Storm Damage in TN

Here is a useful message from Tim Leeper roofing regarding some of the after effects of the storm when it comes to dealing with insurance claims and adjusters: &nb...

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Storm Damage in TN

Posted by Gary Ashton: RE/MAX ADMIN on Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 at 2:10pm.

Here is a useful message from Tim Leeper roofing regarding some of the after effects of the storm when it comes to dealing with insurance claims and adjusters:


To Local Homeowners:
As you are well aware, we are in storm season in Tennessee, the recent damaging storm is evidence of this fact.  Within the next 24 hours you will likely experience Canvassers in your neighborhoods asking you to allow them to represent your interest with your insurance company when you file your claim.  Please beware of the tactics of these Canvassers, here are a few red flags to be aware of.
1.  Out of State Contractors:  These companies come into town with many salespeople from all over the United States, they actually travel the country roaming from storm to storm.  They take the blitz approach to storms and homeowners, which is to have several men on the ground, work as fast as possible to install as many replacements as they can before they leave town for the next storm.  When they leave, they take their crews, men and warranties with them.  This means if you have a leak in your roof and they have gone back to Denver or Cleveland, they won’t be back to repair your damage.  We receive many calls after big storms to repair leftover damage and this practice is predatory.  Ask to see their driver’s license if they claim to be local to prove themselves, or check their tags on their vehicle.
2.  Insurance fraud:  A few short years ago there was a company posing as local that went door to door.  Few people checked out their credentials.  They had their act together and looked the part of a good and trustworthy company.  As more and more people authorized them to represent them, they began to have complaints with the BBB.  As more time passed, they stopped installing roofs, siding and gutters, but continued to pick up deposit checks.  The problem was they had no intention of returning to do any work at all.  Homeowners began hiring lawyers and filing lawsuits to recover their own money.  At last count federal authorities got involved due to over 10 states reporting this problem to the tune of over 25 million dollars.  DO NOT be a victim of another unethical Contractor.
3.  Support your local business owners:  Local business supports the local community.  They sponsor and coach Little League, they are Scout leaders, they shop in the neighborhoods and are members of your churches.  Simply put, their money stays in Tennessee.  They are more than capable of taking care of their neighbors.  Please support local Contractors first.
p.s.  If you have any questions about good business practices, please contact us and we will answer any question you have.  Our goal is your safety and security first.
Thank you,
Tim Leeper
Tim Leeper Roofing


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