while others are historical areas. Several events in the city include an annual Flashlight Candy Cane Hunt, movies in the park, and birding days.

The zip codes in Franklin are 37027, 37064, 37067, and 37069. The most populous are 37027 and 37064.

Neighborhoods in Franklin

Franklin is divided into quadrants. Interstate 65 divides the city east and west, and Highway 96 divides it north and south, creating northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest quadrants. The city has several distinctive neighborhoods within each quadrant, ensuring that there's a neighborhood to fit every taste and budget.

Some neighborhoods in the northeast quadrant are:

Some neighborhoods in the northwest quadrant are:

Some neighborhoods in the southeast quadrant are:

Some neighborhoods in the southwest quadrant are:

Among the more than 200 neighborhoods in Franklin, potential residents can find various home types, such as townhomes, condos, new construction homes, and single-family homes.

The Town of Brentwood in Williamson County, TN

Brentwood Amenities

  • Crockett Park
  • Marcella Vivrette Smith Park
  • Indoor sports complex

With a population of 43,000 people, most homes in the Brentwood community cost between $250,000 and $800,000. During the Civil War, a battle was fought there, destroying much of the city, and Brentwood didn't recover until the 1930s. It was incorporated as a city in 1969, the same year the interstate was built. Today, people are continually moving to Brentwood for its strong business community, recreational amenities, and convenient proximity to downtown Nashville. City parks include Crockett Park and Marcella Vivrette Smith Park.

Brentwood has excellent culinary and shopping options, including both chains and local boutiques. The Perch serves sweet and savory crepes; the Puffy Muffin is a bakery that serves breakfast and lunch; The Spruce provides fashion and furnishings.

The zip code for Brentwood is 37027.

Brentwood Neighborhoods

Brentwood has more than 100 distinctive neighborhoods that offer various home types and styles. A few neighborhoods are:

The neighborhoods in Brentwood offer different suburban convenience and rural scenery. The people who move here enjoy a well-balanced lifestyle.

The Town of Spring Hill in Williamson County, TN

Spring Hill Amenities

  • Evans Park
  • Fischer Park at Port Royal
  • Crossings of Spring Hill Mall
  • A Woman's Touch Boutique
  • Spring Hill Antique Mall

The Spring Hill community covers about 29 square miles and is about 30 miles south of Nashville. Part of Spring Hill is located in Williamson County and part of it in neighboring Maury County. The city was incorporated in 1837. In 1980, General Motors brought manufacturing jobs to the city. Spring Hill now has a population of about 40,000 people and continues to grow. It is a blend of rustic countryside and historic homes.

The city has various amenities, including two major parks: Evans Park and Fischer Park at Port Royal. It also has many shopping opportunities, including the 90-store Crossings of Spring Hill Mall, A Woman's Touch Boutique, and Spring Hill Antique Mall. Restaurants also are plentiful, covering a wide range of cuisines and both chains and local eateries. For a night out, locals head downtown to dine at Main Street restaurants.

Homes in Spring Hill are available from about $155,000 to more than $9 million depending upon type, size, style, and location. The local zip codes are 34604, 34606, 34607, 34608, 34609, and 34611.

Spring Hill Neighborhoods

Spring Hill has many distinctive neighborhoods, each representing a different lifestyle. Some of the most popular are:

Each neighborhood has desirable amenities and an inviting charm. Visiting several neighborhoods provides potential residents with a good feel for the types and styles of homes available in the city.

The Town of Nolensville in Williamson County, TN

Nolensville Amenities

  • Mill Creek
  • Trail and greenway system
  • Recreation center
  • Historic district

Nolensville is a small town of about 11,000 people with agricultural history and a farmers' market every week of the year. William Nolen and his family were the first European Americans to settle in the area in 1797. Nolen was traveling west searching for a good place to settle when his wagon broke down, and he decided to settle in the green hilly country of what became Nolensville. After the Civil War, Nolensville became a popular trading route between the north and south.

