Spring Home Selling Tips to Sell Your House Fast

Spring is a time of year when many home buyers are ready to make a purchase. If you're selling your home this spring, here's what you need to know.

Spring Home Selling Tips to Sell Your House Fast Close
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Spring Home Selling Tips to Sell Your House Fast

Posted by Gary Ashton on Monday, February 17th, 2020 at 7:49am.

Selling Your Home in Spring: A TutorialSpring is an excellent time to sell your Franklin home, because it's in spring when many home buyers start to look for a new place to live. Spring is also a time when flowers start to bloom, grass starts to grow, and weather starts to improve. This change in weather and lawn activity makes most homes more attractive to buyers, which makes it easier to sell them faster and for more money. If you're a homeowner who would like to sell your home sometime this spring, the following tips can help you do the job more quickly and efficiently. Here's what you need to know.

Clear Away Fall Debris

Autumn is a time when leaves fall to the ground, summer annuals die, and some shrubs or plants succumb to cold weather. When spring comes, debris from the previous autumn may be found in the yard and garden. If this debris is not cleared away, the lawn may start to look disheveled. Homeowners who want to improve their curb appeal and ensure that their lawns will look their best when buyers come to look at their home can do the following:

  • Rake dead leaves and get rid of them.
  • Remove dead shrubs and old dead annuals from garden beds.
  • If forming a pile of rubbish or lawn waste, put it in the back yard in a spot that's hard to see.

Plant Spring Flowers

Once the garden beds have been cleared, this is a perfect time to plant attractive, colorful annuals. Whether choosing annuals of all one color or annuals of many colors, it's important to choose flowers that will thrive in the growing conditions provided, and with minimal maintenance.

Most homeowners find that it's hard to keep up with lawn care after they get involved in the home selling process. Planting low-maintenance plants in the front yard will help ensure that the home will continue to look good, even if the homeowner can't be gardening every weekend.

Put Away Winter Decorations

Winter decorations seem warm and cozy in the winter, but by the time spring comes, winter decor can start to look heavy and dark. Homeowners who want to make their home look cheerful, bright and inviting for buyers can replace their winter decorations with spring decor. Bright, cheerful flowers are an excellent touch, as are little dishes of potpourri. Decorating with pastel colors can make most homes look like a joyful place to spend time throughout the year.

Spring Clean!

Spring cleaning is an essential part of all home staging activities. And this isn't just our view! Darren Robertson, Founder of Northern Virginia Home Pro also states that who want to ready their home for the upcoming home sale often do more than the standard spring cleaning. Below are some spring cleaning activities for homeowners getting ready to sell:

  • Clean all upholstery, curtains and rugs.
  • Dust the tops of ceiling fans and all lamp shades.
  • De-clutter every room, especially common areas of the house like the living room and kitchen.
  • Clean the walls and floors thoroughly.
  • Deep clean every bathroom and the kitchen.
  • Get rid of clutter in the garage.

In addition to all the cleaning activities listed above, it's also important to clean outside the house. Washing the windows and sidewalks, and removing any mold or mildew from the siding can help ensure the home will look beautiful when buyers come to see it.

Work With an Experienced Real Estate Professional

If you're a homeowner who would like to sell your home sometime soon, talk to a real estate professional. Your real estate agent can help you decide what needs to be done in order to stage your home this spring.


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