Hop on the Music City Trolley and Discover Nashville

The Music City Trolley Hop is a great way to discover all that Nashville offers. There's certainly enough to keep you and your family busy for a few days.

Hop on the Music City Trolley and Discover Nashville Close
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Hop on the Music City Trolley and Discover Nashville

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX Advantage on Monday, May 20th, 2013 at 8:34am.

The Music City Trolley Hop is a great way to discover all that Nashville offers. There's certainly enough to keep you and your family busy for a few days. If you're new to Nashville or you plan to move here, you can discover your new city with the fun of the Trolley.

Trolley Stops include:

  • Bicentennial Park
  • The Parthenon
  • The Frist Museum
  • The Country Music Hall of Fame
  • Ryman Auditorium

You can get on and off at your leisure and you can purchase tickets at the 2nd and Broadway stop or online. The Trolley begins at 10am daily and runs throughout the day.

With your tickets, you receive a guided tour of Nashville and you can enjoy all the different stops, along with much more. Each ticket provides access to the guided tour and trolley all day long.

As you spend time on the trolley, the guide will point out things throughout the city and you will learn all about Nashville. New residents can quickly get acquainted with the top areas in downtown with this type of tour. It's also a great way to enjoy the different stops, along with everything around these major venues.

This is considered one of the best site-seeing tours in the city and it's perfect for couples, families or singles. You can sit back, while the Trolley does the driving for you and you discover the major sites fount in Nashville.

Tickets for the Music City Trolley Hop, which allow you to hop on and off as you please are $20 for adults and $10 for children ages 4 to 11. Once you book your ticket, you can spend the entire day discovering the city and use the trolley at your leisure. If you have a day off from work or are planning to move to the Nashville area, this type of tour can help you make your final decision.

Beer - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mezzoblue/5955275442

Pub tours are very popular in the Nashville area. If you are interested in going on one, here are the 3 best places to do it.

Hick Chick Tours

If you want to have a great time and learn something in the process, you will love the Hick Chick Tours. There will be sight-seeing, drinks, and a little comedy mixed in. Based on the many reviews online, they have some of the best tour guides in town.

You will learn about the history of some of the buildings in the area and even discover bars you would never know about unless you had intimate knowledge of the area.

If you plan on being in the area in the near future, this is definitely a tour to put on your itinerary. You won't be disappointed.

Music City Pub Crawl

This particular tour is very popular amongst bachelors and bachelorettes. Instead of having a party, head down to Nashville for the Music City Pub Crawl. As you visit different bars and pubs you will be able to have drinks at a discounted price.

There will also be trivia games along the way to keep you entertained. You will have a great time and learn a lot about the city in the process. Just be sure to wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing a ton of walking.

Nashville Pub Crawler

One reviewer described this as the best field trip ever! While it doesn't include a ton of drinking like some of the other tours, there is still a good time to be had. If you love interesting facts, this is the tour for you. You will visit many different bars and really get a feel of life in Nashville. If you are looking for an introduction to the Nashville bar scene, this tour will give it to you.

NashTrash Tour - Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/morganlevy/4286597898/Have you heard of the NashTrash Tour?  This is a tour hosted by the Juggs (Not the Judds!!!) with a look at the dirt of Music City. These two sassy sisters look like they came right from the trailer park and they embrace it well. They share all kinds of gossip about the area as you take the tour on their crazy pink bus.

Starting at the Farmer's Market downtown, this tour head directly to the Bicentennial Mall and they will tell you this isn't a real mall. After the mall, they head to a park and through downtown Nashville. Most of the guests on the tour will spend more time listening to these crazy sisters than looking at the buildings and landmarks of Nashville.

The Feeling of Home

As you ride along with these ladies, you will feel at home with homemade "whorederves", as they call them. They insist you try their food and it's pretty simple, crackers and cheese whiz. If you love backwoods humor and "R" rated Hee Haw, you can find it on this crazy pink bus with these to amazing ladies.

The Country Music Hall Of Fame is the first stop and it provides you with fifteen minutes of fun, allowing everybody to get a drink at the bar and even bring some drinks back to the bus. These ladies will sing throughout the trip and will offer you all kinds of things to buy from their gift shop, which is found in the tote bins on the bus.

A Laid Back Tour

This laid-back tour includes these two sisters yelling out the windows at "so-called" celebrities and you will never stop laughing.

Many celebrities have taken this tour including Reba McEntire, Al Roker and Jeannie Seely. This is one of the most popular tours because of the craziness these sisters provide and the different look they give you at the city. Whether you're looking for a different kind of tour or you just want to laugh all day long, this is a great tour.

Image Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cragfont-house-tn1.jpgSome of the best Historic Homes in and around Nashville provide tours for those looking to discover the history of the area. From the Antebellum Mansions to the Bell Meade Plantation, plenty of choices give you the ability to see the history of the city. Here are some of the top choices.

Belmont Mansion

Found in Nashville, this mansion was built by the Acklens Family in 1853. It provides 19,000 square feet with 36 rooms. The Belmont Mansion is known as one of the most elaborate homes in the south.

Belle Mead Plantation

A historic site everybody should visit, Belle Meade provide a look at the 1890s Carriage house and stables and more. With plenty historic out buildings, the Dunham Station Log Cabin and the 1953 antebellum mansion, this is the perfect place for a tour.

Athenaeum Rectory

Completed in 1835, this building provides a look at the Moorish-Gothic Architecture. It was one a girl’s school.


The home of Genera James Winchester, this house was completed in 1803. It provides a look at one of the grandest homes found west of the Appalachians.

Bowen Plantation Home

Built in 1787, this home is one of the frontier homes of old. It's found in Goodlettsville and provides a look at one of the oldest brick homes in Tennessee.

Carnton Plantation

Jon and Carrie McGavock created this home in 1826 and it served as the home of former mayor Randal McGavock.

Buchanan Log Home

This two-story home was built in the early 1800s. Made of poplar and chestnut wood, it also provides a look at the historic limestone fireplaces of the time.

Croft House

The Historic Croft House is one of the most popular places for annual events. It's located on the Nashville Zoo property and was built in 1810.


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