Why Customer Service Is Key to Succeeding as a Real Estate Agent

With real estate being as competitive as it is, agents have to practice excellent customer service. See why it's so important and how to build a career on it.

Why Customer Service Is Key to Succeeding as a Real Estate Agent Close
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Why Customer Service Is Key to Succeeding as a Real Estate Agent

Posted by Gary Ashton on Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 at 11:36am.

Why Customers Service Is Crucial for Real Estate AgentsCustomer service in the real estate industry is far more than just showing up on time for clients and making polite chit-chat. Real estate is a competitive field, and not everyone with a license can make it to the next level. For a better idea of how to infuse sincerity and warmth into every transaction, see why there isn't much room for error when buying and selling either residential or commercial property.

Work Over Time

Few real estate agents choose the field if they don't enjoy working with people, but some people don't realize just how much time they'll spend with their clients. This kind of repeated exposure can really hurt a real estate agent who doesn't emphasize customer service. A straightforward purchase won't quite look so simple when the title company unearths a conflict, or the buyer wants to renegotiate with the seller at the last minute. Agents need to know how to cope with these situations without betraying their frustration.

Buyers Rely on Agents

Buyers choose to work with agents because they acknowledge they don't have the time or the specialized knowledge, much like getting a business loan, to do what an agent does. A real estate agent who misses certain details or who fails to make follow-up calls will earn a horrible name for themselves very quickly. If there's any delay in the home sale because of a miscommunication, clients will legitimately wonder what they're even paying for.

Clients Want to Work with Personable Agents

Personable treatment makes all the difference in the world during a real estate transaction. Clients feel like they're in capable hands when treated with respect and when their real estate agent is friendly. There are many ways that real estate agents can show this kind of treatment to clients. 

  • Respond to emails and phone calls quickly
  • Be warm and kind on the phone, even when a client is frustrated
  • Greet clients with a smile and a handshake
  • Listen when clients talk and demonstrate understanding by referencing conversations later

Not only do personable agents make clients feel better and calmer while they're working together, but they also work better with sellers and buyers on the other side of the real estate transaction. This can lead to a greater rate of success overall, which can boost the real estate professional's reputation. 

Clients Need Kindness

Letting go of a property can be difficult, making home sales more emotional than most people imagine. Even commercial property could be painful if the business owner had their life and savings wrapped up in the success of their business. A real estate agent who can't see the sale from the other person's perspective will have difficulty making decisions that benefit both their client's hearts and their wallets.

Real estate agents can't fake customer service, but they can practice it until it becomes a natural part of their job. Just like any career, real estate agents have to be willing to put aside their own feelings and desires so they can actively focus on their clients in Brentwood or elsewhere. The more attention and mental energy they give it, the more successful they'll be.


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