Tips For Keeping Your Nashville Home Safe & Secure This Holiday Season

Keep accidents from ruining your holiday season this year. Check out our list of ways to keep your Nashville home safe & secure over the holidays.

Tips For Keeping Your Nashville Home Safe & Secure This Holiday Season Close
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Tips For Keeping Your Nashville Home Safe & Secure This Holiday Season

Posted by on Monday, December 12th, 2016 at 11:10am.

Although the holiday season is a time full of fun, family, and festivities, it’s also a time full of home-related accidents, fires, and theft as well. Each and every year, burglaries skyrocket around the holiday season, as do Christmas tree and Christmas light related fires, and in-home accidents around the house that often leave little ones hurt. 

So among all shopping, decorating, parties, and fun-filled holiday cheer, remember to keep you, your family, and your Nashville home safe and secure during what many consider the best time of the year. And to help all our fellow Nashville neighbors and home owners accomplish just that, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind as we navigate our way through this year’s holiday season: 

  • Check the batteries in all your smoke detectors. 

It’s a tedious job that many of us often overlook, but be especially diligent while using all the extra electricity for Christmas lights and other decorations. Investing in a couple fire extinguishers and placing them throughout your home is also a great idea and something to keep in mind as well. 

  • Keep your travel plans to yourself 

Despite living in a social media world where we tend to share every little detail of our lives with others, try keeping your travel plans offline and off social media networks. It’s unlikely you’re “friends” with a thief or criminal on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but announcing when you’ll be gone, and for how long, is never recommended. 

  • Try to be home for package deliveries 

With online shopping being more popular than ever, packages being stolen has become an unfortunate reality in today’s times, especially during the holiday season. As you order gifts online this year, do your best to schedule a delivery time when you plan on being home. We know it’s easier said than done, but it’s still worth mentioning. 

  • Use battery operated candles 

Although they might not have the same affect as a traditional candle, there’s no denying battery operated candles are much safer. And with you home likely being filled with more decorations, more people, and more stuff over the holidays, the probability of an accident happening with an open flame candle greatly increases. 

  • Shovel and salt your walks

While we don’t normally see a lot of snow and ice down here in the Nashville area, always be quick about getting your sidewalks, decks, and driveways cleared off when nasty weather does hit our area. Remember, there’s nothing more dangerous than an icy walkway! 

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