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Nashville Tennessee Neighborhoods

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Nashville Tennessee Neighborhoods

The city of Nashville is defined by its neighborhoods and the unique appeal that makes each one stand out. With every Nashville community holding its own personality, feel, and character there is truly something for every buyer in this housing market.

Explore some of the more popular neighborhoods below so you can be ready to conquer the city like a local.

North Nashville


A very unique town due to its location and easy access to several major roads. The community of Madison is a big commuter hub, has numerous public parks, and has a great walkability score with its several miles of sidewalks and bike path extensions.

East Nashville

East Nashville

Known as the area's 'creative class', the East Nashville neighborhood has a unique and trendy flare all its own. Located just across the Cumberland River, just east of downtown, this community is a culinary destination that offers dive bars, coffee shops, cocktail joints, vintage stores, and more.


As an older, well-established neighborhood the community of Inglewood in Nashville is a suburban area with a mix of housing options. With amenities such as a nature center, a greenway, a golf course, community gardening, and numerous parks this suburban neighborhood has something for every buyer.


This community is best known as the historic home of Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the United States, but it has several modern distinguishing features as well. The once rural neighborhood of Hermitage is only 15 minutes from downtown Nashville and is home to the summertime retreat of Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort.


Located about 6 miles from downtown, this community is known for more than just being the location of the Nashville International Airport. The neighborhood of Donelson is an early post-war suburb with upgraded homes and tons of recreational activities. Home of the Grand Ole Opry and the Opry Mills shopping mall, there is never a lack of things to do in Donelson.

Old Hickory

Given the nickname of historical resident Andrew Jackson, the Old Hickory community is full of historic charm as well as modern amenities. The area is home to a country club, a large golf course, numerous city parks, and historic homes & landmarks.

South Nashville


This off-campus neighborhood has a major draw for those who enjoy historic homes and living in a community where you can walk around. Grouped in the same category as Hillsboro, the Belmont neighborhood has major appeal with its tree-lined streets and diversity of housing options.

Hillsboro Village

Located just 3 miles from downtown Nashville, Hillsboro Village is a community that is adjacent to, but often included when taling about, the Belmont area. Close to both Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities this neighborhood is home to a mixed option of housing as well as shops, boutiques, and restaurants.

West End

In the heart of West End is one of Nashville's premier urban parks, Centennial Park. Known for its full scale replica of the Greek Parthenon, the area also home to many rock clubs, eclectic dining options, and luxury residential communities.

Waverly Place

This community is largely residential, as it developed due to the growing popluation spilling over into the farmlands. The Waverly Place neighborhood features mostly single-family homes and offers several public parks and outdoor recreation.

Green Hills

As one of the most desirable areas in Nashville, the community of Green Hills is known for its boutiques, trendy restaurants such as The Bluebird Cafe, and all the up-and-coming songwriters in the area.

Forest Hills

This small residential community has been able to maintain many open spaces and outdoor recreation opportunities, a way to honor the area's history of post-World War II farmland. Known for its dry-stacked rock fences, residents living in Forest Hills enjoy numerous outdoor hiking and biking opportunities as well as several public parks

Belle Meade

Although close to Green Hills, Belle Meade is a community all its own with open air malls and a handful of local restaurants. Known for its combinition of history and scenery, this neighborhood offers large home plots that's just minutes from the excitment of midtown.

Sylvan Park

Located just southwest of downtown, the community of Sylvan Park is known as a quiet neighborhood with mixed housing. Residents of this neighborhood enjoy having a great number of restaurants, businesses, and nightlife all surrounded by a beautiful setting.