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As expected, January was a pretty active month for the real estate market overall, as traffic and activity seemed to be up on national websites like®, as well as on our website as well,

A few days ago, national real estate platform® released a list of the 20 Hottest U.S. Real Estate Markets in January 2016, which was based on analysis of listing views, age of inventory, and several other factors.

To no surprise of those of us working in the Nashville real estate industry or perhaps anybody currently looking to buy or sell a home in the area, our city happened to be one that made the cut, coming in at No. 7 ahead of other major markets like Denver, Los Angeles, and Tampa.

According to their findings, listings

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One of the benefits of living in Nashville is the ability to go out on any night and listen to some of the top songwriters in the United States performing their songs at songwriter nights. These tend to be acoustic performances with just a vocal and a self accompanied guitar and the singer plays songs that they have written or co written.

One of the newest and most popular venues that is competing with the well established BlueBird and Douglas Corner venues is The Listening Room. 

Last night I went to hear a couple of friends play, Tom Ritchie and Fiona Culley, and after playing 3 original songs Tom decided to do his version of "When a man loves a women" which turned out to be one of the highlights of the evening. If you didn't get a chance to make

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Nashville Home Buyers

When dealing with the real estate industry in general, chances are you’ve heard the phrase “location, location, location” at one point or another. For some home buyers, it’s a catchphrase that will almost completely define their entire home buying experience, opting for a Nashville home, condo, or townhome that has a “perfect” location over anything else.

But as time goes on, things change, people change, and that tired old real estate mantra ‘location, location, location’ seemingly has more meanings than ever. Over the last couple years, chatter about Millennials playing a big role in the real estate market has gotten louder and louder, and now as many are finally starting to make that transition from renting to owning, new trends in housing are

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Sell Your Nashville Condo

Although Nashville’s condo market outside of new construction may seem somewhat weak right now, it may still be one of the best times of the year to sell. With inventory still low for new construction condos in Nashville, options for anybody specifically wanting a condo unit in the city are limited—and that matters a lot. 

Above all, however, what really makes selling your Nashville condo an enticing proposition is that interest rates are still low as of now, but are also fully expected to rise in the not-so-distant future. By now, we’ve all heard the chatter about rising rates, and now that we’re already one month down in the new year, it’s only a matter of time before that chatter becomes reality. 

Back in mid-December, the Fed hiked its

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Belmont Homes in Nashville

Although Belmont /Hillsboro is a college neighborhood that hovers around Belmont University, it’s also one of those Nashville communities that often gets overlooked during a home search. A quaint and charming part of the city that in many ways is defined by its quiet residential atmosphere, Belmont is perfect for home buyers who want a little peace and quiet where they live, but also still want to be within striking distance to a few local amenities as well. And for the most part, Nashville’s Belmont neighborhood truly is that location.

The hilly, tree-lined streets are perfect for taking the dog for a walk or enjoying a pleasant afternoon jog, while the moderately-sized bungalows and older single-family homes that fill the neighborhood landscape are

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Eastwood Neighborhood Nashville

Lots of Nashville neighborhoods are attractive, desirable, and a great place to consider during your home search. But whether it’s affordability, walkability, or a close proximity to any number of neighborhood amenities and attractions, some locations are of course more highly sought after than others. 

In its annual ‘Hottest Neighborhoods in the Country’ list, Redfin has predicated Eastwood to be the second hottest neighborhood in the nation, which considers increased activity on its website to determine rankings. 

Located in East Nashville, Eastwood has certainly been on the radar of all kinds of local home buyers and investors, with home sales and development both on the rise in the area. Largely residential, residents and existing home

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New Residential Development in West Nashville

As first reported by The Tennessean, Nashville-based MiKeN Development and HR Properties recently paid $1.36 million for land currently occupied by The Mulch Co. in anticipation of developing 27 new townhomes and 75 new condos.

Although not many more details have been released about the project, it’s expected that about 20 percent of these units will target home buyers earning 60 to 120 percent of the area’s median income.

In addition to the planned condos and townhomes, 37 more single-family homes and townhomes are also in the works for property that sits directly behind The Mulch Co. property, which was formerly the location of Bellar Auto Parts.

For now, permits are still in the process of being acquired by developers, although efforts to combine a

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2015 Closings in Nashville

By now, we’ve all heard that 2015 was a tremendous year for the Nashville real estate market, with both home sales and home values both seeing increases (which quite possibly could still be on the rise by the way). But looking back, just how good was the last 12 months or so for real estate in Nashville? Well, by taking a closer look at the spike in closings from 2014 to 2015, the picture should become a bit more clear.

According to the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors®, December alone saw nearly 3,200 closings, a number that’s up 12.5% from 2,838 closings in December 2014. Consequently, the strong month helped boost Fourth quarter numbers overall, with closings up 3.5% compared to the last three months in 2014.

Year to date, 2015 saw just

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Nashville Real Estate Market Stats

For many segments of the Nashville real estate market, 2015 really was a tremendous year. But just how good of a year was it? Well, now that all the final numbers are in and we can take a look back at the year that was, the one key stat that stands out most is that home sales were as high as they’ve been in just under a decade.

According to reports, the Nashville area saw 36,873 closings in 2015, a number that’s up nearly 11% compared to 2014, and easily the most homes sold in our market since 2006.

Despite the holiday season usually bringing a slowdown, December was also a very strong month for the local market, which saw 3,194 closings alone. The median home price for both single-family homes and condos sold in December was also up, with the median

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The Nations Real Estate Nashville

The Nations. You’ve heard of it and you probably even know somebody who lives or hangs out there by now. But what makes Nashville’s The Nations neighborhood so unique? Often described as a new age community with a friendly atmosphere and even friendlier residents, The Nations real estate landscape doesn’t resemble your typical Nashville neighborhood with vintage bungalows and old vintage houses. 

Instead, homes in The Nations are new, functional, and sustainable, all while still maintaining that classic charm and character you’re used to seeing around town. In addition, development around The Nations is designed to have a higher-density footprint as well, with homes mostly having smaller lot sizes but much more vertical living space. 

Aside from

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