Custom Built Homes

If the homes you are seeing don't meet all your requirements then you maybe a perect match for building a custom home!

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Custom Homes

If the search for dream home is taking much longer than you expected and you feel like you have exhausted all the resources then take a moment to consider the option building your own custom home.

Really, all you need is a lot, money and a builder and a plan.

The Lot

This is something that again comes down to budget but the lot topography and location are something that you will eventually have to consult with your builder and architect about. Be careful to avoid future drainage issues etc. Usually, all these problems can be addressed but it's best to know ahead of time roughly how much these site refinements will cost.

The Design

This is something that you can spend days, weeks and years working on. At this point try and find a builder that will work with you and help you through the initial design and lifestyle process. At The Ashton Real Estate Group, we have years of experience with builders at all levels and will be happy to match you with some great local builders.


This is another feature that will be something that becomes important to you based on a number of factors. Resale is something to consider if you don't see yourself living out your final days in this house. What's perfect for you may be a big stumbling block when it comes to selling your home. For instance, not many people have a pet giraffe that they like to feed from the bedroom in the middle of the think about that when you install that funky leaf shoot to the giraffe stall....just off the master ;)