Common Types of Home Floor Plans in Real Estate

The floor plan of a house can have a significant impact on its property value and its marketability. These are the most common home floor plans in the country.

Common Types of Home Floor Plans in Real Estate Close
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Common Types of Home Floor Plans in Real Estate

Posted by Gary Ashton on Monday, April 8th, 2019 at 11:05am.

Popular Home Floor Plans and Why Buyers Love ThemMany real estate agents are beginning to create floor plan images and documents to attach to their listing marketing materials to assist in selling their home. This is because homeowners want to look beyond the photos and images found online and visualize the floor plan for the property. For buyers, the floor plan can make the difference between liking or loving the home.

From open-concept floor plans to intimate floor plans with plenty of charming nooks, these are the most common floor plans in the country:

Contemporary Floor Plan

In many of the new construction properties built around the country today, the contemporary floor plan is a hallmark feature. This floor plan is designed to be an open concept floor plan, in which one room gradually flows into the next. The floor plan emphasizes the need for sustainability and is created to allow for open airflow. This floor plan will feature a large living room area that blends into the dining room and kitchen in many cases. It is an ideal floor plan option for those who love to entertain.

Farmhouse Floor Plan

All things farmhouse are trending today, and luckily, this floor plan has been a quintessential American floor plan for more than a century. The farmhouse floor plan is traditional, with distinct rooms drawn in the home. In a farmhouse home, one might find a small kitchen, a separate eating area, a parlor, and a living room. Most bedrooms are located upstairs, and there's often a wraparound porch that extends the living space into the outdoors. The farmhouse floor plan is quaint and charming, and it's a popular option for homebuyers searching for more character in their next home.

Ranch Floor Plan

The ranch floor plan is a favorite among buyers of all ages and stages, and it's often in high demand in just about any real estate market. This sprawling floor plan includes plenty of living space. Generally, a ranch home will have one floor, with all bedrooms on the main floor. In addition, the floor plan often includes a large living space and a spacious kitchen and dining area. Ranch homes also have basements nearly double their living space, which means that property values remain high for homeowners who invest in this home style.

Classic Floor Plan

A classic floor plan is a traditional floor plan used when creating country estates and plantation homes throughout the centuries. This floor plan is elegant in nature but can be adapted to meet the needs of the individual real estate market. Buyers should expect a classic floor plan to include all basic living areas, such as a kitchen, dining room, and living room. In addition, there also may be a parlor, a formal living room, a library, a den, or an office. This is a stately floor plan that is desirable among many types of buyers.

Given that every Brentwood home buyer has unique needs and distinct preferences for their next home, it's not surprising that there is no one-size-fits-all floor plan. While these are some of the most common floor plans, hundreds of other floor plans are on the real estate market. To learn more about the differences between the various floor plans in the region, contact a qualified local real estate agent today.


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