Ho to use the interactive mapping search to narrow down the area and price range that will best suit your needs when you are looking for a home in Nashville Tennessee

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Nashville MLS Map Search Directions

The interactive map search is a state of the art  technologically advanced search option. The cool feature here is that each time you change your home search parameters the map will repopulate with the home icons that represent links to homes that match your search profile.

For example: the price range drop down menus, at the top of the map, can narrow down the price range you are looking at. i.e. $250,000 to say $350,000 or whatever price range you choose.

If you look across the top of the map search parameters you can see that you can narrow your search down using a number of options. If you only want to look at homes in say Hendersonville, use the City drop down to select Hendersonville as your city.

Now you can refine your search using the minimum and maximum prices to create range that you will feel comfortable wiith. Just below on the second line is the Property Type drop down menu where you can select the type of real estate you are interested in.

The next set of search parameters enable you to select the minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

You can also zoom in for greater detail. If you want to select a specific area just place your mouse on the map and the hand icon will appear. If you left click with your mouse the icon will show the hand "garbbing" hold of the map which allows you to drag the map around and recenter over any area of interest.

If you want to see the area in greater detail just use the zoom function found in the top left hand corner. The closer you move to the top of the slider the closer you will zoom into the properties. You can really see this when you select satellite. You can now watch as you move closer and closer to the earths surface and see the surroundings of any property you are interested in.

The hybrid view option allows you to see the road names superimposed on to the satelite map.

Once you have registered to search you will be able to access advanced features such as Googles Street View which will give you even more information about the property. Also you'll have access to the community information with useful socio economic indicators and reports such as average houshold net worth, crime statistics, weather and climate as well as information about closest schools, colleges and airports etc.

If you have any questions about the search, or any general real estate questions regarding Nashville and the surrounding communities, please feel free to call or e-mail me at any time.

Gary Ashton
Direct 615 301 1650