Living in Antioch: Suburban Living in Nashville TN

There are a lot of great features of Antioch that make living there a great choice. From lifestyle to fun amenities, here is everything to know about living in Antioch.

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Living in Antioch: Suburban Living in Nashville TN

Posted by Gary Ashton on Monday, June 24th, 2024 at 11:53am.

What it's Like to Live in Antioch

Once considered a quiet suburb on the outskirts of Nashville, Antioch has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. A surge in corporate development has revitalized the area, attracting buyers seeking affordable housing, job opportunities in the Nashville economy, and a unique cultural blend. But is Antioch right for you? 

Antioch's Housing Landscape: Affordable Variety

A Mix of Old and New

Antioch's housing market offers a diverse mix of options, catering to various budgets and preferences. Most homes in Antioch are detached dwellings built between 1970 and 1999, often featuring ranch-style architecture and basements. These older homes offer spacious layouts and unique character, often at a more affordable price point than newer constructions.

Home Prices and Market Trends

In recent years, Antioch has seen a steady increase in home prices, reflecting the growing demand for housing in the area. However, Antioch remains a relatively affordable option compared to neighboring communities like Brentwood and Franklin—two of the most expensive towns in Tennessee. You can still find a spacious home for under $400,000, making it an attractive choice for homebuyers.

Luxury homes in Antioch typically list from the $500s to around $1 million, while condos and townhomes in the neighborhood range from the $200s to the high $400s.

Rental Opportunities

Antioch's rental market is equally diverse, with apartments and townhomes available to suit various needs and budgets. While some older units can be found for under $1,000 per month, newer or renovated properties typically command higher rents.

Economic Landscape: Major Employers and Job Opportunities

Job Market in Antioch

Corporate Growth and Job Creation

Antioch's economic landscape is undergoing a remarkable transformation. The neighborhood is close to several major employers, attracting a diverse workforce and driving residential demand.

  • Community Health Systems (CHS): A leading operator of general acute care hospitals in the United States.
  • Hospital Corporation of America (HCA): One of the nation's leading providers of healthcare services has a large presence in the neighboring Brentwood community. The company operates hospitals, freestanding surgery centers, and urgent care centers.
  • LKQ Corporation: The leading provider of alternative and specialty parts to repair and accessories for automobiles and other vehicles.

These companies, among others, provide numerous employment opportunities in healthcare, technology, logistics, and other sectors, making Antioch an attractive destination for professionals seeking career growth. Antioch is increasingly important to the city-wide job market which, in turn, is a vital part of the Tennessee economy

Diverse Career Paths

The diverse employers in Antioch mean diverse career opportunities. Whether you're in healthcare, technology, or the automotive industry, there's a good chance you can find a fulfilling career path in Antioch. This diversity also contributes to the neighborhood's unique cultural fabric.

Cost of Living: Affordability Haven

Value for Your Dollar

One of Antioch's most appealing aspects is its affordability. Considering the broad range in cost of living in Nashville, Antioch is significantly more affordable than neighboring communities, making it an attractive option for those seeking value. Housing costs, in particular, are a fraction of what you'd find in areas like Brentwood or Franklin.

Tax Benefits and Low Commute Costs

Tennessee's favorable tax environment, combined with Antioch's proximity to major employers, means residents can save money on both housing and transportation. This affordability allows residents to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Culinary Delights: A Diverse Food Scene

Restaurants in Antioch

Antioch's culinary scene reflects its wide-ranging community. The intersection of Haywood Lane and Antioch Pike is a culinary hotspot, where you can find everything from Latin American delicacies to Korean BBQ and traditional American fare.

  • Elotes La Milpa: This popular spot serves up authentic Mexican street corn in various flavors.
  • Pupuseria Salvadorena: Craving Salvadoran cuisine? This restaurant is known for its delicious pupusas, a thick corn tortilla filled with cheese, beans, or meat.
  • Hai Woon Dai and King Market: These establishments cater to those seeking Korean and Thai flavors.
  • Fat Mo's Burgers and Whitt's Barbecue: If you prefer classic American comfort food, these restaurants have you covered.

Hidden Gems and Local Favorites

Beyond the main thoroughfares, Antioch is home to numerous hidden gems and local favorites. Explore the side streets and strip malls to discover hole-in-the-wall eateries serving up delicious dishes from around the world, attracting residents from all around Davidson County. You might stumble upon a family-run Ethiopian restaurant or a hidden gem serving the best pho in town.

Connectivity and Transportation: Getting Around Antioch

Car-Centric Infrastructure

Like many suburbs, Antioch is designed primarily for car travel. However, its location along I-24 provides convenient access to Downtown Nashville and other parts of the city. The commute to downtown typically takes around 15–20 minutes, making it an attractive option for those who work in the city center.

Public Transportation Options

While not as extensive as in some urban areas, Antioch does offer public transportation options. We’ve commonly seen residents use bus routes that connect the neighborhood to other parts of the Nashville area. However, for most residents, owning a car is the most convenient way to get around.

Educational Institutions: Schools in Antioch

Schools & Education in Antioch

Antioch offers many educational options, from public schools in Nashville to private institutions. The neighborhood is home to several elementary, middle, and high schools, each with its unique strengths.

Public Schools

Metro Nashville Public Schools serves Antioch, with options like Cane Ridge Elementary, J. E. Moss Elementary, and Apollo Middle. These schools are known for their diverse extracurriculars and commitment to academic excellence.

Private Schools

For alternative educational paths, there are private schools located in and around Antioch, such as Lighthouse Christian School and Ezell-Harding Christian School. These schools often have smaller class sizes and specialized curricula.

Charter Schools

Antioch is also home to KIPP Antioch College Prep, a charter school known for its rigorous academic program and focus on college preparation

Recreational Opportunities: Parks and Green Spaces

Antioch Park and the Mill Creek Greenway

Antioch Park, with its scenic Mill Creek Greenway, is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. One of the popular hiking and biking trails in Nashville, the greenway offers a three-mile paved loop along Mill Creek, providing a tranquil escape from the urban bustle. The park also features playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas, making it a great spot for families and individuals alike.

Other Recreational Options

Beyond Antioch Park, the neighborhood offers other recreational opportunities. The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is just a short drive away, providing a fun and educational outing for all ages. The Ford Ice Center—which also has a location in the beautiful Bellevue community—is another popular destination in Antioch, offering skating, hockey, and more.

Is Antioch Right for You?

Antioch is a neighborhood in transition, offering a unique blend of affordability, diversity, and opportunity. Its revitalized commercial spaces, diverse housing options, and thriving job market make it an attractive prospect for homebuyers considering moving to Nashville

If you're considering a move to Antioch, it's crucial to do your research and weigh the pros and cons carefully. Visit the neighborhood, explore its diverse offerings, and talk to residents to get a feel for the community. By doing your due diligence, you can make an informed decision about whether Antioch is the right fit for you.

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