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Guaranteed Offer FAQ's

We have partnered with one of the biggest real estate investors in the USA, as well as other local investors, so we can now offer the Guaranteed Offer program to qualifying homeowners. 

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There are some benefits to being able to sell quickly with a guaranteed offer if you need to sell quickly or just want the convenience and certainty of a guaranteed sale. 

  • Save On Costs!  You will have reduced carrying costs, meaning you won't have any additional mortgage payments while waiting for your home to sell.
  • Close in 21 to 90 days! A defined timeline for your sale, meaning you know exactly when your home will be sold with 21 to 90 days!
  • No Preparation Costs! You don't have to spend money on preparing your home to sell
  • No Costly Repairs! You don't have to pay for any of the repairs that are discovered during an inspection period.
  • No Showings! You don't have to deal with numerous showings or last-minute showings unless you allow them.
  • Live Normally! You don't have to live under a microscope trying to keep the home in perfect showing condition for potential buyers
  • Negotiate a Better Deal When Buying! You can negotiate a better deal on your next purchase as you don't have any sale of home contingencies

As the #1 real estate team in Tennessee, and the #1 RE/MAX team in the world, we have built up a strong portfolio of clients who are ready to buy a home as soon as they find the perfect property too.

If you are interested in selling your home immediately and want to avoid the additional time involved in preparing it for sale, putting it on the market, and then waiting for an offer to be presented to you, then the Guaranteed Offer program could be one for you.

If you want to make sure that you maximize the sale price on your home, and effectively reach the biggest market possible of potential buyers, not just investors, then we can help you reach that audience of potential buyers too.

As with most guaranteed programs, the guaranteed offer is based on your home matching the profile of homes that investors and other buyers are looking for.  For investors, this means the home has to fit certain parameters, allowing them to pick the homes that meet their requirements as once they have bought a home, they will then put the home on the market for lease/rent. As with most investors, the actual price range they are interested in is around $100 to 600K.  



Some Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Does my home qualify for the Guaranteed Offer program?

A. Homes that were built circa 1960 to the present day with a value of between $150,000 – $500,000 should all qualify. For our investors, the homes need to be either owner-occupied or vacant. The condition of the home in terms of ownership needs to be non-distressed, not bank-owned, and not in or near flood zones. The homes that the investors are interested in the Nashville area cannot have any unpermitted additions or have significant foundation issues.

Q. How long does it take to get a Guaranteed Offer?

A. Once you supply us with your information, we can have a response back in just a matter of hours. 

Q. What's the Guaranteed Offer process?

A. After you submit your home for a Guaranteed Offer, we will confirm if your home is a fit for our real estate partner's program or if we have buyers already looking for a home like yours.

Q. Can I sell my home without a Guaranteed Offer?

A. 100%! If you would rather take the traditional approach and see what the market thinks your home is worth we can make sure one of our listing team comes out and gives you a fair market analysis to let you know what we think your home would sell for on the open market.


If you have an interest in submitting your home for the guaranteed offer program and seeing if your home matches our real estate partner's profile or our database of buyers contact us today.

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