The Best Kid-Friendly Attractions in Nashville, TN

From music to theater and outdoor activities, children will be hard pressed to be bored. Explore the best kid-friendly attractions in Nashville today.

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The Best Kid-Friendly Attractions in Nashville, TN

Posted by Gary Ashton on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 at 8:12am.

Top Best Kid-Friendly Attractions in Nashville, TN

Are you looking to keep the kids happy and busy while staying in Nashville? Aside from entertainment for the adults, there is plenty for children and teens to do in the area. Nashville is home to plenty of family-friendly attractions offering opportunities for spending quality time together. From music to sports, to the theater and outdoor activities, children will be hard-pressed to be bored in Music City. Nashville residents and visitors will have difficulty choosing from among the many available and affordable options.

Explore the best kid-friendly attractions for children, teens, and families in and around Nashville today.

Music City Attractions

Children of any age can appreciate music and there is no better place than Nashville to have them explore the music scene and learn more about their favorite genre or musician. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is a kid-friendly attraction located in downtown Nashville on 222 5th Avenue South. Explore countless recordings, 2.5 million priceless artifacts, musical instruments, and stage costumes among the many items stored at this home of America's music. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is open daily from 9 to 5 am.

Kids interested in the making of music, from songwriting to music production and engineering will enjoy the interactive Grammy Museum Gallery at the Musicians Hall of Fame. Located at 401 Gay Street, it is close to both the State Capitol and Riverfront Park, making it easy for families to learn more about the history of Tennessee as well as allowing children space to play when little ones get antsy. Other music-related family-friendly options include:

  • Fontanel Mansion
  • General Jackson Showboat
  • The George Jones
  • The Grand Old Opry
  • Madame Tussauds Nashville
  • Nashville Studio Tour

Young children may enjoy the Nashville Children's Theatre on 25 Middleton Road, among other theaters and events catering to music for children. It is easy to find something for everyone in Music City.

The Best Kid-Friendly Attractions in Nashville

There is so much to do outdoors which makes most of Nashville a playground for kids and the young at heart. Check out the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere, Adventureworks, or the Lost River Cave & Valley, among the many outdoor attractions. The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere on 3777 Nolensville Pike is home to Masai Giraffe, Caribbean Flamingos, Red Pandas, and many other animals, as well offering children a Jungle Gym, the Soaring Eagle zip line, and an opportunity to tour the Grassmere Historic Home. Here are some of the best kid-friendly attractions available for children in Nashville, TN:

Phillips Toy Mart

It may not be the largest choice of the most convenient, but a trip to Phillips Toy Mart is well worth your time and money. You will enjoy a great mode train set up, many vintage toy selections, imported toys and so much more.

The Nashville Zoo

First, Nashville boasts of wildlife that can be seen abundantly by visiting the Nashville Zoo. This can turn out to be a one-of-a-kind experience for your kids if they have never been to one before. This is a very famous spot frequented by locals in a bid to enjoy the sights of exotic animals like Bengal tigers, red pandas, and meerkats.

The Theater Bug

If your kids enjoy being a part of the theater, this is the place for them. The Theater Bug helps to inspire children and build their confidence through educational experiences within the theater.

Nashville Sounds Baseball Games

Sports lovers do not need to feel disappointed as Nashville Sounds are present in the form of Milwaukee Brewers. Let your kids take a swing in the parks by seeking inspiration from the Herschel Greer Stadium and who knows, you might have a future ballplayer right at your home.

Climb Nashville

Anybody can have a birthday party at a pizza place or an arcade. However, if you want to make it cool and unique, hold your child's birthday party at Climb Nashville. This is one of the coolest places for a party with simulated cliffs and all kinds of fun geared towards kids.

The Adventure Science Center

It is not all games and no education at Nashville thanks to the Adventure Science Center which educates children so they don't turn a blind eye towards their studies. There are various exhibits that impart wisdom as well as lots of fun experiments in addition to the spectacular view of stars at the planetarium.

Sky High Sports

When it's raining or cold outside, a trip to Sky High Sports will provide plenty of fun. With plenty of trampolines, even on the walls and ceilings, this is a fun place for kids to get some exercise. They can play dodge ball or enjoy an aerobics class or just bounce around for an hour.

The Bicentennial Mall

The Bicentennial Mall is nothing like your regular shopping mall as it displays the beauty and history of Tennessee history. Other top attractions in Nashville include the amphitheater and the nearby International Farmer’s Market so you can top off an eventful day with fresh and delicious meals.


YEAH stands for Youth Empowerment through Arts and the Humanities and they serve the community in a very unique way. It started as one camp for girls to enjoy rock and roll but has turned into many camps for both girls and boys throughout the area.

This is all in addition to the many free and low-cost activities and special events that occur in and around Nashville, making it easy to find ways to entertain kids and adults alike.

Nashville is a Great Place to Support a Family

If you're looking for the perfect place to start a family, then look no further than Nashville, Tennessee. You'll have a hard time finding a better place to raise your current or future children than this good-natured city. It's a safe environment filled with upright people and lots of things to do, both for you and your kids.

Despite the “Nash-vegas” image put forth in recent years by Nashville's tourist department, this city remains one of the last bastions of pure Southern values. Referred to by many as the Protestant Vatican of the world, Nashville has more churches per capita than any other city in the United States; it's chock-full of God-fearing, neighbor-loving people with an infectiously hospitable attitude. It's just plain difficult to be unhappy with so many satisfied people surrounding you. Most big cities leave you with a sense of distant apathy after a while, but not Nashville, Tennessee. Far from it.

In addition to being a family-friendly environment, Nashville offers a plethora of activities for you and your kids to do together. In downtown Nashville alone, you can find the city zoo (which is a full day's worth of fun), the Adventure Science Center, and the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. If that's not enough, within walking distance of downtown Nashville there are multiple parks – all well taken care of and very safe – and lots of family-friendly live music venues, too. There's no shortage of activities to keep your kids entertained.

Ultimately, any future parents would be hard-pressed to find a better place to raise a family than Nashville. It's safe, it's friendly and it's fun. Plus, we all know that raising a family is a costly endeavor; Nashville is a buyer's market right now, although it might not stay that way for long. There's been lots of new construction in the past couple of years which has driven home value down, however, new home construction has slowed and the market has already begun to steady – It's the perfect time to take your family to Nashville, Tennessee!

Create Your Own Adventure in Music City

Nashville, Tennessee is a popular destination, and as such offers many activities for those exploring the area. Families who need to wind down may choose to lunch or play in one of the many parks of Nashville, including The Warner Parks in West Nashville, Centennial Park featuring The Parthenon, or Eastland Park in East Nashville which hosts special events and has a number of playgrounds. Many of these parks are free or low-cost are easily accessible.

With the musical attractions, historical appeal, and outdoor activity, it is no wonder that Nashville continues to draw visitors annually. Start exploring these fun suggestions and make the most of a free day or weekend in Music City.


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