McCabe Community Center - The Center of Sylvan Park

Chances are you have passed by the McCabe Community Center a thousand times and never even gave it a second thought. But this community center is a jewel that sits in the heart of Sylvan Park.

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McCabe Community Center - The Center of Sylvan Park

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX Advantage on Thursday, July 24th, 2014 at 12:52pm.

Chances are you have passed by the McCabe Community Center a thousand times and never even gave it a second thought. But this community center is a jewel that sits in the heart of Sylvan Park. For just $30 a month you will get access to this state of the art facility. There is a weight room, an exercise room, personal trainers and much more.

If you don't like to workout on your own you can also attend one of the many exercise classes. They have Zumba, Pilates, yoga, senior strength and even a boot camp for those who are into hardcore fitness. But that's not all this place has to offer. Other great amenities include bike rentals, an adult kickball league and so much more. No matter what you are interested in you are sure to find something you like at the McCabe Community Center.

This however isn't a place just for adults. Children will love it here too. If your child needs somewhere to go after school they can come to the community center. Here they will be able to get help with their homework as well as play basketball, baseball and get involved with things such as art and dance.

If you live in the neighborhood you can come by and take a stroll with your family in the park like playground. Your child can play on the swings while you relax and hang out with the neighbors.

One thing that really stands out about the McCabe Community Center is the sense of community you feel when you are there. They are truly like family. When you walk in one of the friendly staff members will greet you by name. Where else will you get that type of service?

Every instructor is highly trained and very personable. Any questions you have they will gladly answer. When you come here you will feel like you are going to your home away from home. You will love it! I guarantee it.

Searching for a Nashville neighborhood with plenty of beautiful homes and a quiet atmosphere, isn't always easy. Nashville is known as Music City and many of the neighborhoods are filled with great local venues for music. However, Sylvan Park is the answer for the person seeking a quaint and quiet place to call home. This beautiful area is found southwest of downtown and provides a number of different styles from upscale to funky.

One of the local haunts, which provides the name for the area, is Sylvan Park Restaurant. This establishment has provided old-fashion Southern cooking for over a half-century to residents. It's one of the most popular restaurants found in the city and those loving in Sylvan Park are proud to enjoy the dishes served here.

Another Sylvan Park choice locals enjoy is Caffe Nonna, which is a cozy Italian bistro. It only seats 45, which gives it the perfect ambience with beautiful wooden tables and an intimate setting. If you're looking for something a little more quirky, Park Cafe is next door and provides an eatery with Asian, French, Italian and Indian dishes. This cafe is a more upscale than the other two and you might run into one of the local celebrities here.

Sylvan Park is also known for The Produce Place. This is an establishment providing all types of fresh produce and food. From gourmet items to organic produce, you can find all the best ingredients here. It's not only a place for fruits and vegetables, but also a great place for bread, cheeses and more.

The final place that must be mentioned whenever talking about Sylvan Park is Local Taco. People come from all over the city for these incredible tacos and for good reason. It's a newer joint and provides both lunch and dinner. If you enjoy a good margarita, this is the place for you.

Sylvan Park Home SalesIf you’ve been paying any attention at all to home prices in Nashville’s Sylvan Park neighborhood, you might be inclined to agree that it’s now become one of the city’s hottest places to call home. Demand for housing here seems to be at an all-time high, and when you take a closer look at both listing prices and recent sales prices in the area, you’ll also find that housing costs around Sylvan Park are also breaking records as well. 

As of today, the neighborhood’s most expensive listing is priced at $1.28 million—a price that would shatter Slyvan Park’s current record-setting sale of $985,000 should  the property be sold for anywhere near what the current home owners of 109 42nd Avenue are asking. 

Several other homes for sale in Sylvan Park are also priced in the $700,000 to $900,000 range, which only further reflects just how much this charming little neighborhood has grown in just the past few years alone. Potential home buyers love Sylvan Park’s walkability, not to mention the eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and cafes you’ll find scattered throughout its quiet residential streets. 

Sylvan Park’s closer proximity to downtown Nashville also makes it a convenient place to live as well for anybody who already works in the city, and if you’re looking for that classic cottage or bungalow-style look and feel in a new Nashville home, there are few places better to begin your search than right here in Sylvan Park. 

Whether or a not a buyer will pay nearly $300,000 more for a Sylvan Park home than the neighborhood’s current record sale price is still very much in question; but the neighborhood’s popularity and supreme desirability is certainly no longer in doubt, at least in the eyes of so many of today’s active Nashville home buyers.


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