Things to Do in Nashville TN for Free

One of the great things about Nashville is that it boasts so many cheap and free historical attractions.

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Things to Do in Nashville TN for Free

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX on Thursday, May 9th, 2019 at 12:34pm.

Best Things To Do In Nashville Without Spending Money

Nashville can be expensive, just like other well known, popular cities in the United States. Still, there are many things to do in Nashville TN for free or low cost. Knowing where to look and where to go can help the people of Nashville to save money while staying entertained. For those who travel long distances to visit Nashville, knowing which places are free can help make visiting the city a more enjoyable experience.

Shakespeare in the Park

As in many other cities with an appreciation for culture, Nashville residents can enjoy free Shakespeare in the Park shows in the late summer months. Located in Centennial Park, Shakespeare in the Park shows start their pre-show entertainment at 6:30, with performances beginning at 7:30. While Shakespeare in the Park is a free event, attendees are encouraged to give a $10 donation to support the show. Those who pay for a special package enjoy perks like a catered dinner and covered seating.

Shakespeare in the Park is an excellent event where parents can bring children to enjoy culture, entertainment and relaxing time spent outside. Typically, Shakespeare in the Park features one show per season.

Live on the Green Music Festival

The Live on the Green Music Festival is a free music festival that takes place annually in August, in Public Square Park. This is an excellent place to hear local bands and nationally recognized groups in the music industry. Live on the Green has been going on for a decade and is quickly becoming an established and well respected music festival.

For more information about the Live on the Green Festival, check out the lineup online. Attendees hoping for a VIP experience can buy tickets online. VIP tickets ensure free beer and soda, access to indoor bathrooms, access to the Lightening Lounge tent and more.

Nashville Flea Market

For people who like to buy antiques, who enjoy shopping for oddities or who just want to wander around a big open space and people watch, the Nashville Flea Market is the place to be. Held every fourth weekend of the month at the fair grounds, this flea market is rated as one of the best in the country.

At the flea market, visitors will find jewelry and hand made clothes that enable them to express their personal style. For more information about the flea market and dates, check out the online schedule.

Symphony Under the Stars

When you love live music and enjoy spending an evening outdoors, it's time to check out Symphony Under the Stars. The Nashville Symphony provides a series of concerts free for listeners throughout Nashville during the summer months. Centennial Park hosts the first one this season, June 4, at 7:30. Shows are free and open to the public. People are encouraged to arrive early to have a picnic and set up your chairs for this family friendly event that plays both popular and classical music for all ages.


The Nashville Parthenon is a massive structure located in Centennial Park. Originally built in the late 19th century, this amazing structure is a replica of the Parthenon found in ancient Greece. For history and architecture buffs, the Parthenon is a rewarding place to spend time. The green space around the Parthenon is also a good place to enjoy a picnic or an enjoyable afternoon on the grass. Inside the Parthenon is the art museum, which charges a fee.

It so happens that the Parthenon is located in the same park where free Shakespeare plays are performed in late summer. For those who want to come for Shakespeare in the Park, it may be worthwhile to come early and see the Parthenon first.

If you're thinking about visiting Nashville in the coming months, keep in mind that there's a lot to do for low cost or no cost. For more information about fun, inexpensive things to do in Nashville, contact the hotel where you'll be staying or perform online research. These money saving tactics can make your visit to Nashville more enjoyable.


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