The Best Smoothie Shops, Juice Bars, and Soda Shops in Nashville, TN

Compilation of the best soda shops, juices and smoothies in Nashville

The Best Smoothie Shops, Juice Bars, and Soda Shops in Nashville, TN Close
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The Best Smoothie Shops, Juice Bars, and Soda Shops in Nashville, TN

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX Advantage on Thursday, December 13th, 2018 at 11:50am.

The Best Smoothie Shops, Juice Bars, and Soda Shops in Nashville, TN

It's smart to juice at home as much as you can. But it's also easy to get in a “juicing rut,” where you rely on the same ingredients and recipes over and over again. Going out to smoothie shops, juice bars and soda shops in Nashville, TN gives you a chance to break out of the rut and taste new flavor combinations you might not have considered. Not only that; you'll get to sip your juice concoction alongside fellow juice aficionados. That makes it a real treat. Here are some of the best to try.

The Urban Juicer

The Urban Juicer has five locations in Nashville, so there's certainly one within your travel range. Their philosophy is that food can be functional, so they offer a tasty range of juice cleanses from a one-day cleanse to a three-day cleanse. The way the cleanses work is that you come in with your gallon jug, then it gets filled with five different juices, cashew milk and three superfood add-ins, with a booster if you get the three-day cleanse. You also have the option of alkaline water. Refills are free in-house. You can also pop in for a regular juice, with 10 different choices available.

Juice Bar

Juice Bar operates five locations dotted throughout Nashville. Their selection of juices include pineapple greens, ginger greens, super greens, and root smoothies. Expect to taste ingredients such as kale, ginger, wheatgrass, cucumber, apple, beet, and even garlic. One of the reasons why this place is so awesome is they actually offer catering. So the next time you need beverages for a power meeting, go green with Juice Bar.

Elliston Place Soda Shop

Did you know that Elliston Place Soda Shop is the oldest restaurant that has continued to operate in the same location in Nashville? It is safe to assume that there is a lot of stories to tell about this ancient restaurant.

Whether you're just in town for the day or you live in Nashville, you must visit Elliston Place Soda Shop. This cool retro soda shop has been around for almost 80 years, since 1939. It's actually the oldest continuously operating restaurant still in its original location at 2111 Elliston Place, Nashville. This is an awesome place to bring a date, your family or just to come and sit down to get a break from the current era. Once you walk through the doors, you'll feel as if you've been transported back to yesteryear. Enjoy a good old-fashioned malt, milkshake, egg cream or ice cream float. Plus, everything is served in those old-timey soda glasses. There's everything to love about this soda shop in Nashville!

Smoothie King

One of the most popular smoothie destinations in Nashville is Smoothie King. Their smoothie blends are so off the charts that they're able to successfully operate 12 locations throughout the city. Their menu offerings include fitness blends, slim blends, wellness blends and take a break blends as well as children's blends to suit the less-discerning palate. Ingredients include the usual fruits and vegetables, but Smoothie King smoothies also can include added protein powder and nuts.

The Soda Parlor

Visiting The Soda Parlor on Woodland Street in Nashville isn't just a chance to enjoy something tantalizingly called a “moon shake.” It's also a chance to shop for Nashville souvenirs and apparel in their eclectic gift shop. It's also an opportunity to play old-time arcade games like Pac-Man, Asteroids and Donkey Kong on vintage consoles. Interestingly, this sole proprietorship's owner, Olan, is a YouTube veteran, racking up over 85 million views on his comedic videos.

This list of the best smoothie shops, juice bars, and soda shops in Nashville, TN will give you options when you're looking for the cream of the crop in Nashville. All of them are worth at least one visit, and we're certain you'll have a difficult time choosing just one as your favorite!


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