The Nolensville community's homes range in price from $290,000 to upwards of $2 million. The zip code is 37135

The town has several amenities, including scenic Mill Creek. It also has a system of trails and greenways that will eventually connect with those in Nashville, Brentwood, and Williamson County, TN. The town also has a state-of-the-art recreational facility, operated by Williamson County, and recreational sports leagues for most sports. Its historic district includes boutiques, a bed and breakfast, restaurants, and an antique shop. The town also has a variety of annual festivals, such as the Buttercup Festival and Barktoberfest.

Neighborhoods in Nolensville

Nolensville has several dozen neighborhoods and subdivisions to suit different tastes and lifestyles. Some of them are:

Each neighborhood has its own amenities and character. People moving to Nolensville can get a good feel for the city by visiting several of the neighborhoods.

The Town of Fairview in Williamson County, TN

Fairview Amenities

  • Bowie Nature Park
  • Bowie Commons Shopping Center
  • Recreation center

Fairview has about 8,000 people within the city and an additional 3,000 in the area around the city. Once highways 100 and 96 and Interstate 40 opened, the area began to grow rapidly. It was incorporated in 1959, and its population continues to grow. Its elevation of about 800 feet above sea level is higher than Nashville and much of Williamson County.

The price of homes in the Fairview community can start around $100,000 and go above $1 million for a luxury estate. The zip code is 37062.

The locally beloved nature area Bowie Nature Park is about 772 acres (almost as large as New York City's Central Park.) It features trails, lakes, and forests. The city also has other parks, retreats, and summer camps. A Williamson County managed recreation center provides a pool, basketball court, exercise classes, and a fitness center. Bowie Commons Shopping Center includes a Publix grocery store and other shops and services. Recreational leagues exist in many sports. Residents enjoy several regular community events such as the Christmas Parade and Nature Fest. The city also has access to Interstates 40 and 840 via state routes 86 and 100.

Fairview Neighborhoods

Fairview has several distinctive neighborhoods and subdivisions. Each provides a slightly different feel and amenities list. Three of the most popular neighborhoods are:

  • Fernvale/Brush Creek
  • City Center
  • Fairview Boulevard/Chester Road

The many neighborhoods cater to different lifestyles. Luxury homes in Fairview often include desirable bonuses, such as sprawling acreage and private swimming pools.

The Town of Thompson's Station in Williamson County, TN

Thomson's Station Amenities

  • Sarah Benson Park
  • Preservation Park
  • Heritage Park
  • Trail system
  • Community center

The Thompson's Station community is located in a pastoral setting about 25 miles from Nashville. The town was incorporated in 1990 and now has a population of about 2,500 people. People move here to find spacious lots and pretty rural scenery.

Home prices range from $300,000 to more than $1.2 million. The zip code is 37179, which overlaps with Spring Hill in some places.

Several parks provide recreational opportunities in Thompson's Station. Some of these are Sarah Benson Park, Preservation Park, and Heritage Park. An extensive trail system runs through the parks. The town also has a community center.

Thompson's Station Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods in Thompson's Station are amenity-rich. Many of them include pools and other recreational opportunities in addition to those offered to the town as a whole. Some of the more recently developed neighborhoods offer new construction homes in Thompson's Station.

Three of the most popular neighborhoods in Thompson's Village include:

Although the primary home type is single-family detached, residents can find various home styles within these neighborhoods.

Discover A Sought-After Location

Greater Nashville is a fast-growing area, and Williamson County, TN, is contributing to that growth. Housing values are appreciating, and localities are adding amenities for residents. Jobs are increasing in the region at a rate higher than most of the rest of the country.

Within Williamson County, potential residents can live in cities, rural areas, or towns. Every Williamson County, TN, town offers recreational amenities, beautiful scenery, rich history, and many heritage sites, such as the Natchez Trail. Residents can choose from townhomes, single-family homes and historic homes, or modern homes. Prices vary widely within each locality, and suitable housing is available within all budgets.

If the opportunities of Williamson County, TN, excite you, contact The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Advantage with Nashville's MLS at (615) 603-3602 to get in touch with local real estate agents who can help find the perfect Williamson County, Tennessee, home for you today.


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