Where are the Best Sushi Restaurants in Nashville, TN?

Those searching for authentic sushi don't have to look far in Nashville. These are the best restaurants in the city to get that roll you have been craving.

Where are the Best Sushi Restaurants in Nashville, TN? Close
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Where are the Best Sushi Restaurants in Nashville, TN?

Posted by Gary Ashton on Friday, January 24th, 2020 at 12:27pm.

Where to Get the Most Delicious Sushi in Nashville TN

Those who are visiting Nashville often assume they are going to be dining at an endless string of southern barbecue restaurants. While Nashville, TN certainly isn't short of comfort food options, it also has a foodie scene that rivals the largest metropolitan areas around the world. The city has actually earned a reputation for its amazing sushi. These restaurants feature the best sushi in Nashville and shouldn't be missed.


Part of the M Street development, Virago is the signature spot to get Nashville sushi. This restaurant emphasizes the importance of experience while dining — diners can either relax in the sumptuous lounge as they enjoy their sushi or head to the rooftop terrace where they can eat their meal while soaking up panoramic views of the city. Sushi is the anchor of this restaurant's menu, with both nigirizushi and sashimi available. Virago also is known for its extensive sake menu, allowing diners to pair the perfect drink with the sushi roll of their choice.

This particular Nashville sushi restaurant is one of the newest in 12th Avenue. It offers fresh sushi and other Japanese dishes. The sushi is always fresh and the atmosphere fits perfectly.


The name of the game at Samurai is experience. The restaurant has logged more than 20 years in the game and patrons are sure to taste that expertise in each of their dishes. Their menu caters to the die-hard sushi fans of the city, but it's also mild enough to welcome newcomers to the midst. The ever-popular California roll remains a tried-and-true starter dish for those who know little about the cuisine.

Volcano, rainbow, and shrimp rolls are also highly recommended at Samurai. Try a few raw sushi pieces alongside a few cooked ones—the deep-fried oyster and cream cheese concoction managed to make a good impression on past diners.

Wild Wasabi

Tucked away in the Cummins Station, Wild Wasabi is a hidden gem in terms of sushi restaurants in Nashville. Its popular among locals, particularly those who work in the heart of the city. This restaurant has become famous for its extensive menu of authentic Japanese sushi rolls. The sushi entrees on the menu include a Nigiri sushi mix and a House Combination meal which features eight pieces of sashimi, six pieces of nigiri and a dragon roll as well as a tuna roll. Those who prefer to order a roll versus an entree will find that there are nearly 50 different options to choose from.


Of all the sushi restaurants in Nashville, Nama is excellent for those who want a few raw delights in their life, but it's also good for people who prefer their meals on the warmer side. Their menu is full of fan favorites like fried shrimp and crab dip, but the chefs put their own little twists on each one. For those who have never had hummus with wasabi and naan or jerk-seasoned calamari before, now seems like a good time to try it. This local chain has five locations spread around the city, so visitors won't have to go out of their way to get a tantalizing meal. Nama may not be five-star in terms of ambiance, but it's romantic enough for try as a new date night spot.

Sushi Train

Sushi Train is a local staple, deserving of its position serving some of the best sushi in Nashville. While it is a Chinese restaurant that features a variety of authentic Chinese entrees, this restaurant also has earned a reputation for serving up delicious Japanese sushi rolls. There are both raw and cooked hand-rolled sushi rolls at this restaurant. Favorites among regulars include the raw salmon cucumber roll, the raw spicy tuna roll and the chicken tempura roll. This is the type of place where sushi aficionados can find their favorite roll while those who are trying sushi for the first time can discover a simple dish to start with.


While there will always be something lost in translation between the ocean and a Nashville restaurant, there are places to go where the sushi is as fresh as it comes. Sonobana is one of those places, and it's a treat for home cooks and sushi lovers alike. Its combination of market and restaurant lets its patrons sample different fare and then pick up a few ingredients to try on their own. This unassuming spot may not be the trendiest place, but it is a very valuable diamond in the rough full of delicious sushi Nashville residents and visitors won't want to miss.


Located in East Nashville, Nomzilla goes a step beyond the traditional sushi restaurant. While there are standard sushi rolls at this restaurant, diners will also discover unique concoctions that can't be found anywhere else. Not quite a fusion restaurant, Nomzilla focuses on the flavors of Japenese cuisine and the experience of dining in a fun, relaxed locale. Its menu features dozens of sushi rolls, some of which will be familiar while others will be completely new.

Ken's Sushi

(edit: permanently closed)

Ken's Sushi is a family-owned sushi restaurant that has been beloved in the community for years. It recently moved from downtown to a new location in the city, but its loyal customers still travel to get their hands on the authentic sushi at this restaurant. In addition to offering 40 different rolls on the menu, there are combination meals available that allow guests to enjoy several different sushi rolls. Perhaps the most famous option at Ken's Sushi is the weekly special, which features a distinct and unique sushi choice every week.

Visit a Nashville Sushi Restaurant Today

Part of the fun of living in Nashville is trying everything there is to be had there. While Nashville may be nationally known for its fried chicken, that doesn't mean it's the only specialty there. Taking a break from terrain and switching over to the sea is a great way to spend a night and open the palate to a whole new host of sushi downtown Nashville has to offer.

From classic sushi rolls to those that offer a unique twist on this Japanese staple, there's something for every taste in Nashville. Stop at one of these Nashville sushi restaurants to find the best sushi in Nashville today.


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