3 Reasons Selling Your Nashville Home in the Spring Makes Sense

Thinking about selling your Nashville home in 2017 and are wondering when a good time is to put your home on the market? Here are 3 reasons to opt for the spring.

3 Reasons Selling Your Nashville Home in the Spring Makes Sense Close
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3 Reasons Selling Your Nashville Home in the Spring Makes Sense

Posted by Gary Ashton on Friday, October 11th, 2019 at 2:44pm.

Selling your home in springIf you're thinking about a change of scenery and are wondering when the best time of year is to sell your Nashville home, a common answer you might hear is sometime during the spring season. Like with just about anything life, there are pros and cons to selling your home at just about any point during the year, but since spring is right around the corner, let's take a closer look at why it might make sense to put your home on the market sometime during the next few months.

The Weather Is Warmer

While we don't get the kind of harsh winters many of the northern states endure, temperatures around Nashville during the height of winter can certainly get a little brisk at times, ultimately keeping people from getting out and doing a little house hunting on their own. And with fewer people out-and-about running around, you also might not enjoy the benefit of a real buyer driving by your home coincidentally spotting a 'for sale' sign in your font yard, which believe it or not happens more often than you may think.

The Days Are A Little Longer

With warmer weather also comes longer days in the spring and summer, which, according to your Nashville realtor, also helps sell a home for a variety of reasons. First, homes tend to show better in the daylight, and if you can still squeeze in a showing before the sun goes down after a potential buyer gets off work, you're only increasing your chance for success. But with the sun going down earlier during the cold season, that's a benefit you might not get to enjoy. And along with that, as the days get longer, people don't mind being out a later later as well, meaning it's easier to attract buyers to showings and open houses.

Improved Curb Appeal

When you list your home in the spring, you benefit from the gorgeous colors and textures of a full, lush landscape. The trees and shrubs are fully flowered, some plants are in bloom and your entire yard is bursting with life. Buyers will get a true sense of the details of your home and will be able to see for themselves how you’ve invested in your landscape and hardscape details. When prospective buyers see your home and yard at its best, they will be better able to imagine themselves at home – which is the first step towards securing a sale.

More Active Buyers

While it's true you might have to face more seller competition in the spring, there's traditionally always more active buyers out searching for a new place as well. And as long as you align yourself with the right sellers' agent (like one of our expert listing agents with The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Advantage), the competition among other home sellers won't tend to matter quite as much. But having a larger pool of potential buyers, however, can certainly make a world of difference, especially when it comes to maximizing how much we're able to sell your home for in today's crazy Nashville real estate market.


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