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Buying a home in Nashville is the main focus of our site and as the #1 RE/MAX team in Tennessee we offer the ultimate in team service to help you buy a home

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6 Crucial Tips For Buying in a Seller’s MarketUnder ideal circumstances, home buyers will be able to take their time when purchasing a home in order to make sure they’re getting the best home and deal available. However, sometimes circumstances are less than ideal, and one of those times is in a seller’s market when there are far more buyers than there are homes for sale. Here are six essential tips all home buyers should know when purchasing a home in a seller’s market. 

1. View Homes Quickly

In a seller’s market, homes can be sold within days of being put on the market, so it’s important for buyers to make an appointment for a home showing as quickly as possible. If they try to wait until the weekend to go see the home, there’s a chance that the homeowner may have already accepted an

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Tools to Keep Around the HouseSo, you just bought a new home. Congratulations! Now that you're a homeowner, it's important to have tools on hand for home improvements and repairs. The following tools will come in handy for basic improvement projects around the house.

Painting Supplies

One of the first things that many homeowners do when they move into a new house is paint one or two rooms. New colors on the walls can help you enjoy a new home and personalize your space. Painting can be done easily, even if a homeowner has little or no experience with DIY projects. All you need are the right tools. To get started on your first home painting project, you'll need the following:

  • Tarp
  • Paintbrush, angled and chisel
  • Paint roller (long and short handles)
  • Spackling
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Foreclosure Buying Foreclosure filings spiked in the height of the housing crisis, and for many years, foreclosed homes were readily available. However, today in many parts of the country, foreclosures are less common, but there may still be some available for patient home buyers. If you're thinking about purchasing a home in foreclosure, the following tips will help you understand the process and get the best value for your money.

Home Auctions Vs. Home Traditional Sales

Homes in foreclosure are usually sold in one of two ways: through an auction or through a traditional sale. Auction sales are usually at the county courthouse. They can be competitive, complicated and somewhat mystifying to the inexperienced buyer. If you plan to purchase a foreclosed home at

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Many older homes were originally constructed with a fuse box instead of a circuit breaker which means that for some modern homeowners, home fuse boxes are mysterious and unusual. Fuse boxes also have a reputation for being "unsafe," as there's a potential fire hazard whenever they aren't handled correctly. If you're a home buyer who is purchasing an older home, understanding fuse boxes and how they differ from circuit breakers can help you decide whether or not your new home's fuse box is adequate for your needs. 

What's the Difference Between a Fuse Box and a Circuit Breaker Box?

Fuse boxes and circuit breaker boxes are both designed to supply electrical service to residential structures. A fuse box consists of fuses. Fuses are made to

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How to Save for a First Down PaymentDown payments can be a significant expense for a first-time home buyer, who might not be able to pay as much towards a down payment as someone who already owns a home and is able to sell it in order to finance the purchase of their next home. This can put first-time home buyers at a disadvantage in the home-buying market and raise important questions as they struggle to put together the money necessary to make the down payment on a home.

How much is really needed for a down payment? Are there alternatives for those who can't afford the traditional 20 percent down payment requirement? Is a down payment required when buying a home? How much do down payment requirements vary from lender to lender? 

With the answers to these

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Nashville Market Update: August 2017Nearly 3,900 residential properties in the Nashville area sold last month, which was good enough to represent a 3.8% jump compared to August of 2016, and also the highest sales volume for any month of August over the last 10 years.

On the home value side of things, the median price for a single-family home actually dropped slightly for a second consecutive month to $285,000, but for anybody who may still be in the market for a Nashville condo right now, beware, because the median price soared to its highest level on record and now sits at $207,061.

Inventory for entry-level and first-time buyer price ranges is extremely slim right now, which is perhaps the primary reason why condo prices all over Middle Tennessee are continuing to rise. Furthermore,

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Home Buying Tips for First Time BuyersBuying a new home for the first time is a major life milestone. It's also often an exciting one, as first-time homebuyers enjoy long afternoons visiting open houses, combing through listings, and planning the big move. But buying a new home can also be overwhelming. Home buyers also have to put together a down payment, find a real estate agent, juggle home inspections, closing costs, paperwork, and countless other expectations that go into the home-buying process. This is where a few tips for first time home owners come in handy.

For buyers who do not know what to expect as they start the home-buying process, here is some advice to make the most of the home buying experience.

Know Your Score & Financial Situation

No one likes to be reduced

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All About VA loans for Veteran Home BuyersAs homebuyers approach the mortgage process, the options can become an alphabet soup of industry acronyms and terms: fixed-rate, ARM, 30-year, jumbo, FHA, Fannie Mae, USDA, and the list goes on and on. Each loan product has its unique benefits and qualifications, and some apply to certain individuals but not others. For some individuals planning to purchase a home and who have ever served in the country's armed forces, a loan from the Veterans Administration may be a valid option.

Who Qualifies for a VA Loan?

The Veteran Affairs home loan originated as part of the GI Bill of Rights, passed in 1944 and signed into law by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The intention of the law was to provide a series of benefits to returning service members, including

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Inspecting Home for Sale One of the more important aspects of the home purchase process is the crucial step of getting a home inspection. While some buyers may see this as another service to skip in order save money, it can have the potential to completely change the rest of the transaction.

During a home inspection, a licensed professional will inspect the home in question from top to bottom, and look for any current problems or clues that there might be issues down the road. If something comes up during the inspection, it could save a buyer from huge financial headaches later on.

What Could It Reveal?

There are several key areas that tend to be problematic if a home or condo unit has not been maintained or updated properly. A home inspection is the best chance

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buying antique homes and what home buyers need to know Are you drawn to the romance of a historic house? A home that's more than 100 years old certainly come with lots of built-in interest: Authentic period details, miles of hardwood flooring, and original woodwork come to mind. It's easy to become smitten with an older beauty.

In the case of an antique home, it's can be wise to look before you leap. As with any real estate purchase, buyers ought to have a professional home inspector take a thorough look at the house and report his findings. They'll know when something is amiss and can give valuable insight on which aspects of the house are solid—and what needs to be replaced sooner rather than later. Buyers also need to work with their real estate agent to learn more about any covenants or

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