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Probably one of the most important aspects of improving your home's curb appeal and the interior ambiance is lighting.

The lighting fixtures can complement the design and flow of a home so much so that removing these fixtures can actually hurt the sale of your home.


Lighting in the Home

Lighting in the home is not just a functional requirement. To help create that warm welcoming atmosphere that must of us strive usually doesn't come about without a lot of thought and design work as to the placement of the light fixtures and the styles.



Art work greatly benefits for the use of spotlights and mood lighting to help create focal points within a room. This can again greatly enhance the appeal of your home if can utilize that natural design of the home to compliment your art with the use of specialty lighting and effects.


Hermitage Lighting

Hermitage lighting has been in business in Nashville Tennessee for just over 61 years and they have the onsite design teams that can help you transform your home into a showplace. Literally by spending a few hundred or thousand dollars on light fixtures, dimmers, mood lighting etc can result in a much more attractive home that will sell itself and give you a huge return on your initial investment.


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