Looking for High ROI? Reconsider These Home Improvements

Completing home improvements can add value as well as enjoyment, but be judicious with plans and budget options to assure a reasonable return on investment.

Looking for High ROI? Reconsider These Home Improvements Close
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Looking for High ROI? Reconsider These Home Improvements

Posted by Gary Ashton on Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 at 9:49am.

Not all home improvements are good investments: Here are 4 bad onesStriking a balance between home renovations that enhance the enjoyment of living in your home while also adding value to your home can be tricky. In order to achieve the highest return on dollars spent, it's important to know which home improvements best retain their value and attract prospective buyers. There are some common home improvements that are worth considering.

Backyard Pools

Pools are luxury items, and installation price is sometimes only the tip of the iceberg. Ongoing maintenance and upkeep boost the cost over time, and heating a pool can be quite expensive and the initial thrill of a backyard pool tends to fade quickly. Pool season is typically limited; heating costs can be a burden. Add the cost of landscaping and outdoor furniture, and the price soars. Except in select locations, a backyard pool may return only about 30% of cost, according to Investopedia.

Additionally, many states and local communities may require fences or gates around your pool to restrict unauthorized access. Homeowners insurance cost may also increase due to a backyard pool as well.

Home Theater

A dedicated movie space was all the rage for new homes not too many years ago. Today, that's not the case. Multi-use gathering rooms are much more likely to be the choice of today's buyer, even in media-rich households, than a single-use room. It's estimated that a dedicated theater is a niche feature with an average ROI of only 25 to 35%

Room Additions

Room additions are often expensive space. They may involve building a new foundation, quality woodworking, walls and roof, plus the cost of electrical wiring, doors, windows, flooring and finish out. If new plumbing is required, costs can be even higher. The price of a new master bathroom with spa features could easily run to many thousands of dollars. Though the best return on investment are bathrooms - adding a bathroom in a home that only had one for example, has a higher ROI than adding one when they are already several.

ROI for specialty room additions—a home office or man cave—is generally much lower than desired. It's always worth the effort to try to reconfigure existing space or renovate a basement or attic.

Garage Conversion

Turning a garage into additional living space can solve space dilemmas, but it's considered a poor investment. A high percentage of buyers consider a garage a requirement. Most home buyers not only want the space to park two vehicles, but have additional storage as well. Additional interior footage seldom compensates for loss of garage convenience. The ROI for a new garage addition is also relatively low. So converting an attached garage and adding a new one is not a smart option.

Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Possibly the highest ROI is in kitchen and bath remodels. Unlike adding a new bath, or enlarging a kitchen, remodeling an existing one is often a good idea. Remodeling often includes new or refinished cabinets and countertops. Sometimes simply adding bathroom mirrors can really make a bathroom look bigger and brighter. Remodels also include new flooring, paint, and new lighting and plumbing fixtures. Kitchen remodels also often include new appliances such as stoves, dishwashers, and refrigerators. 

Plus, with the several unique DIY remodeling ideas on the planet, you can convert your average kitchen and bathrooms into luxurious spaces on a budget. According to WWN, DIY remodeling projects can save you a lot of cash. Out of all of the home remodel choices, the remodel and updating of a kitchen or bath has the highest ROI.

The Effect Bad Home Improvements Can Have on a Home Sale

Something to consider before beginning any home improvement project is the effect bad home improvement can have on a home sale. A poorly completely job will make any potential buyer look harder at the construction on the rest of the house and make them reconsider a purchase. In fact, it can even cause the price of the home to drop. Another issue could come when the home inspector enters the picture. If the job does not meet the expectations of the inspector, it could lead to the need to have more work done later to close the deal.

Not all home improvements have equal value. The wow factor is less important than function and lasting appeal, and less costly renovations often show higher return. So if considering selling a home or simply staying in it for many more years, consider the return on investment. And if considering selling your home, a local Gallatin TN real estate agent can be a great resource for which home improvements have the greatest value in your area.


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