Tips to Reduce the Stress of Moving House

Does the idea of moving completely stress you out? Thinking outside of the box and planning ahead will go a long way toward a smooth process.

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Tips to Reduce the Stress of Moving House

Posted by Gary Ashton on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019 at 10:14am.

Tips and Advice to Move to a New HomeDoes the word "moving" send chills down your spine? It's a common feeling that many people get whenever they end up having to move or they choose to make a change in their living situation. However, moving doesn't have to be synonymous with stress, as we have a few helpful tips that can make the process less stressful and less expensive.

Planning Your Move in Advance

Although it's advice we hear time and time again, taking some extra moments to plan ahead for a move can save a lot of time and stress in the long run, especially during the stressful process of selling a home. Moving isn't just about physically changing the location of household items; it gives us an opportunity to assess our needs and pair down what we own.

Often referred to as decluttering, the act of organizing items before you pack can help cut down on unnecessary work. Go through each room well ahead of time and take each section as it comes. One day just going through a dresser might be a big enough task, so breaking it up into smaller pieces can help keep overwhelm at bay.

Once the home has fewer items to actually pack, labeling boxes is key. While it sounds like a "no-brainer," this step is often overlooked because people rush when packing up their belongings. Be as descriptive as possible to make unloading and locating items in the new home a breeze.

Establishing a Home Moving Timeline

To ensure all goes to plan, you must have a moving timeline sketched out. This important timeline should start about eight weeks before your planned move.

At the eight week mark, you can start decluttering your household and getting rid of many unwanted belongings. Plan to make separate piles of items to sell, give away and pack. You should also contact your moving company, if you will use one, to schedule your service date.

Sketch out what the next two weeks will look like by adding garage sales and thrift store drop-offs to your schedule. Also, plan to take the time to switch medical and dental care providers to ones in your new area. You can also get together the paperwork needed by members of your household for their switch to a new school.

Weeks four and five typically revolve around getting the new house ready for occupancy. This means turning on the utilities and putting them in your name. You should also give your existing utility providers a move date for disconnection at your old place. Take any extra time you have in these weeks to pack the belongings you intend to take with you and get rid of the rest.

The last month before your move will revolve around packing up your belongings and cleaning your old residence from top to bottom. As you pack, place your most important items in a box you can transport in your personal vehicle, not on the moving truck. Items you may want to include are:

  • Insurance cards
  • Birth certificates
  • Car titles
  • Any other sensitive documents
  • Jewelry
  • Family heirlooms
  • Medications
  • Photos

By following your home moving timeline, you can move through the process with confidence — and without forgetting anything.


Many households own multiple cars and vehicles, so another way to help lessen the amount of stress in the home is by having one or all of your vehicles professionally transported to avoid driving them or towing them yourself. If you've ever tried to back up with a car carrier attached to the back of your moving truck, then you'll know what I mean.

When you factor in the cost of gas and the increased safety and convenience factors, shipping your car makes a lot of sense. All America Auto Transport has been shipping cars safely, reliably, and at a reasonable rate since 1964. You can learn more and request a quote on their website

Moving On The Cheap

Not only does moving stress many people out because of the work involved, but it can also become quite expensive. Loading up a large truck that contains the whole house in one trip can cost hundreds of dollars for in-town moves, so considering more affordable moving options might pay off in a big way when moving into your new Murfreesboro home.

It may be possible to hire some teenagers looking to make some extra money and have them help with the moving process. It will take more time to move a house with a pickup truck, but in the end, it would probably be significantly cheaper. Plus, if the help you hire is trustworthy, you could very well sit back and relax while they do the heavy lifting.

Sometimes moving can be a lot more fun when friends are involved, and many people like to have moving parties in an effort to get help for free. Offering pizza or ice cream to those who help with the move is sometimes payment enough, and it will take a lot of work off of your plate. This type of arrangement can be utilized both during the moving out and moving in stages.

Get Creative

Moving is only stressful and expensive if one makes it that way. A little creative thinking and an attitude of fun can make it a fairly easy process. Starting to clean, organize, and pack well in advance of the Nashville move date will save a lot of stress, and getting others in on the task can spread the workload around so it's not solely on your shoulders. Just remember, the next time a friend moves it's probably in your best interest to help out and pay them back the favor.


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