Creating a Sold Search

How to search for sold properties in Nashville and the surrounding markets

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How to Search for Sold Homes

If you want to see how the market is moving or see what a home has sold for you can use our site to search the SOLD LISTINGS database provided by the Middle Tennessee Regional MLS for homes sold by realtors.


Start at the home page using the quick search and switch to the SOLD LISTINGS

Sold Listings Search


Sold Search Example

Step 1

In this example I'm going to search for sold properties in Brentwood using the price range $1.0M to $1.2M

Sold Listings Search for Brentwood


Step 2

Now click on Search and the 72 homes will now be shown. Notice that all the listings show the SOLD banner in the top left hand corner and display the List Price and the Sold Price


Sold Listings Results


Optional Step 3

If you now want to refine the search to say homes with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and built after 2005 using the options in the right hand column. Then hit Update Search


Revise Your Search Options


This refined results the shows the homes built after 2005 with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathroom minimums which reduced the sold results to 20 homes.


Refined Search Results


Optional Step 4

If you now want to refine the search to see the homes sold in only the last two months, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see in the right column search options the SOLD DATE options

Sold Date Options 


When I select "Sold In Past 2 Months" and then Refine Search this brings the results down to 3 properties.


Updated Results for the last 2 months


Save The Search

Now you can save the save search if you want to have market updates emailed to you. Just click on "Save This Search" and you can select the Search Update Frequency

Save Your Search