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Mary Morris from Strawberry Plains TN, created the Adele parody about having cold days, having to keep the kids inside and not even having any snow! Well on January 22 2016, Nashville had the heaviest snowfall since 2003, with out 6 inches coming down!

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If you've heard about the snowstorm of January 2016 in Nashville then you'll find the video by Tennessee school teacher very entertaining.

Mary Morris from Strawberry Plains TN, created the Adele parody about having cold days, having to keep the kids inside and not even having any snow! Well on January 22 2016, Nashville had the heaviest snowfall since 2003, with about 6 inches coming down!

Adele Hello Paraody

Mary Morris - “Snow” an Adele "Hello" Parody (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)


The great freeze that is covering 2/3rds of the United States has reached as far south as Nashville TN. The temperatures have reached as low as 10 degrees which is well below the seasonal lows.
The weather hasn't stopped the interest in Nashville real estate if the number of inquiries to the newly redesigned web site. Normal registrations would be around 10-15 a day but since the launch of the new site on January 5th we have been averaging around 50 new inquiries a day.
The market is Nashville is still showing signs of a steady recovery with the REMAX Elite head office reporting a record number of closings for December 2009 and January 2010.
The release today of unemployment figures n the US staying at 10% may have a slight impact in the consumer confience but there is an under current of optimism that seems to adding to the potential of the recovering USA economy.
The coming months should see the market taking advantage of the Government incentives for first time home buyers and now applying to existing homeowners.
Overall, the recession is considered to have started in December 2007, and the recovery will take some time but the progress is slow but steady and as more of the economic indicators show positive signs the growth will continue which will filter down to consumer confidence and the real estate market. 

Well...not quite a standstill...but CNN just announced that Dulles airport is going to be closed for 24 hrs due to the snow blizzard.

That really is a sign that the weather is in effect starting to really slow down the machinary of everyday life in the US. It's like the cogs of the machine are starting to get covered in glue instead of oil...and that just slows everything down.

It's interesting to think of the implications of one airport being closed for just a day. The number of people that would be leaving for other parts of the country to do business now starts impacting business on all levels. The number of missed meetings and appointments must be staggering. I guarantee that in the midst of all this chaos there are a number of realtors who have had their lives put into a tailspin because clients can't make it out of their home town to fly in to look at homes or to show up for job interviews etc.

It's actually a great idea for a film script. To start with a flight full of passengers and then follow a few of them and see what the implications of missing a flight are for the rest of the people in their lives. Sooner or later things will impact a real estate deal!

Lets hope the country starts warming up a little  so that the economic indicators don't start showing a slow down because of the effects of the weather! Just as things have started to heat up we don't need outside forces to start cooling things down again!!

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The recent snow storm in Atlanta GA had more than just a local impact.

One of our TAREG agents, Brian Swain, had a closing scheduled for Friday and the mortgage was being funded by Brand Bank. Everything went smoothly until the snow hit in Atlanta and apparently everything just ground to a halt! Brand Bank is based in Atlanta and unfortunately the weather and snow meant that the loan couldn't be processed as communication lines were down!

Thankfully this is just a temporary set back and the home will close on Monday, but I'm sure the snow in Atlanta had an impact around the rest of the country too!

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The recent spate of bad weather has had a direct impact on the home sales figures for the United States. The extreme weather has actually stopped people being able to get out and look at homes. Even the most determined of buyers would have  been forced to stay home during the recent blizzards and snow storms. Sellers were also not interested in leaving thier homes for showings.

The overall result of this bad weather has resulted in home sales reported as down and additional declines are expected, according to the National Association of Realtors®.

The impact is something that everyone will will feel. Home sellers in the north of the country where the severe weather was the worst have not been able to sell their homes. This means that they cannot go on to buy another home in say "Nashville" as they had planned. That means the sellers of the Nashville home have had to sit on theri property longer than expected. When property sits for a long time, the usual advice from the listing agent is to reduce the list price to try and get some activity on the home. Now the value of the property has been further reduced as a direct result of the weather!

Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, said weather is going to have a direct impact on housing data. “January pending sales, though still higher than one year ago, remain much lower than expected given that a large number of potential buyers are eligible for the expanded home buyer tax credit. Moreover, the abnormally severe and prolonged winter weather, which affected large regions of the U.S., hampered shopping activity in February,” he said.

“We will see weak near-term sales followed by a likely surge of existing-home sales in April, May and June,” Yun said. “The real question is what happens in the second half of the year. If there is sufficient job creation, housing can become self-sustaining with stable to modestly rising home prices because inventory has been trending downward.”

The Government should propbably take this opportunity to extend the deadline for the tax credit in light of the fact that for about 6-8 weeks many people were just not in a position to be able to look at homes or sell their current home.





Here is a useful message from Tim Leeper roofing regarding some of the after effects of the storm when it comes to dealing with insurance claims and adjusters:


To Local Homeowners:
As you are well aware, we are in storm season in Tennessee, the recent damaging storm is evidence of this fact.  Within the next 24 hours you will likely experience Canvassers in your neighborhoods asking you to allow them to represent your interest with your insurance company when you file your claim.  Please beware of the tactics of these Canvassers, here are a few red flags to be aware of.
1.  Out of State Contractors:  These companies come into town with many salespeople from all over the United States, they actually travel the country roaming from storm to storm.  They take the blitz approach to storms and homeowners, which is to have several men on the ground, work as fast as possible to install as many replacements as they can before they leave town for the next storm.  When they leave, they take their crews, men and warranties with them.  This means if you have a leak in your roof and they have gone back to Denver or Cleveland, they won’t be back to repair your damage.  We receive many calls after big storms to repair leftover damage and this practice is predatory.  Ask to see their driver’s license if they claim to be local to prove themselves, or check their tags on their vehicle.
2.  Insurance fraud:  A few short years ago there was a company posing as local that went door to door.  Few people checked out their credentials.  They had their act together and looked the part of a good and trustworthy company.  As more and more people authorized them to represent them, they began to have complaints with the BBB.  As more time passed, they stopped installing roofs, siding and gutters, but continued to pick up deposit checks.  The problem was they had no intention of returning to do any work at all.  Homeowners began hiring lawyers and filing lawsuits to recover their own money.  At last count federal authorities got involved due to over 10 states reporting this problem to the tune of over 25 million dollars.  DO NOT be a victim of another unethical Contractor.
3.  Support your local business owners:  Local business supports the local community.  They sponsor and coach Little League, they are Scout leaders, they shop in the neighborhoods and are members of your churches.  Simply put, their money stays in Tennessee.  They are more than capable of taking care of their neighbors.  Please support local Contractors first.
p.s.  If you have any questions about good business practices, please contact us and we will answer any question you have.  Our goal is your safety and security first.
Thank you,
Tim Leeper
Tim Leeper Roofing