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Retire To Nashville TN

In an effort to find low-tax cities and towns to retire to, U.S. News & World Report reviewed its Best Places to Retire search parameters and came up with some interesting results.

Having reviewed more than 2,000 locations and communities in the United States looking for places with relatively low taxes but also offering amenities important to retirees, such as a reasonable cost of living, appropriate recreational and cultural choices, it became clear that Nashville TN was one of the top choices.

Nashville TN has no state income tax, and has a reduced property tax burden for retirees.

The other huge benefits for retireing to Nashville is the year round temperate climate. Nashville rarely experiences the extremes of the temperature range but still has the traditional 4 seasons that add variety to the season cycle. The other huge advantage is that with it's location in the south it can be used as an excellent base for exploring the rest of the United States having excellent interstate access and a recently renovated international airport.

The homes in Nashville tend to be more affordable than many of the other cities across the US and as a result Nashville is becoming more appealing for those retirees that want to experience the wealth of activities that are available in Nashville in addition to the obvious tax benefits.

Okay we know that straight away this post isn't going to appeal to some of our readers but for others it's going to be an important topic and at the Ashton Real Estate Group we understand that we'll have as many readers at retirement age as we'll have of any other age - there's currently a retirement boom, so to speak.

Here are some reasons why Nashville is such a great place to retire to, which are also some of the reasons Nashville is a great place to live, period.

Live Entertainment

You will never be without something to do or somewhere to go when you're living in Nashville. You could literally spend every single night of the week enjoying a concert, festival or performance of some kind, so you'll never, ever be bored living here.

The Food

With over 1,000 different restaurants to choose from your taste buds are going to think you've gone crazy. Some of the eateries in Nashville are so good they’ve actually been featured in "Man Vs Food" and the Hot Chicken Shack has been named as having the very best fried chicken in the United States. Even if you'd rather stay in and cook the Farmers Market has everything you need to create the most amazing of meals at home.

100 Parks

Well there's actually 109 parks in total in the city and these green spaces give you more than enough opportunity to get out walking and enjoy the wonderful Nashville weather. If you enjoy walking, cycling or jogging then Nashville has more than enough parks and trails for you to get years of enjoyment from.


Nashville didn't get the title "Athens of the South" for any reason and was actually a city best known for its art, culture and high standards of education before it became better known as being the heart of country music in America. That being said there are dozens of museums and art galleries for you to visit and enjoy and you could spend the better part of a lifetime absorbing all of the cultural venues in the city itself.

We could literally continue for hours telling you how fabulous a place Nashville is to live but we think you're already starting to understand that :-)