Most Popular Roofing Styles For All Homeowners To Consider

Are you thinking of buying a new roof? Which style is right for you? Explore 6 popular roofing styles found in homes and buildings in the United States today.

Most Popular Roofing Styles For All Homeowners To Consider Close
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Most Popular Roofing Styles For All Homeowners To Consider

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX on Thursday, July 11th, 2019 at 10:36am.

Most Popular Roofing StylesHomeowners have more to choose from when it comes to roofing materials and styles than ever before. A wide range of roofing styles are now available and have become more affordable for the average homeowner. Learn more about these popular roofing styles found in homes and buildings in the United States today.

Hip Roof

The hip roof style forms a top ridge and all sides are sloped. A vent is often added along this ridge. This durable and sturdy styles is an asset for homes in areas with heavy snows and high winds. This style may include connecting wings with gables or dormers. A square building has a roof which is pointed at the top while rectangular buildings form a ridge. Hipped roofs are found on French Creole, French Provincial, Mediterranean-inspired Neocolonials and American Foursquare homes. A hip roof does require additional engineering to build which adds to the cost of the design and execution. Other styles, such as the Mansard roof, may be considered to be a variation of the hip roof style.

Gable Roof

This triangular roof is useful in areas which receive significant snow and rainfall. Precipitation easily slides off of this style of roof. Homeowners benefit from increase ventilation in a home, which, with proper insulation, can help with energy costs. However, homes in areas which get hurricanes and high winds may want to forgo this option.

Gambrel Roof

A gambrel or barn roof has two sloped sides. It offers a simpler and less expensive design than that of a mansard roof. The design allows for the creation of a loft or additional space. This style of roof is often a feature on Dutch Colonial Revival and Dutch Colonial homes.

Mansard Roof

A Mansard or French roof offers two sloping sides for each face. A very steep lower slope can give the appearance of a vertical wall while the upper slope is pitched low. This style creates additional living space on the uppermost floor of a home. Dormer windows are generally incorporated in this style. The Mansard roof style can be more expensive than when compared with gable roofs. The style offers a more elaborate shape. Homes in areas with heavy snowfall may not benefit from this style. This roofing style was characteristic of French Renaissance buildings and was used in the roofing design of The Louvre. It was revived periodically due to the extra living space created and homes in the Victorian style in the United States often featured a Mansard Roof. Today, Neo-eclectic houses and two-story apartment buildings incorporate this style of roofing.

M-Shaped Roof

The M-shaped roof is a roof with two steep sides that meet in a V, and two corresponding slopes on either side of the V. M-shaped roofs get their name from their appearance, which is much like a stylized M, or an upside down W. These roofs are common in multi-unit homes, but can also be featured on older and modern single family homes.

M-shaped roofs are striking in appearance, and somewhat unusual, which can help improve the aesthetic value of the home. However, M-shaped roofs can also be costly to keep up with and repair. Roofers may charge more money for working on a steep roof. Most M-shaped roofs are pitched steeply to ensure good runoff through the center. 

In addition, the center of the M can be a trap for debris, and should be cleaned out regularly. Failure to keep up with maintenance of an M-shaped roof can cause costly problems for homeowners. 

Side Gable

This type of roof style may be the most popular due to how easy it is to construct. Gables face the sides, while the slope is at the front and back of the roof. This style of roof may have front gable roofs, or front and back gables roofs, such as those from the Minimal Tradition. Side gable roof styles are often a feature of Georgian Colonial, Colonial Revival and American Colonial homes in the United States.

Your Home and Your Roofing Style

Homeowners need to make the right choice for their house. A particular type of Clarksville home may often incorporate a certain style of roof, but local weather conditions may make that specific roofing style a poor choice. Speak to a roofing style specialist to learn more about which styles of roof may best suit your home and conditions in the area today.


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