Thrillist Ranks Nashville in 'America's 20 Most Beautiful Skylines' List

Just recently, Nashville was ranked as having one of the most beautiful skylines in America. Find out what other cities you'll find ahead and behind of beautiful Nashville, TN.

Thrillist Ranks Nashville in 'America's 20 Most Beautiful Skylines' List Close
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Thrillist Ranks Nashville in 'America's 20 Most Beautiful Skylines' List

Posted by on Wednesday, March 30th, 2016 at 10:29am.

Nashville Skyline Ranked Among America's BestWhen most people think of impressive skylines that have a vast collection of recognizable buildings and high-rises, U.S. cities like New York, Chicago, and Seattle often first come to mind. But over the years, development has continued in many smaller cities around the country, and now, a familiar location is finally starting to get some recognition for it’s one-of-a-kind skyline that continues to develop and evolve.

Just recently, Thrillist, a leading lifestyle brand on the web, came up with a list of America’s 20 Most Beautiful Skylines, and our very own Nashville not only cracked the list, but came in at No. 12 ahead of world-class cities like Miami, Atlanta, Honolulu, and Boston.

First of all, any sort of ranking or list of this nature is of course subjective and based solely on opinion—and we get that. But even still, it’s nice to see Nashville finally getting some love for its fabulous architecture, and as a city that’s growing faster than just about anywhere in the country.

According to the article, Thrillist based their rankings on aesthetics, distinguishable buildings, and of course the natural beauty that surrounds the city—all of which Nashville should score very highly on.

When it comes to downtown Nashville, of course the most recognizable building is the AT&T Building, which looks like something straight out of a Batman movie. But along with that, Nashville currently has 18 other high-rises with at least 20 stories, with plenty more on the way.

As of now, 8 more towers with at least 20 stories are either approved or currently under construction, with the tallest being 505—a new residential tower that will be located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Church Street.

Cities ranking ahead of Nashville include Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angels, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Dallas, New York, Cincinnati, and San Diego.

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