Nashville's Top 3 Neighborhoods to Begin a Bungalow Home Search

Looking for the perfect Craftsman bungalow somewhere in Nashville? If so, here are 3 top places we recommend beginning your new home search.

Nashville's Top 3 Neighborhoods to Begin a Bungalow Home Search Close
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Nashville's Top 3 Neighborhoods to Begin a Bungalow Home Search

Posted by on Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 at 8:18pm.

Nashville Neighborhoods for BungalowsNashville is full of attractive and desirable neighborhoods that all have something special to offer home buyers and soon-to-be residents. But if you’re in the market for a new place to live and a classic Craftsman-style bungalow tops your wish list, starting your search in a neighborhood that’s specifically known for these types of homes only gives you a better chance at finding a securing the perfect new place to settle into. So just which Nashville neighborhoods are most known for the classic bungalow-style homes that are so popular in this particular part of the country? Here’s a quick look at just a few places we recommend starting your search:

  • East Nashville - Perhaps known most for its quiet tree-lined streets, close proximity to downtown, and for having among the highest concentration of historic houses for sale, East Nashville has everything you could want in a big city neighborhood, which certainly includes plenty of old bungalows to choose from should you feel like it’s a good fit. But with home prices in East Nashville steadily on the rise, it’s also quickly becoming one of the more expensive places to buy in Bungalow in Nashville as well.
  • 12 South - Some might say 12 South has emerged as Nashville’s hottest neighborhood to live, work, and play. A lively community full of small boutique shops, quaint little restaurants and cafes, and one heck of a bar scene, there’s certainly plenty to do in 12 South once officially calling the area home. And with so many stunning bungalows and beautifully restored homes that help fill out the neighborhood as a whole, finding something you like here will rarely be an issue. Affording something here, however, may just be a different story altogether, as some bungalows for sale in 12 South have been known to reach or exceed the million dollar threshold.


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