Nashville Eatery Named Most Iconic Restaurant in Tennessee

PureWow has named a Nashville restaurant the most iconic eatery in all of Tennessee. Find out which local gem takes the honor here.

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Nashville Eatery Named Most Iconic Restaurant in Tennessee

Posted by on Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 at 12:45pm.

Most Iconic Restaurant in TennesseeIf you think about all the things that help define a certain region or state in the U.S., food is one of those items that has to be near the top of the list. From classic deep dish pizza found all over Chicago to the mouth watering cheesesteaks you can only get in Philadelphia, food absolutely helps define the local culture in so many different places around the country.

Just recently, PureWow, a digital media brand that mainly publishes women’s lifestyle content, posted a fun article that identifies the most iconic restaurant in every single state. Depending on how much you travel, many of the eateries that made the cut are among the most recognizable restaurants in the country, which is certainly the case for what they consider the most iconic restaurant in Tennessee: the Loveless Café.

Established back in 1951 by Lon and Anne Loveless, Nashville’s Loveless Café was originally established to serve patrons traveling along U.S. Highway 100, which back then was the primary route between Nashville and Memphis. At first, the couple only served up tasty barbecue chicken dishes on picnic tables outside on the front porch, but later converted rooms in their house to allow for more dining space as business continued to pick up.

Over the years, ownership of the Loveless Cafe has changed hands multiple times, but the legendary name and much of the restaurant’s undeniable charm has remained constant, even despite being well over 50 years old now. In 2009, its most recent owners built the Loveless Barn on the property, which is a 4,800 square foot live music and event venue, making it one of the more popular places in Nashville to host a party, wedding, fundraiser, or basically any other large-scale event.

So whether you live in Nashville or are only passing through, be sure to make a stop over at the Loveless Café so you can now say you’ve eaten at the most iconic restaurant in all of Tennessee!

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