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The Ashton Real Estate Group is working with Doorsey to give sellers the opportunity to get the best price when selling their homes. Learn more about how Doorsey works so you can get the best deal for your home.

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Use Doorsey When Selling Your Home

What is Doorsey?

Doorsey is a platform for buying and selling homes that helps sellers get the most money possible. Like in an auction, buyers place bids on properties they want to purchase, but they still get all the benefits of a traditional home sale. For these reasons, we at The Ashton Real Estate Group have chosen to partner with Doorsey to get our clients the best deals for their homes.

After marketing your home, the listing will start accepting bids in conjunction with the Doorsey site. When the timer runs out, the highest bidder wins, and we will receive their contact information from Doorsey. Within one hour of the auction's end, we will contact the winner, and they and their agent will submit their offer to us for signing.

This is another element of the Ashton Advantage for sellers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious how Doorsey works? Here is everything you need to know before you start the process of selling your home.

Do you need an agent to use Doorsey?

Yes, in order to use Doorsey, all buyers and sellers must be represented by a licensed real estate agent. If you list a home without your agent, Doorsey will add the listing agent's information to the listing for you. Don't have an agent yet? The Ashton Real Estate Group is made up of dozens of skilled agents who would be happy to do whatever it takes to assist you in your sale. Simply fill out our contact form below, and one of our agents will get in contact with you!

Does Doorsey buy properties and resell properties?

No, Doorsey does not own any of the properties listed on this website. They assist real estate agents by facilitating the sales of homes, but the final transaction is between the buyer, seller, and their agents.

How does Doorsey profit?

Doorsey works with sellers and listing agents to negotiate a contract that is good for everyone. Buyers use Doorsey at no cost to themselves, unless otherwise stated in the seller's terms.

What happens when the bidding is over?

The winning buyer and their agent will fill out the Purchase & Sale Contract using standard MLS forms. The highest bid amount will be used in calculating the offer, and the terms offered will meet those specified as acceptable in the seller's Terms of Service. Once signed by the seller, the property is under contract, and agents will assist with closing.

Is Doorsey an auction?

Doorsey is not an auction site or an auctioneer. Doorsey is a tool employed by real estate agents to assist their sellers in locating the most competitive market price from the greatest buyer possible. They provide resources to purchasers that no one else has, giving them the confidence to make their best offer.

As a seller, do I have to get a pre-inspection?

Yes, all listings on Doorsey require a pre-inspection. This helps build trust with and give transparency to buyers, so they know exactly what they're buying.

Does Doorsey offer mortgage assistance?

No, Doorsey is not a mortgage broker or lender. If you need help finding a lender, please contact The Ashton Real Estate Group, and we will be happy to provide you with a list of recommended lenders.

How does Doorsey prevent unconstructive comments?

Comments are moderated and must be approved before they appear. Any comments that do not comply with their website's Terms and Conditions will not be accepted.

Why You Should Sell Your Home With Doorsey

Doorsey is a real estate tool that enables agents, buyers, and sellers to work together in an open bidding market while also providing support for them to buy and sell properties at the actual market value. Doorsey strives to keep everything clear, transparent, and fair.

Are you ready to get the most when selling your home? Contact The Ashton Real Estate Group today to get started selling your home with Doorsey!

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