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Selling Your Home in a Competitive MarketThe housing market is no stranger to change, and depending on the time of year and location in the country, the marketplace can become very competitive. It’s hard when the sale of a home has to happen and it coincides with a busy market, but there are some successful strategies one can use to make sure the home sells in a reasonable period of time, even in competitive markets like Franklin.

Partners That Pay Off

No matter if the housing market is competitive or very slow, making sure to have a partnership with a real estate professional can go a long way. Although we tend to know our houses inside and out as the owners, a real estate agent can help in other ways.

One of the more important things to take note of is how much a seller is

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How to Handle Unpermitted Work in the HomeThere are many ways to get work done on a house, and not every seller is focused on doing this work the correct way. They may cut corners, simply because they do not want to spend the money on a contractor. Or they may just want to do the work themselves so they can get it completed quickly. No matter what, though, there are some types of work that need a permit to complete whether the seller does the work themselves or hires someone else. If the seller of a house didn't get a permit to do the work, the buyer may find that there are problems that they have to take care of after they purchase the house. Rather than take that risk, buyers should check into unpermitted work before they make their purchase.

What Kinds of Work Require a Permit?


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Trick or Treating in NashvilleHalloween is almost here and that has many area families in search of the best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating. Never fear, we found several locations that will certainly deliver with plenty of treats for those young and old. 

Belle Meade Plantation

One location you don’t want to miss this Halloween season is the Belle Meade Plantation. This extraordinary estate is a fantastic place to take a mansion tour any time of the year, but the property becomes especially inviting to families gearing up for Halloween.

The mansion has a special community event planned for the afternoon of Sunday, October 22. From 1pm-3pm families are invited for a free event featuring games, trick-or-treating along a mile-long Treat Walk and even a dance party! There’s

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Finding Foundation DamageAre you beginning to notice cracks forming above a window in your home? This may indicate an issue with the foundation, which could be a serious problem. Homeowners should be aware of how to proceed when it comes to a cracked or damaged foundation.

Learn more about foundation damage and related foundation repairs today.

Does a Homeowner Need to Worry?

If a homeowner sees a crack forming, it does not automatically mean that there has been significant damage to the foundation. Older homes can develop unevenness after some time due to natural settling. In such a case, these thin cracks simply need to be sealed to protect against water intrusion. Unfortunately, there are more serious reasons for a cracked or damaged foundation.

A homeowner

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Flooring to Install for New BuyersChoosing the right flooring can be a challenge when you're moving into a new house. Knowing the difference between the various types of flooring and which factors to consider when installing flooring can help you decide which type of flooring is right for you.

Factors To Consider

There are many factors to consider when choosing a flooring type.

  • Temperature. Hard flooring types, especially stone and tile, tend to be cold on the feet and can make some homeowners uncomfortable. Carpeting tends to be warmer.
  • Safety. Young children and seniors may be less likely to hurt themselves if they fall on carpeting than if they fall on another type of flooring material.
  • Moisture. Moisture in bathrooms and kitchens makes carpeting and hardwood
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How to Plan for Private Mortgage InsurancePeople who put a down payment on a home of less than 20 percent are typically expected to pay private mortgage insurance. With an understanding of the reasons for private mortgage insurance and the average costs, buyers can better prepare for their PMI obligations.

What Is Private Mortgage Insurance?

Buyers who have a significant stake in the equity of the home are, in many lenders' eyes, more likely to make their mortgage payments on time. However, demanding a 20 percent down payment is an onerous obligation for a lot of buyers, especially those seeking a first home. In many areas, such regulations make it harder to ensure a healthy real estate market. As a result, lenders have adjusted their requirements to make some accommodations to

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Addressing Pest Problems When Selling Your HomeUnless people are looking for a fixer upper and looking to snap up a low-cost home, the average homebuyer wants to visit a potential home and envision themselves living there with few, if any, repairs. Many desire move-in ready condition and their ideal space does not generally include cockroaches, termites, water bugs, rodents or other pests. When a potential homebuyer is looking for a home, signs of a pest problem can be a huge turnoff. It can take longer to sell a home and get full value for it when it is infested with pests.

Understand why earlier is better when it comes to taking care of a pest problem in your home.

How Long Will It Take to Sell Your Home?

Unless your home is in tip-top shape, it can take more time than anticipated to

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Things to Do In NashvilleThe cooler season is closing in, but there’s still time to enjoy Nashville before winter begins. And for a little extra help getting you motivated to get outside and enjoy what's left of the warmer weather, here are a few quick ideas to get you off to a good start:

Fall festivals

There are plenty of outdoor festivals gearing up for the fall season, including the Cheekwood Harvest through late October, the Green Door Gourmet’s Fall Fest the first part of October and German beer, music, food and polka dancing at Nashville Oktoberfest, the first weekend of the month.

Area parks

The fall season is also a great time to get out and enjoy one of the city’s many parks. No longer dealing with the worry of high temperatures, Shelby Bottoms Park is full

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Tips and Advice to Move to a New HomeDoes the word “moving” send chills down your spine? It’s a common feeling that many people get whenever they end up having to move or they choose to make a change in their living situation. However moving doesn’t have to be synonymous with stress, as we have a few helpful tips that can make the process less stressful and less expensive.

Planning In A Big Way

Although it’s advice we hear time and time again, taking some extra moments to plan ahead for a move can save a lot of time and stress in the long run, especially during the stressful process of selling a home. Moving isn’t just about physically changing the location of household items; it gives us an opportunity to assess our needs and pair down what we own.

Often referred to as

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When to DIY or Hire a Professional?Before you consider picking up a hammer or a paintbrush to tackle even minor home renovations, ask yourself an important question: Do I want to dwell or sell?

If the answer is that the home needs some "spiffing up" to make it more attractive to potential buyers, take it a step further and ask yourself a hard question about your talent and expertise. If you're uncertain about your ability, this may not be the time to spend time, energy and money to find out whether you can complete the job to professional standards.

7 things to consider before you take on a DIY project:
  1. How Much Value Will Be Added?
  2. What Is the Expected ROI?
  3. Is a Permit Required?
  4. Must the Work Be Inspected?
  5. What Is the Project Scope?
  6. What Is the Time Frame?
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