Installing Carpet? Pick the Right Kind for You

The type of carpeting you choose for your home can have a big impact on how much time you spend cleaning and maintaining your carpeting.

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Installing Carpet? Pick the Right Kind for You

Posted by Gary Ashton on Monday, November 25th, 2019 at 10:14am.

What Kind of Carpeting Is Best For Your Home?Carpeting only lasts for so long, but some types of carpeting will last longer than others. The type of carpet Gallatin homeowners install in their homes will have a lasting effect on the appearance of their home as well as their home's functionality and value. Knowing the difference between the types of carpeting can help you decide which type of carpeting is right for your property.

Pile Length

Pile is the yarn that makes carpet feel soft and squishy. The length of the pile will change just how soft and squishy the carpet feels. Carpeting with short pile will feel a little rougher and slightly less luxurious, but at the same time, is easier to clean.

Long pile provides buoyancy to the person walking through the room. Walking on long-pile carpeting is pleasant and enjoyable. However, long pile also harbors dirt and can be harder to keep clean. Homeowners often install short-pile carpeting in parts of the home with high traffic, and long-pile carpeting in the quieter, less-trafficked parts of the house.

Looped Versus Unlooped

Looped carpeting keeps dirt out of the spaces between the pile, and unlooped pile creates openings where dirt can fall into the spaces between the pile. Therefore, looped carpeting tends to be easier to clean and more dirt-repellant. It's also less plush. Looped carpeting is often found in living rooms and family rooms.

Unlooped carpeting gets dirty more easily, and is softer on the feet. Unlooped carpeting can often be found in bedrooms.


Carpeting color makes a big impact on how durable carpeting is. Brown, tan, or dark carpeting is less likely to show dirt than carpeting in a light color. In homes with pets and children, homeowners may have the best results with darker-colored carpeting.

Even in homes without pets and children, lighter-colored carpeting still needs regular shampooing in order to look its best. Homeowners who install light carpeting must be prepared to maintain their carpeting in this way.

Selling Your Home? Maintain or Replace Your Carpeting

Homeowners who are thinking about selling their home should consider the condition of their carpeting before putting their home on the market. Old carpeting can harbor dirt and germs, which can deter buyers.

Some types of carpeting are more attractive to buyers than others. If you're thinking about selling your home sometime in the near future, choose a durable, attractive carpeting with a neutral color. Consult with a real estate professional if you're not sure whether your carpeting should be shampooed or replaced before listing your home to sell.


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