Where is the Best Ice Cream in Nashville?

Finding the best ice cream can provide the perfect cold treat. However, there's no reason to settle for second best.

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Where is the Best Ice Cream in Nashville?

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX on Friday, August 24th, 2018 at 10:16am.

Ice Cream Parlors Worth Visiting In Nashville Tennessee

From the quaint soda shoppes of yore to the modern flavors of today, ice cream is one treat that never goes out of style. And no matter which style of ice cream you're looking for, you can find it in Nashville, TN. And thank goodness that's true in a city that's no stranger to heat!

Finding the best ice cream can provide the perfect cold treat. However, there's no reason to settle for second best. For all of the sweet tooths in Nashville, it's time to grab a spoon, and try these sensational spots around town.

Bobbie's Dairy Dip

Dishing out soft serve ice cream since 1951, this roadside attraction has stayed in business for its classic take on cones, milkshakes, and sundaes. For everyone who remembers the feeling of being handed a soft-serve vanilla dripping with coated chocolate sauce on a hot day, it might be time for a major blast from the past. It's not big on ambiance or even seating, but the fans rave about the portions and the prices. Stop by if you're looking for a little nostalgia and a whole lot of flavor.

Bobbie's has been around for many years and provides some of the best milkshakes you will find in Nashville. This is a smaller joint and seems like it came right out of an old teenage movie. On a hot summer day, a stop at Bobbie's Dairy Dip will help you cool off.

Mike's Ice Cream & Coffee Bar

Found right in the middle of the honky tonks on Broadway Mike's is a great spot for ice cream. They provide hand-dipped choices with plenty of flavors. Many locals rave about the homemade ice cream found here.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream

The Best Ice Cream Parlors in Nashville, TennesseeTennessee was the next obvious choice to open a Jeni's once it became clear they had a far bigger market on their hands than Columbus, OH. The team at Jeni’s makes all of the ice creams, sorbets and frozen yogurt from the ground up using local produce, grass-grazed milk, American bean-to-bar chocolate and world-wide ingredients. Here is a look at what you can experience at Jeni’s.

It's not easy to survive in a world full of conglomerations and short-cuts, but Jeni's found a way to break through. And it's a good thing they did because their ice cream truly does stand out. Jeni's is all about quality in everything they do. From the cows they use to the chairs in their parlor, guests can expect nothing but the very best.

This unique ice cream shop is perfect for cooling you down on a hot day. The staff is very friendly and they provide plenty of interesting flavors. Of course, you can sample the choices before making your final pick.

You can find Jeni’s in three parts of Nashville. It’s been open in the East Nashville neighborhood since 2011 where the first full-size scoop shop found a home. It’s the perfect place for cyclists, pedestrians, families, artists, and urban famers come to visit.

Jeni’s flavors are never duplicated and often copied. They represent experimentation, toying around and building networks of ingredient producers while listening to customer suggestions. Enjoy toppings like salty caramel sauce, extra-bitter hot fudge sauce, and donut gravel on top of flavors like brown butter almond brittle, coffee with cream & sugar, wildberry lavender or yazoo sue with rosemary bar nuts.

La Michoacana Premium

This Mexican hot spot is a departure from the traditional for when you need to switch it up a little bit. Known for its ice cream and popsicles, La Michoacana Premium manages to make a lot of mouths happy with its chilly creations. Patrons can expect plenty of options that change according to the season and supply. Everything on the menu is made from scratch by friendly staff with wide-open hearts.

Elliston Place Soda Shop

One of the oldest ice cream shops in the city is the Elliston Place Soda Shop. It originally opened in 1939 and provides excellent milkshakes and old fashioned ice cream.

Legato Gelato

The Best Ice Cream Parlors in Nashville, TennesseeEven people who are bored with ice cream seem willing to break out of that funk for the taste of gelato. This Italian favorite has caught on in the states in a big way, and Legato Gelato has managed to impress even the more well-traveled of Nashville patrons. This spot makes its own treats, and their recipes and flavor combos are a big hit. While it's a little pricey, their many fans agree that the extra few bucks are worth it.

If it's fresh sorbetto or gelato you're after, this is the place for you. They make both fresh every day with hormone-free milk and local ingredients. Six flavors rotate daily and they also carry plenty of other homemade baked goods.

Living in a city is an open invitation to try new places and learn more about the communities around you. All of these ice cream shops are worth your time. They provide something a bit different from each other. If you want to find the best ice cream in Nashville, try all the choice on the list and make your pick. Sampling these four popular destinations may not change your life, but it may open up your eyes to different styles, flavors, and people!


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