The Best Indian Food in Nashville, TN

Nashville has become known for its eclectic restaurants, and there's plenty of delicious Indian restaurants to choose from. Here's a few of the best options.

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The Best Indian Food in Nashville, TN

Posted by Gary Ashton on Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 at 1:49pm.

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Sometimes, the best way to experience a different culture or community is to taste the flavor of their dishes. Indian cuisine has long been known for its flavorful spices and delectable dishes, and there's no shortage of Indian restaurants in Nashville. Those who are craving authentic Indian food in Nashville should check out these restaurants in the city:


Woodlands is a vegetarian Indian restaurant with a contemporary vibe. The restaurant offers affordable meal options for both lunch and dinner, and diners often find that there is an innovative take on many of the most traditional Indian dishes. It has an extensive menu, featuring a variety of curry dishes as well as paneer dishes and Indian breads. There's even a kids menu for the youngest diners. The restaurant is closed on Mondays. It is open every other day during the mid-day hours for lunch. It closes for the afternoon before opening again closer to the dinner hour.

From chicken tikka masala to curry, you will find a variety of excellent Indian dishes at the Woodlands. They offer many vegetarian dishes and a number of delicious meat dishes, as well. Many of the entrees are South Indian inspired.

Chauhan Ale and Masala House

Chauhan Ale and Masala House is not only one of the top Indian restaurants in Nashville, but it's quickly becoming a rising star in the city's food scene. It consistently ranks as one of the best restaurants in the city overall. The restaurant opened its doors in 2014, and despite the fact that its a relative newcomer to the city, it has made a name for itself by offering Indian dishes that are influenced by the comfort foods of the south. One of its signature dishes is the Tandoor Roasted Pork Tenderloin, which features saran ka saag, black garlic and fenugreek sauce.

Bombay Palace

Bombay Palace is a casual Indian restaurant that has long been known for its fresh, made-to-order Indian dishes. It is a particular favorite among diners who are trying Indian food for the first time, because their staff is known for being helpful in explaining the different dishes and assisting people as they select a meal that will suit their personal preferences. This restaurant is perhaps best known for its extensive lunch buffet, which is available every day of the week.

TAJ Indian Restaurant

TAJ Indian Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant that also offers catering for those who want delicious Indian food for their next party or event. This restaurant is known for being a vegan-friendly restaurant that also has gluten-free menu options for those with allergies. The most notable items on the menu include Biyanis, Indo-Chinese dishes, and homemade Rhoti Ghar. People appreciate the fact that this restaurant offers menu items that are rooted in the ancient traditions of India yet have an innovative twist.

Sindoore - Indian By Nature

Sindoore - Indian By Nature is a locally-owned Indian restaurant that is committed to providing the people in Nashville and throughout the state of Tennessee with fresh, flavorful Indian cuisine. Every meal that is served at this restaurant is made-from-scratch with only the freshest ingredients. Frequently, the restaurant features local ingredients as well. Its vegetarian entrees feature a wide variety of different vegetables and cheeses, while there also are many non-vegetarian meals available for those who like to have meat as part of their dining experience.

From casual and comfortable Indian restaurants to fine dining establishments that feature authentic Indian dishes, there's something for everyone who enjoys Indian food in Nashville. To learn more about how Nashville is quickly becoming a foodie destination and to find out the best places to enjoy a meal in the city, contact an experienced real estate agent today.


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