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What is Zillow Offers?

Zillow Offers is a home-selling program for homeowners who want to sell their Nashville home conveniently and on a timeline that meets their needs. They can close on their schedule (10-90 days after accepting Zillows cash offer.) No open houses, no de-cluttering, no having to make repairs and close with certainty!

Nashville homeowners can reach out and request a purchase offer from Zillow by giving them their address, taking photographs of their home, and answering some questions about the property. If the Nashville real estate is eligible, Zillow will make a cash offer within a few days after evaluating the home details and market conditions. If the homeowner agrees to the price, a specialized Zillow Offers Advisor will visit in-person to evaluate the home and help the homeowner through the closing process. Zillow can even help connect the homeowner with our team should they choose to list their home instead.

Why Should I Sell My Home to Zillow?

A lot of work goes into selling a Nashville home, and it can take a substantial amount of time. If you are on a strict timeline selling your home, whether because of financial constraints, work, a death in the family, or any other reason, you may want to have a guaranteed closing date for your property.

If you just want the convenience of not having to prepare the home for sale, avoid doing open houses, last-minute showings etc, and minimizing the inconvenience of selling, then a Zillow offer may work for you.

When you sell your Nashville home to Zillow, you don't need to stage the home, landscape, make renovations, or undergo any other lengthy processes common in the Nashville home selling process. Zillow will buy your home on your timeline (10-90 days), guaranteeing you can get out of your house when you need to. This allows you to then make an offer on the home you want to buy with certainty and without any sale of home contingencies.

How Does Zillow Offers Work?

The process for selling a home with Zillow Offers in the Nashville housing market is simple and can be completed in three easy steps.

1. Tell Zillow About Your Home

First, answer a few questions about your Nashville property and take some photographs. Zillow and our home evaluation team will review the information you turn in and create an offer based on your home and market.

2. Get a Cash Offer for Your Property

If your home qualifies for the Nashville Zillow Offers program, Zillow will send a cash offer within just a few days of your application. Homeowners can accept or decline the offer with no obligation to commit.

3. Close on the Home

When you accept the Zillow Instant Offer, you choose your own closing date (10-90 days), and Zillow will arrange a Nashville home evaluation and prepare your payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Zillow Offers be available in Nashville?

Zillow Offers is available in Nashville as of August 5th, 2019. 

Why is Zillow buying Nashville houses?

Zillow aims to help Nashville home sellers make informed decisions about their home sale while empowering them to choose the selling process that's best for them. Rather than deal with things like scheduling a showing in Nashville, staging, commissions, or other elements of the traditional real estate process, sellers can choose a faster and more hassle-free option that better suits their needs.

How do I obtain an offer on my Nashville home?

Just fill out the information required on the Zillow Instant Offers page once Zillow Offers launches their Nashville program. When you submit photographs and information about your house, Zillow will respond within a few days with a cash offer if your home is eligible for the program.

I'm not ready to commit, can I still get an offer for my Nashville home?

Yes. Requesting a Zillow Offer is free, and there is zero obligation. When you receive your Nashville offer, you can accept or reject it at no cost to you.

Will my Nashville home be listed on Zillow when I request a Zillow Offer?

No. The Zillow Offer is a zero-obligation process where Zillow will quote the price at which they will buy your home. Homes for sale in Nashville will not be listed on Zillow or anywhere else when you request an offer, nor will your photos be shared anywhere but privately.


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