3 Ways to Upgrade and Renovate Your Backyard

From fountains to fire, there are plenty of upgrades you can make to your yard without having to spend big. Use these tips to get started on a new project.

3 Ways to Upgrade and Renovate Your Backyard Close
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3 Ways to Upgrade and Renovate Your Backyard

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX on Monday, April 29th, 2019 at 11:45am.

How to Improve Your BackyardA great backyard is fun for the homeowner but also is an asset and helps sell the home when it's time to move on. Renovating a backyard starts with a homeowner understanding the functionality they want from it. Even the smallest backyards have room for a fountain or fire pit, so space shouldn't necessarily be the restricting factor. The first step should include cleaning out the yard as much as possible, so there's room for everything to fit. Sell or donate rarely-used items and see how many square feet are left to put the following upgrades or installations into the yard.

Water Element

A rain garden, fishpond or birdbath can be a great way to incorporate water into a home without a pool. The idea behind this element is to provide a relaxing place in which to think or meditate. Ambitious homeowners can use a structure to redirect and redistribute water from gutters to the garden area. Even a rain barrel can provide a water element that can be later used to nourish plants in the summer. Place the element near the lushest part of the backyard so the air around the water will be fresh and the shade will be plentiful.

Fire Power

Creating a fire pit can be as easy as going to the local hardware store and gathering a few supplies. A pit can be as simple as a few bricks and sand. Once it's on the property, a fire pit is a great place to cook simple outdoor meals or just to gather around on the first cold night of fall. Those who want to buy a grill as their fire element should choose one that has a countertop and a fridge built-in. This is certainly an investment, but it can ultimately encourage homeowners to get more from their purchase.

Path to Somewhere

A path in the backyard can create a little extra mobility:

  • Much like a fire pit, paths can be constructed with inexpensive stones and large blocks from the store.
  • Have the path lead to the most popular part of the backyard.
  • Line the path with flowers or candles to highlight the way.

Whether a person wants to improve their backyard because they're thinking of selling their East Nashville home, or just because they're tired of staying indoors, these upgrades or installations can really make a difference. From pits to paths, homeowners who think outside the box can add a new dimension to their property. It makes the space (and the overall home) that much more attractive.


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