The Advantages of Installing an In-Ground Pool

As homeowners consider the various reasons to get an in-ground pool for their Nashville homes, they should factor in these five benefits for resale value.

The Advantages of Installing an In-Ground Pool Close
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The Advantages of Installing an In-Ground Pool

Posted by Gary Ashton on Thursday, August 20th, 2020 at 12:27pm.

5 Advantages of Installing an In-Ground Pool in NashvilleInstalling an in-ground pool is an investment that homeowners should consider seriously before they buy. Though enjoyment and initial cost are important factors to consider, many people also consider how it could affect their resale value. In many regions, particularly warmer climates, a pool can add value to a home and help homeowners compete when they are ready to sell. With this list, homeowners will be able to identify the advantages of installing an in-ground pool in Nashville and learn tips on choosing a pool contractor.

Pools Help Compete on the Neighborhood Market

If almost every home in the neighborhood has a pool, that means other homes will need a pool to compete in the same market. Although homeowners tend to think first about home improvements in terms of resale value, they may want to start by considering what their neighborhood looks like and how their property compares. This is especially true for owners of older homes or regions where buyers are renovating or rebuilding houses. In parts of the country that have hot summers and mild winters like Nashville, homeowners get better use out of an in-ground pool each year, meaning that homeowners are more likely to install them. If buyers are more likely to choose a home with a pool, then sellers may need to invest in one to compete at a similar price point.

In-Ground Pools Update the Property

By installing an in-ground pool, homeowners update their property and decrease its effective age. The effective age of a property is a number of years based on its current condition. This means that a home could be several decades old, but with recent updates, have an effective age of less than 10 years. Homeowners tend to focus on the interior or parts of the exterior structure to increase the quality of the home's condition. However, the style of the landscaping and hardscaping also makes a difference. For example, if the backyard appears old or in disrepair, installing an in-ground pool with a modern layout could make the property appear years younger.

Pool Designs Extend Living or Working Space

Home buyers prefer to choose properties that maximize outdoor space, and an in-ground pool is one way to achieve this. Increasing the usable living space of the backyard by adding an in-ground pool gives people:

  • A place to exercise
  • Entertainment space
  • Hardscaping that is easy to maintain
  • Room for relaxation in good weather

Additionally, home buyers may be searching for the best places to run their business. The rise of the gig economy means that millions of people are working from home, at least part-time. While some buyers might hope to find an in-ground pool where they can relax or burn off some energy during the day, others may want to incorporate that space into their business. Having an expertly styled, professional entertainment area, such as an outdoor living space with a pool, can save money on renting an event space.

In-Ground Pools Last Longer Than Above-Ground Pools

Should You Buy an In-Ground Pool or an Above-Ground Pool?When homeowners think about their return on investment for an in-ground pool, they should also compare it to above-ground pools. In many cases, the in-ground pool provides a better value in exchange for a higher up-front cost. In-ground pools are often easier to maintain, and they usually last longer than above-ground pools.

In-Ground Pools Increase Resale Value

Homeowners may be surprised to learn that a well-kept, in-ground pool that keeps up with current design trends will likely increase the property's resale value. With a larger investment, it is easy to assume that an in-ground pool will not provide a reasonable return when the homeowner is ready to sell the home. However, in a place like Nashville where residential pools are relatively common, having a pool is a bigger benefit than not having one. As with most other home improvements, the way the project is done and how it looks at selling time make the biggest difference. An in-ground pool that works well and looks enticing is an advantage.

How to Choose a Pool Contractor

Once the decision has been made to install an in-ground pool, the next step is to hire a pool contractor to complete the job. The following tips can help make the process of finding the right pool contractor easier:

  • Consult with family or friends that may have recently had an in-ground pool installed
  • Check how long the pool contractor has been in business
  • Compare costs by researching and considering at least three different pool contractors
  • Request verification of insurance, including personal and property damage liability insurance
  • Avoid scams by verifying the company's physical address, being aware of prices that may seem too good to be true, and making payments through a secure method such as a credit card

If homeowners are thinking about installing an in-ground pool on their properties in Nashville, they should begin by comparing the various benefits and researching a pool contractor. By keeping these factors in mind, homeowners can make a practical investment that will give them good use now and better value by the time they are ready to sell.


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