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Reasons to Paint Home When homeowners make the decision to sell, one of the first considerations usually concerns making preparations to speed the selling process and help to obtain the best possible price. But existing homes are somewhat like used cars - they often show signs of wear and tear that can devalue them, or have design issues that will need to be overcome in order to get the most attention from qualified buyers. 

Some good examples of this include the presence of pet odors, stale cooking smells, or smoke, as well as worn or faded walls and ceilings, or stained or damaged windowsills or trim. In addition, homes may also have some type of negative design issues that may discourage buyer interest, such as rooms that appear too dark or very small, oddly

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Home Under Construction If costs were the same, 40 percent of Americans would prefer a new construction home over a pre-existing home. That is compared to 21 percent who would opt for an established home and 39 percent with no preference.

However, fewer than half of those who strongly prefer a newly built house are willing to fork over the additional 20 percent that new builds bring on average. Why is that? Although the newness is enticing, it doesn't single-handedly carry the luster during the home-buying experience.

While shiny and new has its allure, what's actually behind these home buyers' preferences? The following points look at some of the perks and pitfalls of purchasing newly built homes.

Pros of New Construction Homes

  • Customization is a huge
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Showing Rental Property If you are a landlord who has decided that it is time to cash in on one of your rental properties, then you likely face the common issue of selling a tenant-occupied home.

Opening the home to a variety of real estate agents and prospective buyers is undoubtedly an inconvenience to tenants, especially since they are not related to this real estate transaction and are facing the stress of moving out in the near future.

Tenants, as opposed to owner-occupants, have nothing to gain from the sale and can sometimes be reluctant to let showings happen. Nevertheless, it is important to cooperate with tenants and keep them informed about showings. After all, without consent for showings, selling becomes difficult. How can your listing agent and other

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Nashville Home SalesIt’s already been well-documented that 2016 was a particularly strong year for the Nashville housing market, as previously mentioned in our recently posted year-end review. Now just one month into the new year and we’re already starting to see the beginning of what looks to be an even better 2017. 

According to recently released numbers, 2,411 residential properties sold in the Nashville area back in January, which is not only an 11% increase compared to January 2015 but also a record-setting sales volume as well. 

Unfortunately for active home and condo buyers in Nashville, though, median prices have also risen compared to this time a year ago, with the median price for a single-family home climbing to $261,500 last month, and the median price for

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Nashville Housing Market in 2017For the first time last year, closings in the Nashville area surpassed sales from 2007, a time in which the market was thriving just before the crash. Nashville’s crazy housing market captured a lot of headlines last year, and a strong start to 2017 is already painting a favorable picture for the year ahead. 

But are rapidly rising home prices keeping some would-be buyers from ultimately purchasing a home in Nashville? Well, if you’re truly in a position to buy and also prefer buying over renting, they shouldn’t. 

Unlike the market conditions that led to an eventual crash, the Nashville real estate market in particular has two significantly different factors working in its favor. First, with roughly 86 people a day moving to the Nashville area right

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Nashville Housing Market in 2016With 2016 now well behind us, updated housing data from the year that was continues to pour in, giving those of us who work in the real estate industry some insight as to how well the Nashville real estate market fared over the last 12 months. 

According to recently released figures from the Nashville Association of Realtors, a total of 38,954 homes were sold last year in the Nashville area, which is up from 36,873 closings in 2015, or about a 5.6% increase in overall sales. 

With inventory low throughout much of 2016 and housing demand strong, home values jumped by 11% in 2016, reaching an average sales price of $255,660. In 2015, the average sales price in Nashville was recored at $229,584. 

With a very healthy job market that continued to

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According to a recent report in the Nashville Post, developers are hoping to wrap up construction for a highly attractive townhouse project that’s currently in the works for Historic Buena Vista. 

Being developed by Nashville-based Superior Development, the project, which is being called Buena Vista Towns, will feature three individual buildings with each including two three-story townhouses. Each of the six residences will feature a beautiful neo-traditional design in order to blend in with many of the neighborhood’s earlier homes, which all tend to  incorporate lots of brick and stone work on the exterior as well. 

Townhouses at the new Buena Vista Towns development will average 2,000 square feet of living space once finished, which will include

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Classic Home for Sale If you are the owner of an older home, you already know that there are many benefits to living in one of these classic beauties. Higher ceilings, beautiful wood work, and larger room sizes are just a few of the features that older homes are famous for.

But when trying to compete with newer, more modern homes on the real estate market, older home owners may find that prospective buyers seem to be drawn to the cleaner, simpler lines and more open interiors of a more modern home.

The good news is that there are some steps owners of older homes can take to freshen and revitalize the interiors of their homes to make them compete more favorably with newer construction home without sacrificing their charm. 

Consider Opening up the Interior

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The real estate market throughout Williamson County is red hot right now, and from January all the way to December of 2016, average home values in the area increased by more than $30,000. 

If that’s not quite enough to pique your interest as a potential home seller, though, consider this: over the course of 2016, the average value of a home sold in Williamson County was over $436,000, or more than $242,000 higher than the national median home value right now.

In all, homes sold in 2016 in Williamson County have a combined value of over $2.4 billion, and with this particular part of Williamson County seeing some of the highest employment growth numbers of any large county in the U.S., the market is projected to stay red hot heading into the busy

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Inexpensive Renovations Preparing to sell a home on a budget can be difficult. It seems like every repair and staging activity costs at least hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Thankfully, not every improvement or renovation has to break the bank! While it can be tempting to want to go all out with a huge bathroom or kitchen remodel because of everything you've seen on TV, these updates rarely fit in the budget or give the desired return.

Each of these seven home fixes can cost less than $100, and will really make your home shine in the right way.

1. Replace Your Baseboards

Painting your walls before selling is a no-brainer, but you should also consider your baseboards. They encounter a lot of dust and dirt from the floor, and the paint will chip over

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