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Yard Landscaping Tips to Attract BuyersPlants like bright sun and intense heat, but only to a point. At the height of summer, when the sun is its hottest, some landscaping can become dried out and stressed. As a home seller, this can have a negative effect on your home’s curb appeal. Dry, brittle landscape and browning flowers can make your home seem poorly maintained and unattractive. To avoid problems with the sale, home sellers may need to spend extra time tending your garden and managing the plants. Keeping your garden lush, green and inviting for home buyers can help you sell your home.

Set Up An Automatic Sprinkler System

Moving and selling a house can be very time consuming, so when the home selling process picks up, you may find that you’re too busy to water your lawn.

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Nashville Real Estate Market Despite April often being labeled as the height of the busy spring market, the market saw a bit of a slowdown last month compared to just one month prior. 

According to data from the Greater Nashville REALTORS®, the month of April brought 2,763 residential closings, which is down slightly from 2,783 in March. Condo sales in the Nashville area were also on the decline in April, dropping from 397 closings in March to just 355 closings in April. 

The good news, however, is that available inventory was on the rise last month, increasing from 7,276 residential units on the market in March to 7,605 residential units available in April. 

Median home and condo prices remained fairly steady from March to April, with the median residential price overall

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Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Fixer Upper The advent of shows like HGTV's Fixer-Upper and Property Brothers have ignited a fixer-upper spirit among buyers. Once you watch the television hosts rip out a bathroom, you begin to feel inspired. Bathrooms can be changed, walls can be taken down, and old kitchens can become sleek and modern, seemingly overnight. Before you jump in and buy a fixer-upper of your very own, what do you need to know?

Be Realistic

While a fixer-upper may be the stuff of your dreams, you live in the here and now. Buyers should be realistic about every aspect of the home buying and renovation experience including budget, DIY skills, and renovation costs. Make sure that you budget appropriately for the cost of labor, materials, and unforeseen expenses. It's easy to

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New Middle School in Thompson's Station As recently outlined, there are plenty of changes happening regarding school zones in Williamson County as several new schools are being built and new residential development continues to transform the region. 

A brand new elementary school in Thompson’s Station will impact a number of kids living in the area, but that’s not the only new school currently being built. A new middle school is also under construction in town, which will also impact some students who already attend Heritage Middle School and Spring Station Middle School. A breakdown of the zoning changes is below: 

Students attending Heritage Middle School

Students attending Heritage Middle School who live west of Lewisburg Pike and attend Oak View Elementary’s proposed zone, which

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Thompson's Station Elementary School Zoning ChangesThe Williamson County School Board is looking at re-zoning several local schools in the area, which would create zoning boundaries for three new schools currently being built in the school district. Widespread residential development is also influencing the re-zoning plans, and according to reports, it’s estimated that the new zoning boundaries will impact nearly 3,000 students, or roughly 8% of the school district’s overall population. 

Recently, The Tennessean broke down a number of the changes, which we’ll summarize in several different parts. Part l will outline who will be affected due to the construction of the new elementary school in Thompson Station.

Students attending Bethesda Elementary 

Students who currently attend Bethesda

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Earlier in the year, news broke about D.R. Horton snatching up a 32.5-acre site in the suburban community of Antioch with plans to build a new 120-unit housing community. 

Well, just a few short months later, it appeared that D.R. Horton wouldn’t be the only national homebuilder to break into the Antioch real estate market, but an apparent agreement between Lennar and Houston-based Hines just recently fell though. 

According to numerous reports from The Tennessean and the Nashville Business Journal, Lennar Homes, one of the country’s largest home builders, was planning to purchase a 64-acre site at 4360 Maxwell Road in the Antioch community, but has since backed out of the deal, leaving the subdivision site still available and now back on the

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Dickerson Pike Condo DevelopmentConstruction has officially started for a small, 9-unit condo development that will be located at Dickerson Pike and Evanston Avenue in Nashville. 

Being developed by the Burnett Real Estate Group, the boutique condo project, which will feature just nine units, will officially be located at 1015 Dickerson Pike, offering future residents a close proximity to a Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store, a Dollar General, a Family Dollar, and plenty of additional service businesses and restaurants along Dickerson Pike. 

Easy access to Interstate 24 also makes the new condo project’s location convenient, especially for anyone who frequently commutes into downtown Nashville or to any nearby suburb on a daily basis. 

Being called The Vue, a construction timeline or

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Staging a Kitchen to Sell When it’s time to sell your home, a kitchen can be one of a home's greatest assets. Home buyers are often drawn to a well-put-together and organized kitchen. Proper staging can accentuate your kitchen’s strengths and help turn your kitchen into a room that will wow buyers.

Match Your Visible Dishes

While most of the dishes will be hidden behind cabinet and closet doors, dishes that appear on open shelving will be visible to all buyers. Mismatched dishes can make your kitchen look cluttered and disorganized, while matched dishes will form a pattern that helps lead the eye around the room. If necessary, buy a small set of matched dishes to put out on your shelves. To keep the dishes clean and free of grime, wash them every weekend.


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How to Decide Whether or Not to Sell a Condo Furnished or Unfurnished Thinking about selling a condo? A wide range of buyers are being attracted to condo living in metropolitan regions across the country. College students are looking for the best place to live close to universities and public transportation. Working professionals enjoy living in condos in downtown areas that are located close to their places of work. Meanwhile, retirees are seeking out condos once their adult children leave their old homes. They are looking to downsize both their available space and the hassles of performing maintenance on a home.

With all these buyers interested in your condo, you can get the best price for your place as you can then move on to a different residence. Yet one of the issues you have to decide on is whether you

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Inspecting Home for Sale One of the more important aspects of the home purchase process is the crucial step of getting a home inspection. While some buyers may see this as another service to skip in order save money, it can have the potential to completely change the rest of the transaction.

During a home inspection, a licensed professional will inspect the home in question from top to bottom, and look for any current problems or clues that there might be issues down the road. If something comes up during the inspection, it could save a buyer from huge financial headaches later on.

What Could It Reveal?

There are several key areas that tend to be problematic if a home has not been maintained or updated properly. A home inspection is the best chance a buyer will

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