Relocating to the Nashville Area

Perhaps the major benefit for the consumer in the internet age is the wealth of data that is available online. This means that anyone can start collecting information...

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Relocating to the Nashville Area

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX Advantage on Monday, March 26th, 2012 at 1:24pm.

Perhaps the major benefit for the consumer in the internet age is the wealth of data that is available online. This means that anyone can start collecting information and compiling reports that can be very informative and provide excellent guidance about the real estate market trends.


The down side with all the data is that some times the source of the information is not always clear and the picture can be skewed to produce different results and also the site may just be providing information as a way of capturing information about a user to then sell to a 3rd party associated with real estate such as a mortgage company or an individual realtor. Some companies will sell the same information to more than one realtor so as to triple their revenues and create a sense of competition amongst the realtors.


The good news for our buyers, and users that have registered on our site, is that we do not sell any of the information that is collected when they register. What we do is to see which of our agents are available to take a new lead, and make sure that the profile of the buyer matches that of the knowledge of the agent. For example, there is no point in assigning a Spring Hill buyer to one of our team that concentrate on the Goodlettsville real estate market. We try to match buyers and agents.


We all know that when a buyer first starts to think about moving to the Nashville area, it's just that…a move to the Nashville area. Most people, who aren't from the Nashville area, are not familiar with the smaller communities and cities that make up the Greater Nashville area. My analogy is to compare a group of people all having dinner for the first time on a cruise. It's customary for the cruise liner to "mix" up the tables so that people are seated with people they don't know and this in turns creates an ideal environment for social interaction.


The first topic of conversation is usually to discuss where everyone is from. people will always start with the most recognisbale area…so lets say we have a couple from the Nashville TN area and they describe them sleeves as coming from Nashville. As the discussion about Nashville continues it seems that one of the other couples used to live in Nashville before their move to Atlanta.


Now the conversation starts to focus on where abouts in Nashville our  resident couple is from. Well, even though they are from the Nashville area, they are actually living in one of Nashvilles peripheral communities called Franklin. So now the conversation goes deeper in to the actual location in Franklin as our atlanta couple used to live in Franklin too. Turns out our couple lives closer to the Leipers Fork area, but actually in a subdivision called Westhaven. So now we can see that the Nashville couple is really a couple from a specific community in Franklin.


This is when a realtors knowledge of the area becomes extremely useful for the buyer moving to the area from say Chicago. Usually they will have an idea of where they will be working and in their mind will have an idea of what is an acceptable commute. This commute time though can be whats acceptable in another city. For example an hour plus commute may be customary for a resident of the Los Angeles area but that would be seen to be a little excessive in the Nashville area.


As the realtor on our team gets to work with the buyer we start to build up a profile of homes that would be suitable based on style, floor plans, age, construction etc but also based on what the maximum commute will work for the buyer. We can then really start to pin point acceptable communities, subdivisions and generally guide the home buyer to be able to start making some home selections based on their search parameters.


This is where the combination of the website and the realtor come into their own :) The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Elite is the #1 RE/MAX real estate team in T


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