How to Decorate Your Living Room with Flowers

Do you feel like your living room needs a little enhancement? Read on to find inspiration and learn how to add charm and coziness to your home.  The recip...

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How to Decorate Your Living Room with Flowers

Posted by Gary Ashton on Monday, March 2nd, 2020 at 11:50am.

Decorating Home with Flowers Do you feel like your living room needs a little enhancement? Read on to find inspiration and learn how to add charm and coziness to your home. 

The recipe to create a lovely and inviting living room is to add different decorative details around the place.

Flowers are a simple but elegant decor element that never goes out of style. They are an ideal and inexpensive way to makeover your parlor. Not only florals embellish the place, but they bring healthy energy, too. Flowers purify the air, reduce stress, and boost your mood. Natural scent creates a lovely environment that aids comfort and makes you feel happy.

Wonder where to start? Take a look at our creative tips and those of experts Bouqs on how to welcome a wide variety of flower arrangements into your living room.

What Flowers to Pick - Real or Artificial 

It’s undeniable that fresh flowers bring life and delight to a room. Decorate with real blooms to cheer up your living room and let their aroma set an enjoyable atmosphere. Replace sapless flowers with a new bouquet to preserve the nice ambiance in the room.

Go for faux flowers if you lack time to maintain floral arrangements. According to Scandinavian design, the touch of nature adds the same lovely feel as long as you avoid tacky-looking ones. There are impressive beautiful imitations of natural flowers to use for a pop of color.

So, both real and artificial flowers add an exciting vibe to your living room.

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What Floral Types to Choose

Flowers come in all shades, sizes, and fragrances. So, it’s normal to wonder which types best suit your living room. 

Consider where you want to place the flowers to determine the right ones for your lounge. Look at the decoration theme, furniture, how much space there is. This way you envision what sizes and colors of florals complement your living room the most.

If you still don’t know what kinds to pick, favorites like tulips, roses, sunflowers, lilies, peonies, etc. are always great choices. Or go for blossoms of cherry or an apricot tree for an unusual look.

Flowers on the Coffee Table

A beautiful flower arrangement on the coffee table is an elegant and eye-catching detail that can make your home homier

Organize some pretty florals into a fresh and effortless bouquet and put it in a stylish vase.  Place the flower arrangement on the coffee table as a centerpiece. This simple feature affects the overall appearance of the living space.

Use alternative flower vases to spice up things more. 

  • Glass jars filled with pebbles or seashells are a creative idea and add a fun touch to the interior design. 
  • How about a simple vase of a recycled bottle? Remove the label of an old wine bottle and cover it with spray paint. You get a chic vase that is a fancy decorative item for any room. 
  • Large and artsy bowls are another exciting option. Put the buds of wilted flowers in a big shallow bowl and fill it with water. Try this lovely floating composition for a modern look of the interior. What’s a better way to repurpose an old bouquet?
  • Create your own unique design for a flower vase of any kind of glassware, if you are a DIY-projects lover.
  • Gather cute and colorful florets and fill coffee or teacups with them. This makes the perfect romantic detail for your coffee table during a small tea party.

Flowers Wall Decor

Flower Wall Decor

A flower wall backdrop is ideal if you look for an eccentric decor look. 

Make sure to use artificial blooms to create the flower wall. They are more adjustable and long-lasting. So, go for faux flowers to create the exact decor that you imagine.

Consider your interior design style and wall color to choose flowers that fit best. Pick bright flowers for a dark wall and flowers in earth tones for a pastel wall.

Another idea for unusual wall decoration is to make shelves out of wooden boxes with planted flowers inside them. This installation looks amazing on a plain wall and adds a natural and rustic feel to the living room. 

Take some wooden boxes from the store or build them yourself. Attach them to the wall on different levels for an abstract look and place flower pots. And there you have it -  improvised but one-of-a-kind shelves that set a vibrant ambiance in the place.

Minimalistic Flower Decor

Elevate the look of your living room in a subtle but still noticeable way with simple flower arrangements.

Here are some ideas on how to achieve the minimal but classy look:

  • Set a single beautiful flower in a plain clean-lined vase.
  • Try a monochromatic combination. Imagine a delicate bouquet of white flowers in a white vase, placed at a suitable spot in the room. Such an impressive yet pure detail.
  • Consider an ikebana-inspired floral setting. This Japanese arrangement is simple and elegant but has a powerful impact on the decor.
  • Choose green foliage and branches in unpretentious glassware for a simple aesthetic.

Where Else to Put Flower Arrangements 

Think of empty spaces to place floral displays and decorate the living room to your taste.

Potted flowers on the floor and the windowsill, or a vase with a nice bouquet on the mantelpiece, are only a few examples.

Use Floral Accessories

Rugs, curtains, or cushions with a floral pattern are a great option to decorate the place. Combine them with clean designs to create a sophisticated on-trend living room.

To Conclude

The living room is the place where you gather family and friends, spend happy moments, and relax. So it’s important that you make it a homey and charming place to enjoy all that. Flower decoration is an easy and affordable way to set that atmosphere. Our simple tips help you come up with your own ideas on how to incorporate a rich variety of flower arrangements in the design of your living room. So, get started and create the best flower decor for your lounge.


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