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Many first time home buyers use the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to get a loan with a lower down payment and other lending requirements that are more accommodating. Before you apply, here is what you need to know about buying a home with an FHA loan.

Why Do People Apply for FHA Loans?

Getting a traditional mortgage is not always easy for home buyers, especially for people buying their first home. Saving up for a down payment of 10 percent could be very difficult for someone with limited funds. FHA loans are designed to provide some minor accommodations to buyers who would not be able to buy a home otherwise. FHA loans offer more flexible requirements on:

  • Minimum credit score for approval
  • Maximum debt-to-income ratio for
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There are times when you look at other homes in the neighborhood and realize that you have your work cut out for you to get a good price when you sell. If you know that you will have to spend a fair chunk of change getting your house up to snuff, it's worth the effort to do research beforehand to find out what the best renovation choices are. These five upgrades can put your home far ahead of where you are now, with a good investment for the money you pay.

1. Add a Bedroom

People who want to sell older homes are battling not just age and condition, but the progression of the American lifestyle. In decades past, people thought nothing of putting several kids in a single bedroom, with extra space for rooms that many modern families think are

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Financing Your New Home When you are applying for a home loan, it's important to have everything just right. Errors made before or during the process can result in a higher interest rate or not getting approved for a loan that you otherwise would have gotten.

Make sure to speak with your lender and/or a financial advisor to see what options make sense for your specific financial situation.

To make sure that everything goes well when it's time to talk to the bank, keep these mortgage mistakes and the way to avoid them in mind:

1. Paying off Debt Right Before Applying

It's human nature: you are running your credit and discover an old balance you forgot about. While you may have the funds handy to make good on your debt, you won't usually want do this right

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A unique and pretty cool new project is reportedly underway that will bring 20 new micro homes to the campus of Glencliff United Methodist Church when finished. 

The purpose of the new micro homes will be to provide bridge housing for homeless people in the Nashville area and hopefully reduce the number of deaths among the homeless population, which tallied 87 alone just last year

Being called the Village of Glencliff, the project is being spearheaded by Open Table Nashville, a local nonprofit group that promotes and supports affordable, low-income housing.

Each of the 20 micro homes at Glencliff United Methodist will be built on a 6-acre site at 2901 Glencliff Road and range in size from 220 square feet for a one-person home to 400 square feet

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Selling Your Nashville Home in the SpringIf you’re thinking about a change of scenery and are wondering when the best time of year is to sell your Nashville home, a common answer you might hear is sometime during the spring season. Like with just about anything life, there are pros and cons to selling your home at just about any point during the year, but since spring is right around the corner, let’s take a closer look at why it might make sense to put your home on the market sometime during the next few months. 

  • The weather is a little warmer 

While we don’t get the kind of harsh winters many of the northern states endure, temperatures around Nashville during the height of winter can certainly get a little brisk at times, ultimately keeping people from getting out and doing a

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Nashvill Suburbs with an Easy CommuteDespite Nashville having an abundance of pleasant neighborhoods and communities that all have a quiet residential feel, city living isn't for everybody. And whether you’re a Nashville area home buyer who loves the suburban lifestyle for the small town vibe, the terrific school systems, or something entirely different, there’s still something to be said for at least living close to the city in order minimize your daily commute as much as possible. 

While it’s true everybody has their own commute and how much time you spend in the car largely depends on where you’re going in Nashville, some suburban communities still offer an easier route to the city, regardless of where your workplace is located. So if you’re in the market for a new place to live and a

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An Austin-based developer is looking to build a new large-scale project in North Gulch that could stand 26 stories high and include fabulous new apartment residences, office space, and even a brand new Whole Foods grocery store, which would likely be a welcoming addition to the neighborhood for anybody who already lives or works in the area. 

According to reports, the Metro Planning Department Downtown Code Design Review Committee has officially approved a request to revise the project-scope to what’s mentioned above, with the one key difference being the building’s height being dropped from 27 floors down to 26. 

Unfortunately, not many other details about the project, which would be developed at the intersection of 12th Avenue North and Broadway

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History of Mortgages Financing a home with a long-term mortgage is the most common way to buy a home in America, but a surprisingly large percentage of homeowners own their homes outright. Interest rates seesaw up and down, and home prices tend to appreciate over time. As long as owners are able to make the required monthly payments, all seems okay. But how has this system evolved over the years?

In decades past, prospective buyers who couldn't pay cash for a home commonly saved for a 50 percent down payment, and then secured a loan for the balance, with a balloon payment due anywhere from one to five years later.

Between 1931 and 1935, during the Great Depression, a quarter of a million people lost their homes each year. Then President Roosevelt stepped in to

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West End Condos Nashville According to a recent report out of the Nashville Post, local developer Acree Wells Development Partnership has opted not to move forward with a luxury condo project that would’ve been built in Nashville’s West End neighborhood. 

Citing cost considerations as the primary reason not to build, it’s unclear as to what may now be developed at the property, which is situated in a highly desirable part of West End at 3208 Long Boulevard. 

The original project, which was dubbed The Robertson, was designed to stand three stories high and include just 11 luxury condo residences, while also boasting a rather elegant exterior that would’ve blended in perfectly with the surrounding residential landscape. 

As noted by The Post, Acree Wells Development

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Questions to Ask Yourself When Determining If You're Ready To Buy a HomeNashville’s real estate market has been red hot for quite some time now, prompting many home buyers to act fast when looking for a new place to live. With home prices constantly on the rise and competition among other buyers only getting stronger, the home buying process can be even more stressful than normal right now, which is why it’s important to take a step back, take a deep breath, and try to make the best decision possible if you’re someone currently in the market for a Nashville home or condo.

While the ultimate goal may to eventually buy a home, jumping into the process too quickly is never a good idea. So before you even begin a home search during such a crazy time, ask yourself the following questions in order to make sure you’re truly ready

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