5 Hendersonville Hiking Trails: Hike Hendersonville Greenway

Hendersonville is full of great trails for walking, jogging, and hiking. Visit one of these Hendersonville walking trails today to explore everything the wilderness has to offer.

5 Hendersonville Hiking Trails: Hike Hendersonville Greenway Close
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5 Hendersonville Hiking Trails: Hike Hendersonville Greenway

Posted by Gary Ashton on Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 at 9:47am.

Best Walking and Jogging Trails in Hendersonville

When it comes to hiking and exploring the great outdoors, the city of Hendersonville, Tennessee, has some of the best trails in the region. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or just starting out, there are plenty of trails to suit every skill level and interest. From scenic nature walks to challenging hikes, Hendersonville has it all. Lace up your hiking boots, grab your water bottle, and let's explore the best trails in Hendersonville.

Hendersonville Greenway

The Hendersonville Greenway is a paved multi-use path connecting three major city parks:

  • Drakes Creek Park Athletic Complex
  • Memorial Park
  • Veterans Park

The path follows the Columbia River, which feeds into the Cumberland, for several miles of scenic water views.

At Memorial Park, the trail runs in a one-mile loop and continues for another mile from the north side of Drake's Creek Park before it splits. The lefthand trail continues north to Veterans Park, while the righthand trail continues east into a residential neighborhood.

The relatively flat trail is paved and about six feet wide for the entire distance. Biking and jogging are also popular on this scenic system of trails, and leashed dogs are welcome.

Memorial Park Trail

Enjoy Walking on the Memorial Park Trail

The Memorial Park Trail is part of the Hendersonville Greenway described above. This section of the Greenway is south of Main Street, off Cherokee Road. It forms a one-mile paved loop trail onto the Columbia River.

A wooden footbridge crosses the water to a narrow strip of land in the river, and the paved trail is surrounded by water for more than a quarter-mile. There is no elevation gain on this loop trail, and it is rated as an easy hike that can be completed in about 15 minutes.

Memorial Park has some amenities for visitors to enjoy. While leashed dogs are allowed in the park and on the trail, there is also a fenced-in dog park, plus tennis courts, a children's playground, a large multipurpose field, public restrooms, and picnic shelters with grills.

Drakes Creek Park Trail System

Drakes Creek Park is also part of the Hendersonville Greenway. The trail starts at the parking lot where Cherokee Road intersects with Drakes Creek Park Road. There are two ways to hike the trails at Drakes Creek Park, depending on how much distance and challenge a hiker or jogger looks for.

The shorter and easier route follows the trail north from the parking lot. Instead of crossing the footbridge when the trail comes to the Columbia River, follow the trail to the left, which will loop back to the starting point. This creates a nice 1.1-mile loop on a flat, paved surface for a quick 20-minute hike. The other option is to cross the footbridge and follow the trail north to Veterans Park. This creates a 3.5-mile out-and-back route or seven miles round-trip.

This trail is paved the entire way, and dogs on leashes six feet or shorter are allowed.

Walton Ferry Arboretum Nature Trail

Enjoy Walking on the Walton Ferry Arboretum Nature Trail

The Walton Ferry Arboretum Nature Trail offers a primarily undeveloped natural area on the banks of the Cumberland River. There is a free parking lot on Walton Ferry Road, just north of the intersection with Luna Lane. The trail starts at the end of this parking lot. Hikers can head west or south, and the trail loops back to where it starts. Leashed dogs are welcome.

This 0.9-mile loop trail is rated easy and remains mostly flat, winding around the arboretum. While a few small trails also depart from the main one, getting lost is difficult. Part of the trail is right next to the river for those who want to go in the water or stop for a picnic in a beautiful spot.

The arboretum has a butterfly house that comes to life every summer.

Old Hickory Trail

The Old Hickory Trail is on the west side of the Cumberland River, north of the Old Hickory neighborhood. Visitors must drive into the Tidewater Access Area to access this trail. There is a small parking lot on the left-hand side of the road just as it curves to the left, with the path setting out from the parking lot. The Old Hickory Dam can be seen from here on the other side of the river.

This trail runs through the dense forests of the Tidewater Access Area. It's approximately 1.4 miles long and loops back to where it starts. The path is dirt-surfaced and stays flat for an easy 25-minute hike. It can get very wet after a rainstorm in Hendersonville, so waiting for a dry day might be best before attempting this hike.

Ready to Explore Hendersonville's Best Trails?

Hendersonville is a must-visit destination for outdoor enthusiasts who love to hike and explore nature. The city offers trails suitable for all skill levels and perfect for those looking for dog-friendly activities as well. If you're looking for new and fun things to do in Hendersonville, hiking any of these trails is a great place to start.

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