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About Nashville Real Estate and how the market has changed from the high point of 2006 to low points of 2009 to the market revival of 2015

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About Nashville Real Estate

Even in the recent past of 2012 Nashville Tennessee was still a comparatively stable real estate market which is bucking the national trend. The Nashville real estate values are slowly growing at around 0-4% a year and in certain new subdivisions and communities the appreciation rate is much much higher.

In 2015 the market for homes in Nashville has changed and now the city is seeing record growth and it's once a gain a sellers market. If you would like any of the sold data for a subdivision or area make sure you use the form below to contact us.


Supply of Homes Reduced

As the supply of homes has reduced in Nashville over the last three to four years of the "down" market, and the consumer confidence has grown, the addition of low interest rates has meant that the number of people interested in buying a home in Nashville has been on the rise. As with most "products" the most attractive homes, and well priced, tend to sell first. This has created multiple offer situations which definitely helps to change the mindset of the buyer that loses out in the multiple offer situation. This means that when they go to make an offer an another home, they don't want to lose out again, so their offer tends to be stronger and this effectively helps to push up the real estate values in Nashville.


In 2012 statistics are showed a continued growth even though the appreciation rate had dropped as the market has shifted from the sellers market of the previous 3 years to more of a buyer's market. This does not mean that homes were being "given" away. Sellers in the current Nashville real estate market are seeing that the time on the market are being reduced to days and hours in some cases! 

Growth of Nashville

The growth in Nashville Tennessee has been steady and consistent and as a result the values of homes in Nashville have held unlike many other real estate markets that have seen a plunge in home values. However, the decline in real estate values across the United States is now being reflected in Nashville with home values reverting back to around the 2006 values.

Home buyers that are looking to move to Nashville from places like Florida are seeing that the sellers here are not under the same pressure to sell, and significantly reduce their asking, price but sellers are becoming more and more motivated to sell to take advantage of the deals to be had when they buy.

Luxury Home Sales

The expansion of the economy has led to the growing number of luxury homes in Nashville the upscale communities surrounding Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin as well as the traditional "old money" markets concentrated in areas around Belle Meade and streets such as Richland and Tyne Blvd. These areas have homes typically that attract the executives and successful business owners. They range in list price from about $1.5M to well over $10.0M

No State Income Tax

The no income tax status for residents of Tennessee has greatly added to the appeal of Nashville. Click HERE for more info about income tax.

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