Nashville's Most Walkable Neighborhoods in 2015

More of today's Nashville home buyers are putting a higher value on walkability, which begs the question: What are Nashville's most walkable neighborhoods? Find out here.

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Nashville's Most Walkable Neighborhoods in 2015

Posted by on Saturday, August 8th, 2015 at 10:18am.

Nashville Walkable Neighborhoods

Now more than ever, home buyers are taking walkability into consideration when looking for a new place to live, and if you happen to be looking around the Nashville area, there are plenty of great walkable communities that are sure to meet and exceed all your expectations.

From easily being able to catch public transportation to enjoying a close proximity to all sorts of different lifestyle amenities like public parks, shopping, dining, and entertainment venues, the advantages to living in a walkable Nashville neighborhood are not only clear to many of today’s modern home buyers, but also a determining factor when deciding on a potential new home.

So with that in mind, if you’re in the market for a new Nashville home and might be someone who values walkability, here’s a look at several Nashville neighborhoods that may be a good place to begin your home or condo search:

1. The Gulch

A former industrial district, The Gulch offers potential home buyers with an authentic urban atmosphere that continues to become more and more trendy with each passing year. Some of Nashville’s hottest restaurants now call The Gulch home, not to mention many of its most expensive condo towers and developments. Although pricey, many will tell you its well worth the premium to call The Gultch home.

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2. East Nashville

A thriving music scene, a low key vibe, a diverse population, and relatively affordable housing all make East Nashville a great place to consider calling home, especially when you factor in its vibrant and energetic nightlife that continues to expand. Offering more of an artsy ambiance than anything else, East Nashville is a fun Nashville neighborhood to live in for so many different reasons.

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3. 12 South

Arguably one of Nashville’s hottest neighborhoods right now, many consider 12 South to be the ultimate live, work, and play community. But along with that, its collection of beautifully restored homes, quaint coffee shops and cafes, and wide range of unique boutiques also helps make it one of the more walkable neighborhoods you’ll find in the city.

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4. Germantown

One of Nashville’s more historic neighborhoods, Germantown not only has a rich history that dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, but also one of the best food scenes in the city. There’s also a year-round Farmer’s Market that also takes place here, so fresh produce and various other goodies are never far away once calling Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood home.

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5. Midtown

Anytime a major university is part of a neighborhood’s landscape, you can be sure there won’t be a lack of things to do or places to go—and Nashville’s Midtown is certainly no exception. Home to both Vanderbilt University and Nashville’s Centennial Park, those considering a home in Midtown will be close to some of the city’s best outdoor amenities, as well as an eclectic mix of restaurants, cafes, bars, boutiques, and more.


Walkable NeighborhodNashville is full of opportunity for many different types of people. New residents move to the city all the time because of the music scene and for many other reasons. As one of the most walkable large cities in the country, it's very attractive for just about every type of person. Here are a few of the top walkable neighborhoods found throughout the city.

Edgehill Community Garden

Although, this isn't the most walkable neighborhood in the city, it's still a very easy place to get around by foot. It received a Walk Score of 78, which is pretty high. Edgehill Community Garden is found to the south west of Downtown. Its home to nearly 1,000 people and offers many amenities including a grocery store, elementary school and family health center within walking distance.

Fisk - Meharry

Another very walkable area with a Walk Score of 75 is Fist - Meharry. This neighborhood is home to around 3,000 residents and provides a close location to downtown. Fisk University is found here, along with the Nashville General Hospital, grocery stores and plenty of entertainment.

East End

Found in the larger area called East Nashville, this neighborhood is home to just over 650 residents. It received a Walk Score of 80 and provides the second most walkable neighborhood in all of Nashville. It's close to downtown and many amenities are within walking distance including a grocery store, churches, bars, restaurants, salons, schools and more.

Citizens Protecting Revitalization

Yes, it has a strange name, but the most walkable neighborhood in Nashville with a Walk Score of 83 is Citizens Protecting Revitalization. This community is found between I-40 and Broadway. The area is very walkable with plenty of entertainment and shopping options found very close to the residential areas.

If you're looking for a very walkable neighborhood to call home in Nashville, these four are some of the best choices in the city.


If you're moving to Nashville, it's important to find the right neighborhood for your family. Some communities make it easy to fit right in, while others seclude you from the things that make a neighborhood a community. Here are a few of the best neighborhoods in Nashville.

West End/Richland

The West End/Richland area used to be known for early streetcars, but now it's known for 20th century mansions and starter cottages. Most of the homes in the area average around $1 million. You will find plenty of great porches, historic homes, sidewalks and medians throughout the area. The area is walkable and attracts creative types.

Five Points

Found at the intersection of Clearview Avenue, 11th Street and Woodland Street, Five Points is a hipster area found in the Eastern part of the city. Many of the homes here are bungalows and cottages from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Five points is considered one of the most walkable areas in the city and attracts many young families, couples and singles.


Known as a very friendly neighborhood, this is a great place for transplants. Franklin Road runs through the area with plenty of shopping options. The schools in the area are great and plenty of open space is found throughout the area.

Crieve Hall

Found at the southern edge of the city, Crieve Hall features many ranch-style homes from the 1950s and 1960s. This area also has many newer homes throughout, along with affordable apartments and condos. Many of the best attractions are found nearby including shopping in Brentwood and Vanderbilt University. First-time homebuyers make up the majority of buyers in this area and many are recent graduates from the University.

These neighborhoods are some of the best choices throughout Nashville. They all provide something unique and the right match for your family will allow you to fit right in and feel at home.


Nashville is one of those cities where residents are active and enjoying all that their city has to offer. Many people try to choose neighborhoods that promote walkability so that they can easily enjoy their live-work-play lifestyle. Here are the top neighborhoods in Nashville for just this and why residents want to live in them.

Downtown Nashville

Downtown is a great area for a great deal of walkability. There are many places to live here like converted lofts and newer condo developments. You can get your groceries easily and many people already work downtown. Many people live in the old Kress building or in Veridian. H.G. Hill’s Urban Market is the place for grocery shopping.

The Gulch

Probably one of the best areas for walkability in Nashville is living in The Gulch. It’s the largest community for mixed use. Not only can residents enjoy 17 restaurants and 15 retail shops, but there are over 4,500 condos and apartments to live in here. You can pick up groceries at The Turnip Truck, a full service organic market.

West End/Vanderbilt

West End is great for enjoying the outdoors and free entertainment. They have Centennial Park and free live music in this neighborhood. Traffic can get bad but most people walk since everything they need is in walking distance. You can reach restaurants, shopping and coffee shops in this great neighborhood. Homes can get pricey but there are affordable options here too.

Midtown/Music Row

If you want to live near the excellent night life options, Midtown/Music Row is the place to be. It’s next to downtown and doesn’t have as many tourists. You can walk to restaurants although there are less shopping options. The neighborhood is known strictly for its entertainment options more than anything and luxury condos.

Along with these excellent neighborhoods, you can find walkability in Sylvan Park, East End, Belmont and 12 South.

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