The Art of Designing the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Explore four easy ways to create the perfect outdoor kitchen to enjoy now while ensuring a solid return on your investment in case selling is in the future.

The Art of Designing the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Close
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The Art of Designing the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX Advantage on Monday, November 6th, 2017 at 9:37am.

4 Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas to Create a Year Round Entertainment SpaceCustom outdoor kitchens addition can be a wonderful place to gather with friends and family year round. However, creating the perfect outdoor entertainment space takes careful designing and planning to ensure maximum enjoyment, safety and convenience. Homeowners can opt for a simple and straightforward outdoor kitchen installation or get more elaborate by incorporating modern and handy features such as refrigeration units, rotisserie cookers and cozy seating arrangements to complete the setting. Here are four ideas for creating beautiful custom outdoor kitchens.

Begin With a Solid Foundation

It's important to keep in mind that while grilling and cooking outdoors that there is bound to be spillage from time to time. These incidents, along with seasonal weather concerns can leave homeowners with a slippery surface that can cause slip-and-fall injuries. Furthermore, food and beverage debris can cause staining on certain materials, so it's best to start design plans from the bottom up with reliable outdoor kitchen flooring.

Pro Tip: Marble or tile flooring is particularly slick and can be cumbersome to navigate in outdoor cooking spaces and they tend to stain. Consider going with traditional wooden decking or a concrete foundation, both of which can be touched up and stained to create a customized appearance in any Clarksville home.

Location Considerations

It's a good idea to place an outdoor kitchen proximally to the indoor cooking space, but homeowners will want to take caution to avoid smoke from the grill or frying areas from wafting into indoor spaces. Identify standard wind patterns, and choose the outdoor kitchen area location appropriately when possible. While not all winds are created equal, nor heading in the same direction, there may be approaches you can take to help prevent smogging out the home.

Pro Tip: If space is limited homeowners may need to choose a kitchen arrangement that has a shielding option to reduce inside air pollution during cooking excursions.

Think About Storage and Setting Options

Whether cooking indoors or outdoors consider the need to have ample space to store marinating items, pre-prepped vegetables and items after they are prepared and awaiting transport to the dinner table. Including countertop additions and cabinet options are a superior way to ease clutter, keep things fresh and homeowners can customize the look of the outdoor kitchen. However, with more amenities and bigger setup, protecting those additions is essential.

Pro Tip: Consider local climate and weather patterns to decide if an awning will be beneficial to keeping your additional implements safe.

Choose Quality Appliances and Products

Homeowners want to enjoy the products they choose to the maximum and ensure that they will give them a good return on investment if the time arrives that selling the home is an option. Take time to do research, and choose reliable products with solid warranties and good reviews. Be sure to do some homework concerning any permit requirements and to hire installation professionals for any tasks beyond DIY skills. For example, be sure that any outdoor sink installations, gas grills and other appliances are properly retrofitted within accordance of local codes and safety measures.

Pro Tip: Stainless steel is an excellent and resilient low-maintenance option that can withstand just about any climate. Investing in fitting covers or an awning is always a great installation idea for outdoor kitchens.

Looking for more tips or advice on how to design, develop and install the perfect outdoor kitchen that can be enjoyed right away or increase property value? Contact a local real estate professional to explore current trends and valuations.


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