Nashville Goes Virtual!

I was invited by Scott McIntosh of MusikPitch (a new start up company for generating original music for businesses and individuals) to see a presentation about i...

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Nashville Goes Virtual!

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX Advantage on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 at 11:55am.

I was invited by Scott McIntosh of MusikPitch (a new start up company for generating original music for businesses and individuals) to see a presentation about improving your presentations by Scotty Schwertly. His company is based in Nashville and recently moved here and has helped fuel the recent growth in tech related businesses based in Nashville. His company is called Ethos3 and I would highly recommend going to see his presentation if you get the opportunity. It's definitely an eye opener and a great way to approach and revise your own presentations. in Nashville TN

The venue for the event was at a new concept for the business world called ESpaces, which really brings the concept of the virtual business world up to date with a physical office for actually meeting clients in a professional, relaxed environment, but with every tech convenience the mobile professional could need.  It really is the way that businesses suited to the virtual world will utilize physical real estate, while existing primarily in the virtual sphere.

Rachel Barnard of Big Data Marketing was another attendee I had a chance to meet and talk to. Rachel felt that ESpaces was a concept that was "a great solution for real estate agents, or independent lawyers and freelancers who work solo, but need a nice place for meetings or just to get out of the house."

The concept of the virtual real estate office is something that I think will come about in the near future when the acceptance of virtual or cloud documentation becomes the norm and accepted by the real estate community as a whole. The need for actual physical office space will probably still be required by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission, but the actual investment by realtors and brokers in their own bricks-and-mortar office will be significantly reduced.

The need to meet and talk with clients on a face-to-face basis will still be a fundamental part of the real estate world, but being able to utilize places like ESpaces will become a great way of reducing overhead, and effectively reduce the need for premiums on physical locations based on commute times from the home to the office.

The benefit of adopting the "occasional" office or meeting room means that the usual mass commute, which has become known as "rush hour," will become a thing of the past as people can login at home, and work and communicate using existing and yet-to-be developed technology. This will only add to the "green" lifestyle that more and more people are aspiring too.

Searching Online

Searching for real estate online has become one of the best uses of online databases, and has allowed the general public to use the internet as a tool for creating customized home searches, from Nashville and L.A., to outside the country. The ability to tour a home virtually, and get a feel for the local amenities is of great benefit to prospective real estate buyers because it helps buyers weed out homes that look great at first glance, but turn out to be a bad fit due to commute times, proximity to schools etc. Search features like those found on have proven to be extremely popular with today's buyers for Nashville real estate.


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