North Capitol Neighborhood of Nashville

The North Capitol neighborhood is hard to miss as there are no obstacles that block its view from anywhere else in the city.

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North Capitol Neighborhood of Nashville

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX Advantage on Thursday, August 9th, 2012 at 9:54am.

The neighborhood with the only unobstructed view of the Tennessee State Capitol, North Capitol is a popular choice for residents and visitors. It's found in Downtown Nashville between the Cumberland River and 8th Avenue. The neighborhood used to be known for industry and was once called the Black Business District, but quite a bit has changed over the years.

What's more, the downtown area of Nashville bounds this neighborhood, starting from the edge of the Cumberland River and continuing to 8th Avenue and then extending south to Charlotte and north to Jefferson Avenue.

History of the North Capitol Neighborhood

The Sulphur Dell, the Market District, and the Black Business District are some of the former names that locals used to call the neighborhood. It used to have a predominant location intended for industrial businesses, rundown shanties, and African American homes & businesses. The year 1949 changed this when the Capitol Hill Redevelopment Project, a postwar urban renewal program in the nation, was launched by the city.

Until 1949, this area of Nashville was full of rundown shanties and industrial businesses. However, when the first postwar urban renewal program was launched, it started to change. This program was called the Capitol Hill Redevelopment Project and eradicated nearly everything of the original North Capitol neighborhood. While an important project that provided many advantages for the city, the Capitol Hill Redevelopment Project was considered by numerous local inhabitants detrimental especially to much of the tradition, history, and culture of Nashville.

Places of Interest in North Capitol

Over the years, new buildings have been constructed and introduced new places of interest. Fine examples include the Nashville Farmers Market, the Nashville Municipal Auditorium, and the Bicentennial Mall. Although there are already a handful of excellent residential and urban style houses in the area, the neighborhood is optimal for and prepared to undergo another urban development. Once fully developed, the district will undoubtedly pave the way north into northern Nashville and the Historic Germantown.

Neighborhood Places of Interest

  • The Stock-Yard restaurant primarily serves steaks and lobster and offers complimentary transportation. It has a nice old fashioned steakhouse ambiance.
  • Nashville Municipal Auditorium is an indoor sports and concert venue recommended for entertainment, with many events held here for 50 years and running.
  • Nashville Farmers Market mainly sells organic and fresh food that are locally grown.
  • The Riverfront Park slopes downhill and is a great area for leisure walks especially when there are ongoing events.
  • Harrison Square is home to varied residential homes including town houses, condos, and apartments.
  • Tennessee State Archives contains a diversion collection of church records and a great library of genealogy records. It is home to countless pictures and photos that portray the rich and diverse history of Tennessee.
  • The Bicentennial Park, as its name suggests, was constructed to honor and remember the state's 200th year anniversary. It bears resemblance to the Mall in Washington, DC.
  • Tennessee State Capitol is home of the state legislature and the office of the governor. It is considered a National Historic Landmark.

Additionally, the North Capitol section of Nashville is near many attractions including:

  • Tennessee Performing Art Center
  • War Memorial Plaza
  • Tennessee State Museum
  • Historic Germantown
  • Jefferson Street
  • Tennessee State University

Along with these attractions, plenty of shopping and dining is found near the neighborhood.

The Tennessee State Capitol

Image Credit: in North Capitol enjoy a wonderful view of the Tennessee State Capitol. The building is open for tours, as well. It was completed in 1859 and found upon a hilltop in Downtown Nashville. Many people were buried on the grounds and it's still a functional part of the city and state.

Free self-guided tours are available for the general public most days throughout the week. Other historic buildings and streets are available for touring in this area of the city, as well.


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